Su Wan is happy, Bai Qin is naturally happy to listen to Zhu Xuan, and everyone is happy/

Only one person looked at the two men in front with a dark and calm face, handsome and charming, especially their faces, one was a spoiled god and the other was excited and happy, so they were really dazzling
Xiao Huang feels quite stuffy in his chest, especially since he hasn’t confirmed his identity. Ladies should call him uncle.
Isn’t this a gesture of not listening to him and trusting this man?
Especially if he wants to talk to this man before his fiance wants it or not, why should he be anything? I’m afraid even my uncle has no power to decide the marriage.
Xiao Huang more think more unhappy, the whole body dyed thick cold rage pupil eyes staring at the phoenix sepulchrally, wishing to kick this man away from night, inexplicably becoming a ladies’ uncle, the most important thing is that he is so excellent, which makes him feel uncomfortable.
But Xiao Huang also saw that the phoenix left the night and seemed to really give ladies a solution to what seal. It was because of this that he didn’t move, otherwise he would have gone to clean up this guy early.
But not moving doesn’t mean he’s not angry
Xiao Huang’s eyes moved from the phoenix to Su Wan’s body to see her eyebrows, flowers and smiles. It’s really a feeling of wanting to spank her. Didn’t you tell her not to laugh so brilliantly? It’s so irritating to take his words in one ear and out the other.
Here, Xiao Dashi corrects the entanglement, worries and grievances.
There, the phoenix left the night hand and didn’t stop. His fingers flashed with latosolic red flame light and walked all the way along Su Wan’s meridians. Then, hurry up. Su Wan snapped several acupuncture points. After the sound, he stopped abruptly and slowly looked at Su Wan funny and said.
"Wan, try to see if you feel strong body flow."
Su Wan felt deeply, and really felt that there seemed to be something flowing in the body. The body seemed to be very powerful and warm, so I couldn’t say how comfortable it was. Isn’t it amazing that this flowing breath is power?
"It’s fluid and seems to be very powerful."
Su Wan nodded, and Feng chuckled more and more gently at night. "This is the strength, but now you won’t lose some of it. After my uncle taught you to control this force and then taught you my Feng family’s kung fu, no one can easily hurt you."
As soon as Feng left the night talk, Bai Qin hurriedly said, "Miss, thank you for your skill. It’s not something that ordinary people can learn."
In addition to the chicken family, most people can’t learn this achievement method. It’s very strong. If you learn this chicken family achievement method, Miss will be even worse.
Bai Qin was very happy. It seems that the temple didn’t treat Miss as an outsider.
Su Wan is really fond of leaving the night because this person seems to be really her uncle. The key is to be kind to her.
No one in this world refuses to be treated well by others, but she is her own uncle.
Su Wan immediately looked at the phoenix with a light smile and said, "Thank you, uncle."
Phoenix nodded lightly from the night, then turned around and looked at Xiao Huang behind him and said coldly, "Xiao Shixian, did you see the orphan as her uncle?"
He emphasized that the last point was not false, but his own uncle.
Xiao Huang’s face can’t say how gloomy it is. Now he wants to deny the identity of Phoenix from the night, which is unreasonable. But now he and this man are bad, even if they please him, they are afraid of nothing. They simply don’t please him. The face is so cold that they stare at Phoenix from the night and say, "It’s gloomy."
"What if it’s an uncle? I’m still her fiance?"
Xiao Huang walked to Su Wan’s side and pulled Su Wan around to declare that he owned everything.
Phoenix leaves the night without any meaning and elegant, saying, "I told you that your fiance doesn’t want it."
"with what"
"Being alone is her uncle’s elder."
Phoenix wakes up from the night and Xiao Huang dislikes this man more and more. Although he looks good and his ability is not bad, this etiquette is really bad. His uncle can’t even respect him. Such a man is coming.
You know, if you don’t respect your elders, you don’t respect your children. You don’t even know the rules. Let him see this person or not
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang is now watching the phoenix leave the night and all kinds of unhappiness come to ladies. It’s his baby now. How can he look like someone else’s baby? He looks at the picture like that and has a feeling of gouging out his heart. Even my uncle is not conducive to preventing him from marrying ladies, and the imperial edict has already given him marriage.
Xiao Huang looked at Feng from the night and said, "The world is her fiance, and we will get married soon."
"Imperial edict? Lonely days can make the old emperor of the western Chu state take back his orders. "
Phoenix is cold and proud from the night, Xiao Huang’s face is black, and there is almost no swearing. His face is horribly dark and gloomy. "What makes you?"
Xiao Huang’s side Su Wan finally felt that it was not good for Xiao Huang to be away from the night like this, but it was not good for her uncle to be away from the night like this. Su Wan tugged at Xiao Huang’s sleeve and said softly, "Xiao Huang, don’t be against my uncle."
Su Wan means that a good thing must be done. She is her uncle, and he will go against him.
However, Xiao Huang was not happy when he heard Su Wan’s words. How to tell him to go against her uncle? It was her uncle who deliberately picked on her and took her away after she appeared inexplicably. You know how scared he was when he heard that he was going to take her away, so he rejected him. What do you think of him is not pleasing to the eye.
Xiao Huang thought more and more, and when he looked at Su Wan, his face was cold and frosty. He said, "Ladies, it’s not me who is against him, it’s him who is against me."
Xiao Huang yelled at Su Wan, and Feng’s face became more and more ugly from the night. You know, his son in his heart is their baby. Now this person actually yelled at her directly, and he would never agree if he agreed.
Phoenix leaves the night and sinks her mouth. "What’s wrong with loneliness and you?"