"Ten years to reach the peak of human cultivation!" It won’t do me any good if you lie like this or keep fooling others. If my guess is good, if I really help you break this beast seal, the first person you want to kill after you come out is me!

Du Yun looked at the demon’s head with a cold hum and continued, "I think I’d better practice slowly by myself. I’m really blessed with your kindness!" For you, just stay in this god beast seal and enjoy loneliness slowly. I won’t get along with it. Hahahaha … "
The smile is not over yet. Du Yunmeng pulls out and inserts it nearly one meter deep. He leaps high and quickly runs out to escape from this wrong place …
After listening to Du Yun’s sarcastic remarks, the demon’s head roared angrily, "Smelly boy, when I go out, I will definitely cut you to pieces …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
After ignoring the threat of the demon’s head behind him, he quickly crossed the wall and reached the second floor of the temple. At this time, Liu Lao was awake from the temptation and was sitting in a chair to repose.
There is no need to leave the temple, so Du Yun doesn’t have a second to stay before the race. Now it is urgent that Du Yun should not delay at all …
To be very tenacious, the second seal of the temple, Du Yun, easily broke the seal after absorbing the drop of Qinglong Jingxie, and walked out of the temple. Du Yun cast a glance back and secretly vowed in his heart that "it is necessary to find the four great god beasts in five years to re-seal the demon head to prevent the mainland from suffering"
This move is not to say how great Du Yun is. This is Du Yun’s respect for the old man who is still worried about the safety of the mainland after ten thousand years of fall …
With a sigh, Du Yun no longer stays in the same way to return. With the experience of coming, the speed has naturally accelerated a lot. In one day, he arrived at the cliff separately from the one-horned rhinoceros …
Du Yun’s one-horned rhinoceros must have left Bijing a long time ago. He has been gone for more than ten days. Even a patient person may not be able to persist for that long. What’s worse, it was a Warcraft. But when Du Yun flew to the top of the cliff, a Warcraft jumped in front of him. It was a Warcraft sneak attack on Du Yun. Without looking at what the sneak attack was, Warcraft was severely cut off …
The dark halberd cut long with a squeaky halberd blink of an eye and suddenly came to the front of Warcraft. Du Yunjing suddenly felt a familiar smell from the body of Warcraft. He looked up and saw that the one-horned rhinoceros was looking at it with a face of surprise. Du Yun hurriedly forcibly changed the attack direction of the one-horned rhinoceros and heard a loud bang. The ground trembled slightly. A Du Yun one-horned rhinoceros was severely chopped by the one-horned rhinoceros .. Next to it, a deep pit immediately appeared.
One-horned rhinoceros looked at Du Yun doubtfully. He didn’t know what his master wanted to attack himself. He thought of himself. After waiting for ten days, it was hard to see his master meet him. However, the injustice in his heart was a black halberd. Tears suddenly fell from his eyes …
Du Yun apologetically smiled at the one-horned rhinoceros, then jumped to his back and gently wiped the tears from his eyes, gently stroked his head and comforted his broken heart …
Feel the owner’s apology, full of spirituality, and the one-horned rhinoceros screams happily, and its head is close to Du Yun’s hand and keeps jumping around.
Riding a one-horned rhinoceros, Du Yun’s speed naturally accelerated a lot, and with the help of the one-horned rhinoceros’s long sensitivity to danger, Du Yun easily avoided many powerful Warcraft attacks, so all the way was steady. After five days of shuttling through the foggy ghost forest, he finally returned to the mysterious valley again …
Since Du Yun left, the senior peak wind lion of the magic order has reached an order to let Warcraft in the valley pay attention to the movement of the foggy ghost forest at any time, so Du Yun just walked out of the foggy ghost forest and found the trace of Du Yun and quickly gave the news to the holy level wind lion, so Du Yun just arrived in the valley and felt a little distortion around him. No one first heard a hearty laugh, but Liu Lao appeared beside him with the 212th Zhangziyan Shenhuo.
Du Yun didn’t know what the sudden appearance of Liu Lao meant when he was curious and asked, "What’s wrong with Liu Lao?"
Liu Lao looked dignified and said, "There is a strong smell of fire ahead and it is estimated that there is a fire."
Du Yun got a fright when he heard this. It’s a good thing! If you can tame and combine Galilee, it will definitely benefit your self-cultivation and attack ability.
However, this divine fire is just like a fairy. Du Yun is so big, but I still heard that it is too sacred. It is round, flat, fat or thin. It is never seen before. Liu Lao said that there may be a divine fire in front to detain him. His eyes are not big and full of various desires.
Old Liu was Du Yun look in distress situation and said, "Since you are so interested in Shenhuo, let’s go! I have to give those treasure hunters a head start and rob Shenhuo in the past, but I’m afraid you won’t come even if you cry. "
Du Yun smell speech and fuelling one-horned rhinoceros Niu Chaoliu old guide direction flew past, and it won’t be long before he saw people screaming and didn’t know what to say?
Du Yun walked less than a mile away from them and felt a hot wave of lang coming to detain him, feeling that his hair and skin seemed to be burnt.
Just as I was about to go forward, suddenly there came a rough and angry sound in the sky, and I heard the loud voice in the sky saying, "Damn human beings make me angry!" "
The words sound just fell and suddenly the fire spread all over the sky, and all of them swept away in Du Yun. Before Du Yun could react, what was going on, he followed a crowd and was involved in a passage by the fire.
When the fire seconds enter the ground along the passage, Du Yun in the flame bag, of course, they also enter the ground along the flame flow.
While Du Yun, they don’t know that they have gone deep into the ground and faintly feel that they are flowing in what direction, and their bodies are constantly rotating for a while, and then they feel dizzy and sleepy …
After about ten minutes, the original flame temperature was extremely high, but now the temperature was instantaneous and rose ten times. Not only did they suddenly feel a terrible temperature hanging over them.
Du Yun suddenly woke up in confusion and felt deja vu pain, and it was deep bone marrow pain!
When Du Yun was just surrounded by the spirit flame of Shenhuo, he quickly called out his own body, the fire dragon, and asked it to summon the fire law. Several people closest to him were shrouded in it. According to his familiarity with the fire dragon, he believed that the flame temperature in Ziyan Shenhuo would not have much influence on their roots. But now, although it is separated by the fire dragon Du Yun, it still feels like the surrounding temperature is hot and terrible. Everyone’s sweat is crashing. Everyone knows that if you persist like this, it will be a flame, but their bodies will be dehydrated and die …
Du Yun is young, but he has experienced several winds. lang is certainly not comparable to ordinary people. Although he is in crisis, Du Yun is still calm and very careful. His eyes are as red as blood, and his eyes slowly open through the fire dragon wall. Only then can he see that the original latosolic red is a number of slowly flowing magma? Slightly stunned, Du Yun suddenly felt a tingle, but her eyes swept away in amazement. Now they are surrounded by magma, and judging from the process of magma flow around them, they are in the depths of magma, because not only are there latosolic red magma everywhere around them, but the magma flow around them is as thick as river water.
Du Yunnai knew with a sigh that the present situation was definitely ten times more dangerous than that mysterious castle.
As Du Yun smiled bitterly, a low voice sounded around him, "Ouch, ouch, smelly little boy, what do you think? Now Ziyan Shenhuo is provoked and summoned from the source fire to trap us. What we have to do now is to get rid of the control of Rock Shenhuo or all the departments will die here!" Nature is talking with Du Yun caught by the shenhuo Liu Lao!
Hear Liu Lao exclaim Du Yun bitter smile, "Liu Lao, of course, I also know that the situation is critical, but we are brought into the underground, and the temperature of Ziyan Shenhuo is more than ten times higher."
Just as Du Yun and Liu Lao explained, an urn sounded in their ears. "Listen, you guys, I can’t get my freedom. I’ll turn you into my fire slaves and let you wait around me for generations. Hahahaha …"
"Ha ha tone is not exactly who is refining who doesn’t know yet? Do you dare to show up and talk? Don’t hide anything like this." Du Yun grabbed Fang Tian’s painting halberd and spread his spirit to observe the surrounding situation because the flame temperature was extremely high. After the spirit was launched, many of them were reflected back by the flame, so the detection range is not the original one …
When Du Yunli searched, the sound sounded again, "Hehe, don’t measure it. It’s me. You can’t find my trace in front of you. I’m a god in the fire."
This sound sounds from all directions. I can’t tell the specific location of this person …
"Don’t hum and talk big. If you really don’t talk big, then please show up at my fire dragon." Although this is said, Du Yun and a few people around him are cautious and don’t dare to be careless. Everyone has seen the severity of this purple rock shenhuo. If you are not careful, your life will be in danger.
"Hey hey, even if I appear in front of you, can you resist me?" Speaking of which, Ziyan Shenhuo sneered at me and then continued, "But you humans are more cunning than I still don’t meet you, so just burn you to ashes. Hehehe …"
The words sound just fell and Du Yun felt a huge earthquake propping up the fire dragon Peng. Du Yun and others all stumbled and almost fell.
Du Yun, a girl named Fire Dancer, experienced this scene for the first time and quickly asked, "What’s the matter? Is there an earthquake? … "
Jiao Jiao, another woman around the fire dance, was very calm and cautious at this time. After a while, she gently said to the people, "It was Ziyan Shenhuo who attacked us. We’d better prepare for defense."
But before Jiao Jiao’s voice fell, the huge earthquake came again, and it was stronger than the first time. Many huge earthquakes just stopped, and the fire dragon appeared a few long depressions, just like suddenly growing spikes.
The original Du Yun is struggling to support the fire dragon, which is now under continuous attack, and it is unstable. The surrounding flame walls are constantly trembling as if they could burst at any time …