In the dark, the big coffin with halo seems to fly on its own

Hearing the word coffin, Wei Xu, a nine-typhoon gang in a titanium room, looked at each other and saw horror in each other’s eyes. They suddenly flew out and suddenly appeared on the roof.
At this time, all archers have fired arrows at the halo coffin, but those arrows have been resisted by a gas hood.
I didn’t stay in that glowing coffin, and all the attacks were blocked by an air cover, flying out of the typhoon gang almost as fast as if I didn’t get blocked.
"Everyone must give me your speed to chase after me." Wei Xu immediately worried and attacked the heart. He said to the top nine typhoon help experts around him.
Although the coffin has been taken away, a person’s consciousness makes Wei Xuxian eager to see how the coffin of Haibo Bingling has not been stolen.
In fact, several loyal high-level officials of Typhoon Gang of Haibo Ice Soul Coffin know the hiding place, but each gang leader has the advantage to know it.
Wei Xu doesn’t want others to share this baby, which can increase the speed of cultivation. When nine masters with nearly a thousand people pursued out, Wei Xufei ran to his room.
His room is also made of iron wall, and the material is impressively titanium house, which is as indestructible as ever.
When he entered the room, he locked the door and immediately went into the room to lift the sheets.
In fact, the coffin of Haibo Bingling was put in his room, and he was so stupid that he slept every day. The coffin was covered with a sheet and bedding, and the head of the bed and the wooden fence of the bed were built at both ends, which made it look not much different from the ordinary bed.
After lifting the sheets, it is a big coffin. This coffin has a strange shape. It is not like an ordinary coffin. The coffin lid is curved, but this coffin lid is smooth. The coffin is made of natural materials and treasures. The deep seabed may be bred. Haibo Ice Jade has been immersed in glaciers for many years. It is made of jade spirit.
No matter what kind of natural resources and treasures are, they have a great effect on cultivation. Usually, you can find a palm-like sea ice jade or a small bottle of cold jade spirit, which can make a fortune and shock the world by making these two things into coffins.
The sea ice coffin is a huge treasure, which is why the typhoon gang dare not leak this news, otherwise the typhoon gang forces estimate that the sea ice coffin has long been robbed.
"Oh, shit!" Seeing that the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit was still intact, Wei Xu’s face suddenly changed in front of his eyes. He cursed his carelessness and suddenly put the sheets back on the communication jade note and sent a message to call everyone to come back urgently, while he locked the doors and windows in the room.
He believes that the strength of titanium in his room will definitely make the other party helpless, and he will wait for the typhoon in the room to help all the masters come back here, and then everything will end.
Huge explosion
As far as Wei Xu is concerned, things will develop as he expected, and the explosion will follow, and the whole room will be violently turbulent.
When Wei Xu came to his senses, he saw that the titanium door was bombed into a pile of fragments scattered all over the place. His eyes were only shocked, but after many six emperors and powerful Wushu bombardment, the titanium door was not damaged. Even a Wu Xian failed to shake the door.
There was a young man at the door who was also a young man who hated Wei Xu.
Who else can this man be but Feng Yang?
When the wind blows, a coffin has been prepared, because the jade is big enough to put the coffin in the jade, and the coffin has been placed in front of a lot of moonstones, which is extremely dazzling in the dark.
How could he be blindsided by the typhoon gang? Everything was just his plan.
"We help you with the typhoon. You don’t want to fight with your superior strength, so disregard for human life killed my son and took my typhoon to help the town. It’s not too inhuman." Wei Xu shouted angrily
"Master Wei, everyone is white. What do you think? Do you need me to say it?" Feng Yang sneered, "You have learned Wushu and you want me to say this nonsense. Besides, I gave you a chance. I don’t have time to spend energy with you slowly and say I’m sorry."
"That depends on whether you have a life to take away." Wei Xu instantly entered a state of battle, and Wei Xu’s state almost reached its peak because of the bombing of Titanium Gate by the wind, so as to delay as much as possible and let the typhoon help the master come back for support.
No more nonsense. The wind blows out the phantom of the opera. Feng Ling still has a phantom that looks like himself. However, the wind blows over Wei Xu. His speed has been brought to the extreme. Wei Xu brushed past, and * after that moment, a few swords appeared around Wei Xu and the wind blew up his body. Behind Wei Xu, he put away the dragon sword and walked towards Wei Xu as a bed to sleep in the ice coffin.
At this time, Wei Xu stood still. From the surface, you can’t see that his expression is stiff. Everything looks frozen, and his face and body are frozen.
Instead of peculiar smell, Feng Yang hits the coffin of the ice spirit in the sea. Instead, there is a refreshing aura coming head-on. In this special coffin, there is a middle-aged man who looks no different from a sleeping man in appearance, but Feng Yang knows that this must be the first leader of the typhoon gang, and his body has not changed for hundreds of years.
"It was a good coffin." Feng Yang’s heart andao also had some exulting. Getting this coffin meant that Wu Hua had a few more minutes to come back to life.
Chili ashamed pants don’t wear face. It was a tragedy for brothers. Chili felt it necessary to change the time, which seriously affected the good life law of Chili day and night. After that, it was changed to 6: 01 pm and before 12: 00 pm. What guarantee did you make? The normal situation was two, but it would be as three as possible.
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and one Die
Welcome you to come.
When the experts who were chased out by the typhoon gang all returned to the typhoon gang base and rushed to the boudoir of Wei Xu, the leader of the typhoon gang, they suddenly saw that the titanium door of the titanium house, which made all the forces in Taicheng helpless, burst into pieces, which puzzled people. Wei Xu was intact and damaged, but there were no less valuable things in the house. The only thing that was missing was that Wei Xu’s sleeping bed was left with a bone on the bed.
"Wang" someone walked beside Wei Xu and pushed him, but he pushed Wei Xu’s body into a few pieces. Everyone could not help but be shocked by the sight. One by one, he was stunned and felt the blood and rain in situ.
The more vigorous the soul force of Feng Yang Yuan is, the wider the position of jade will be. It is not difficult for jade to accept the coffin of ice spirit at sea, thus avoiding the spectacular scene of Feng Yang carrying the coffin all over the sky.