"Move to the sea away from the shore and prepare to shell their ship according to Zeng Guomin’s guidance." Zhuo Qiang reached an order to the Long Yun.

At this time, Zeng Guomin and others had arrived at the rocky corner of the seaside and hid. After that, Zeng Guomin took out his night vision telescope and observed the ships moored at the seaside.
Fishing boats are easy to distinguish between cargo ships and those speedboats are the targets of Zeng’s search.
If there are many such speedboats stopping at one place, it is very suspicious.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect to find these pirate ships as soon as he could, but if he couldn’t find them, he would rather kill them wrongly than let them go.
A relatively high cliff on Zeng Guomin’s shore searched for three suspicious locations-reported the coordinates to the Long Yun.
"Mao Mao" Long Yun artillery rang.
The heavy artillery bombardment of those ships docked on the shore started up one after another and sank to the bottom of the sea one after another.
This shore is a mess. Many people wake up from their sleep and run out with clothes on, while others don’t even wear clothes for fear of being blown to the bone.
When they saw that the attack was aimed at those speedboats, they didn’t panic so much. They were all in shock and wondered where this was coming from. Are these broken speedboats worth the guide’s own value?
Because this round of shelling came to an end quickly, it was ten seconds, and these people didn’t see where the blow came from, so they could take it for granted that it was from a distance.
It is also reasonable for them to think so, because only with guidance can they have some precise bombing effects.
Not far from the speedboat, fishing boats and cargo ships all said that the target of the attack was very accurate.
The cost of a guide is much higher than that of this broken speedboat. Who would pay so much money to do such a loss-making business?
At this time, Zeng Guomin had been helped by the crew of Ssangyong Company to find the detained cargo ship. Nine times out of ten large cargo ships docked at this sea were robbed by pirates and easily found.
Zeng Guomin led the crew to follow his reef cover and soon approached the ship.
Just after a round of attacks, these pirates guarding merchant ships are afraid, but they are still dutifully guarding the shore to prevent people from fishing in troubled waters.
Zeng Guomin saw seven armed pirates near those merchant ships and took his strange gun with night vision goggles to help aim at a pirate.
About a kilometer away, Zeng Guomin gently pulled the trigger, and the pirate’s head "poof" blew out a cloud of blood and fell flat to the ground.
Several of his pirates scattered when they saw their partners suddenly shot, and they hid everywhere and looked around in horror.
Zeng Guomin aimed his gun at another target with one blow.
A pirate hiding in a corner crouched, shook his head and looked around for the location of the gunman.
Not far from him, a pirate suddenly saw him suddenly shake his head and never move again.
Even during the day, it is not easy for them to find the hidden Zeng nationals, let alone late, and it is impossible to find the enemy a kilometer away.
Zeng Guomin calmly aimed at the fire, and the pirates fell one by one until the last two people were left. They no longer had the courage to stay in this horrible place, threw away their weapons and ran away.
Seeing them escape, Zeng Guomin didn’t kill them all, so he quickly let the crew follow him and run to the cargo ship.
It’s hard for the pirates to chase the cargo ship as soon as more people don’t show up.
Not to mention that their speedboats have been sunk and exhausted, even if they have speedboats in addition, if they dare to chase horses, they will become a living target of Longyun.
It’s only a few minutes before these horses will escape from the dangerous ground and the crew’s feet
When these people organized to board the ship, the nationals were on guard against the pirates who came on the news and made a crazy counterattack.
Zhuo Qiang has the same worry. If that’s the case, Zeng Guomin doesn’t know if he can handle it.
As it turns out, what he is worried about is that the redundant pirate organizations in Soemari are very loose. Except for a few core personnel and necessary basic personnel, most of them will go out to sea to have a big job when they need to do something.
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Zeng Guomin didn’t see any pirate reinforcements until the crew left the ship. He waved to the crew and told them to leave quickly.
Zhuo Qiang used to say that the pirates knew how to manipulate the ship, but the pirates didn’t, because no one had ever been able to rescue the hostages from them. If the hostages were not rescued, the ship was suspected to be very safe.
But this time, they miscalculated that the original crew of the cargo ship arrived at Qi’s engine and slowly sailed offshore to the sea.
Zeng Guomin watched the cargo ship sail away. Instead of going directly back to the Long Yun, he once again disappeared into the darkness and disappeared.
At this time, Zhuo Qiang finally waited for the pirate’s words.