Fox’s practice is Dan, but Ye Han’s practice is all over the body, so the difference between them is revealed. Fox Dan’s body circulation is not revealed, so it seems to others that she is asleep and strange at this time, while Ye Han’s theory of perfect vitality is not difficult for anyone to understand that he is practicing.

The science of uniting the sun, the moon, and the points in this science of uniting also don’t know how long it took. Finally, on this day, Ye Han suddenly opened his eyes and turned his eyes to look at the little fox around him, then looked up at the lake, and then gently whispered and got up from the stone.
Fox felt Ye Han’s movements, so he got up and saw Ye Han’s movements strange, so he asked, "What’s wrong with you, master?"
Ye Han smell speech immediately cried, "Xiaoli, didn’t I tell you before? If you want to call me brother Han, you can’t call me master anymore, okay Your cold brother is almost healed now. It’s time to leave here! "
After hearing what Ye Han said, Xiaoli immediately nodded his head in his heart. "Well, cold brother, since you want to go back, let’s go back. You didn’t want to wake Xiaoli? Don’t you want to take Xiaoli back with you? "
Wen Yan Ye Han suddenly froze and hesitated for a long time before he sighed, "Well, I want you to practice here for a while, or you can resume it. Since you want to go back with me, let’s go back!"
Say that finish Ye Han will Xiaoli picked up from the stones and then looked around again with a sigh and a sudden operation of the wind flying tactic center method body suddenly a dun xiu and rushed to the surface.
On the surface of the water, "fluttering" turned into a road. lang Mosaic Cold jumped out of the water and showed its shape. Then, with a sudden turn, it jumped towards the shore, and in a blink of an eye, it came to the lakeside grass.
Ye Han, who landed on the grass, suddenly turned around and snorted at the lake not far away. "I don’t want to plot against this. Who is this site? Don’t come out for me?"
The fox was very surprised at Ye Han’s move. Although there was a sparkling scene on the lake, it was caused by Ye Han’s leaping in the past. Looking at the sun shining around at noon, it seemed unusually calm. Why did Ye Han say that someone was there?
However, when Fox was in doubt, a monstrous giant lang suddenly appeared on the calm lake not far away. What on earth was this? His 16 yuan beast didn’t even find someone hidden in the lake?
Ye Han know Xiaoli doubts busy smiled to say with smile "although you are exquisite, but it is not quiet in your heart, so you can’t find someone in the lake is normal, so don’t care."
Look at this Xiaoli’s face of doubts, but he is worried about how Ye Han can not be white. He is ashamed that he almost hurt his master because he didn’t listen to his master.
Hear Ye Han Xiaoli although still have some guilt in my heart, but it can nod slightly at the same time will realize the transfer to the lake that monstrous giant lang Ye Han said also with the shift of sight.
Just two people talking with each other, the monstrous lang in the lake has disappeared, and instead, two figures flash and now rush towards Ye Han and others.
Ye Han said, also a surprised busy will bosom small raccoon dog left hand took immediately right hand suddenly make palm vitality gathered in a fierce vitality instantly at the two figures to attack.
The two figures looked at also dare not careless busy busy busy at both sides to hide Ye Han looked at cold hum a regardless of two figures such as dodge heart busy calm to secretly mind control just waved the palm to separate two vitality into the lake.
Two figures saw that the crisis had gone and their bodies were still, and their feet were floating on the water. However, at this moment, a lang flower suddenly rose from the lake, and two vitality also flashed out of the lang flower and rushed to the two figures.
The two figures were careless and couldn’t be prevented, so they were struck by these two feet and entered their bodies instantly. At the same time, they let out a scream and burst into flames.
This scene was suddenly shocked by Xiaoli’s eyes for a long time before he said, "Congratulations to the Lord … Brother Han has understood the sub-element method in such a short time!"
Ye Han heard this with a wry smile and immediately said, "Xiaoli, don’t always praise me so much. This fractional method was known to Qingyun a hundred years ago. Now I just understand it a little bit. How can I say that I understand it?"
Fenyuan, as its name implies, is to divide the original vitality into two or three, and at the same time, it can control the differentiation of several vitality to attack the enemy with the help of the mental power of the yuan giver
As Ye Han said, this style was understood by Qingyun a hundred years ago. Now he just stumbled upon this method in Qingyun’s memory, and it was only after a little understanding that it was white and easy to display.
I also blame those two people for this robbery. When Ye Hanfang stood out from the water, I remembered this move. When it came out, it was lost by their carelessness.
"But cold brother, I don’t agree with one thing. How can we know who they really are when you destroy them so quickly? Look at them. They obviously want to kill you! " After hearing what Ye Han said, Xiaoli also came in vain because he was a little embarrassed in his heart, so he could find a topic to hide.
Ye Han how can I not know Xiaoli’s mind? But now he didn’t prick the idea. Nennai shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Xiaoli, have you forgotten what the posture they just showed came from?"
Xiaoli was suddenly speechless when he heard this, and then suddenly he was overjoyed. "So you already knew their origin. No wonder you were in such a hurry to kill them. It has always been evil for them. Now killing their two brothers is just a matter of killing people!"
Ye Han nodded with a smile, but his eyes fell on the lake. Looking at the lake, he was calm, but his heart was not calm. Familiar pictures came to life.
"Linger Xiner, we will meet again soon!" I don’t know at this moment Ye Han suddenly gave birth to a yearning feeling, and I couldn’t wait to go home to see my wife and children for a moment.
Say that finish Ye Han busy picked up the little fox to show the flying tactic of the imperial wind, and then he came to Xingyuan City, and then he came to Yejia Mansion. With an eagerness, he finally returned to his hometown and this place where he missed day and night after nearly three months!
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【 458 】 【 Back home 】
In Xingyuan City, the scorching sun was extremely hot in the autumn, which was supposed to be crisp in autumn. However, at this time, the weather was still like that in summer, and the residents in the city also found their own places to escape the summer.
There are also some empty places in the house of the Ye family. It is because the person is coming and going. But now, throughout the Ye family, it is difficult to see even people in the family.
"It’s so hot. I didn’t expect it to be so hot in autumn. I don’t know how it is outside!" A beautiful image stands slowly in the courtyard of a house in Yejia. Standing at the window, it looks particularly focused when looking out of the window.
"Don’t worry, sister, brother Han, he is born with cold and cold jade protector, so the weather won’t affect him!" Beside the beautiful image, there is another beautiful image standing in front of the window and looking out the window.
These two beautiful images, one blue and one yellow, are particularly dazzling. If you look closely, isn’t this Ling Yanxin who is struggling to stay at home? At this time, Leng Lingyanxin watched the scenery outside the window and could not help but worry about Ye Han.
Lengling was very comforted when she heard Yan Xin’s words, so she smiled and nodded. "You said it was good that Haner had his own cold jade to protect the weather. It was nothing to him!"
Then she paused, and then said, "But this cold has been in harmony since ancient times. Although Han Er is surrounded by cold jade, the weather is really too hot, which is also a very bad environment for us cold practitioners!"
After listening to Lengling’s remarks, Yan Xin was speechless for a while. After all, what Lengling said is not false. Inflammation and cold have been restrained from each other since ancient times. Too hot weather is also an extremely harsh environment for cold practitioners!
But soon she found the rhetoric and said with a busy smile, "Hehe, sister, don’t worry. Don’t forget that I’m also an inflammatory practitioner. Just because my pure inflammatory body hasn’t hurt my cold brother at all, let alone the weather outside!"
With Yan Xin, he found that there was something special in his words. At that time, he turned red and was extremely shy. Lengling looked at it and was also white and shy, so he couldn’t help but laugh.
"Oh, what a beautiful little girl! I didn’t expect this shy picture of our daughter to be so charming. It seems that I have to be careful in the future. It would be a big sin if I don’t guard it properly!" Just as they were laughing, the door suddenly hit Ye Han’s figure and suddenly appeared. Seeing Yan Xin’s face blushing, he couldn’t help but quipped.
"…" It seems that Ye Han’s words solidified at this moment just fell into the whole room and fell into silence. The three figure postures in the room were also solidified for a long time without any response.
For a long time, I don’t know how long it took Ye Han’s face to suddenly converge, but it was still accompanied by joy. Then he shouted at the two women and said, "What’s wrong with seeing her husband?" Why are you crying? "
Ye Han was a two women really began to cry. At first, Lengling quickly came running at Ye Han and sobbed in his arms from time to time.