Although all the problems have been explained, Lin Yu’s mood is still unable to calm down, but he is getting more and more manic.

He couldn’t look at his heart, and his heart kept telling him that it might be true if the devil said less.
There is no need to deceive yourself with such a thing because of the lack of magic.
What should I do if I am really a magic man?
Lin Yu painfully grabbed her hair and finally got rid of the mocking eyes of Magic Little before she died.
His eyes are black, and Lin Yu wants to prove that he is not a magic man through this.
But Lin Yu saw the big devil once, and he saw the big devil’s eyes were black!
Is it true that the magic man can’t even judge the color of the eye pupil now?
And Lin Yu know oneself make shura vitality when the pupil will turn red.
"I am a magic man? No, I’m not. I’m not! ! !” Lin Yu was repeatedly tortured by this ambivalence, and he was always looking forward to his father’s answer.
But my father never showed up …
Ghost azure can feel Lin Yu’s deep pain, but he can also suspend Yun He City and look down on Fang himself.
"Yu son who are you and what’s the matter? People can’t change their birth, but fate is in their own hands, and you must be so obsessed with it? " Ghost azure said to himself, and then his figure disappeared into Yun He City in a blur.
It is because he knows that some things must be solved by Lin Yu himself. As a father, he can’t do everything for his son.
Lin Yu didn’t know how long he had been hiding in the room. When he heard the door being pushed by "creaking", he looked up and then saw the purple rhyme coming in.
"What’s the matter with you?" Purple rhyme can clearly feel Lin Yu’s extremely depressed mood, but she doesn’t know what Lin Yu is so "and what did you win in the first battle of the inferno? So depressed? It’s not like I know that Lin Yu! "
Looking at his beloved and asking questions, Lin Yu felt a little sour. "Qingyun, if I mean if I am an inferno, will you kill me?"
Purple rhyme shook his head "no"
Lin Yu was stunned. "What?"
"Didn’t you kill your third sister-in-law?" Zi Qingyun said quietly, "Because you think she loves your third brother, she won’t do anything to hurt your third brother. Even if you become a magic man, I don’t think you will hurt us. It doesn’t matter whether you are a magic man or not, what matters is whether you cherish us."
Lin Yu, who was guided by this purple rhyme, felt a little "well"
It’s like considering whether to say it or not, but Zi Qingyun finally said it. "I know you are a demon shura. I can’t even care about you. Will I care about him?"
Lin Yu’s eyes looked straight at Zi Qingyun’s eyes full of affection. "Qingyun, I Lin Yu will live up to you in this life!"
Zi Qingyun smiled slightly and automatically gave Lin Yu a deep hug. "Man, do you feel a little melodramatic when you say these words now?"
Holding the purple rhyme, Lin Yu felt her fiery heartbeat. "Well, Qingyun said nothing, shall we continue to beat mice?"
Purple rhyme face a slight red "you bad guy …"
Once again, the two men frantically went to bed, tossing and turning until the purple rhyme was exhausted.
Stroking the quiet face of purple rhyme when sleeping, Lin Yu’s heart is full of tenderness.
This is my little bitch. She usually likes to eat dry vinegar and make trouble by herself, but when she needs comfort, she will become very gentle and lovely.
Have this beauty husband to ask again?
In another room, Shen Shuhao slowly opened his eyes and found himself holding a female soft hand tightly.
In my dream, Shen Shuhao clung to Mo Qiaoyun’s hand several times and tried to pull her back, but she couldn’t pull it back.
Just when he was about to despair, he finally took the hand.
It turned out that he was holding the hand of Lin Yu’s sister Lin Xue.
"Are you awake? !” Lin Xue smiled like a flower. "Sister-in-law came to see you. I said that you would be fine with me, and she left."
Lin Xue’s eldest sister-in-law is naturally Shen Shuhao’s sister Shen Shuyuan. She and Lin Xue’s eldest brother Lin Xuan are close to Lin Xue, and the "eldest sister-in-law" has long been known to everyone.
Shen Shuhao embarrassedly released Lin Xue’s hand. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to."
Lin Xue Xi Xi laughed. "It’s okay. It’s good that you wake up."
Shen Shuhao glanced at Lin Xue and couldn’t help feeling how fast it passed.
When he first met Lin Xue, Lin Xue was still a little girl like Yuan Lan. More than three years later, the little girl grew up and became a slim girl.