Yang Ye stared at the left arm sleeve in a daze, looked at wait for a while, and then squeezed his fist "shua" one by one, stretching the latosolic red dagger blade out of the back of his hand to reflect a piece of red light. Yang Ye, together with the dagger, raised his left arm and looked at Lan Yao and asked, "Is it?"

Lan Yao nodded. "Red dagger, since you can get this dagger certificate, you must have been to the ghost town site, right?" Said the blue demon cut a finger Yang night left hand that dagger "this is the ghost ancestors left hidden blade red refined! You have a ghost emblem and you can control the Tibetan Blade Red Refinery. You are the orthodox clan of the ghost clan! What is happening now is likely to have something to do with the ghost family and you! "
Yang night was stunned for a moment and regretted asking these questions. Now he feels that the situation is more and more serious. It’s not just a domain master struggle, it’s not as simple as destroying order. According to Lan Yao, there is something behind all this! Even the killing of evil energy Weiner is not over. What is even more terrible is that what happened before Yuan Dynasty actually belonged to the ghost family and what happened now has a great connection with the ghost family!
Who am I? Ghost clan? I have all this? This is my ancestral land? What the hell is going on!
Yang Ye’s brain went haywire, his left hand trembled, and the hidden blade on the back of his hand gave off a stronger red light. In an instant, his mind kept reflecting various images. In that image, several people were killed, blood splashed, swords and swords, and at the same time, Yang Ye’s head ached like a splitting pain. Everything was so close, so familiar, but far away, but he couldn’t touch or see clearly …
"Ah ~ ~ ~! ! ! ! !” Yang night holding his head and kneeling in pain, he bent down and shouted with his head on the ground.
Lan Yao beheaded Yang Ye’s arm with both hands and lifted him up. He looked him straight in the eye and said, "The red dagger will become your strength after you control your body, evil energy and evil energy, but now you haven’t finished controlling it. You can’t let it disturb your reason! Control! "
Yang night struggled and really felt a hot and turbid force scurrying about. He quickly grasped his left wrist, and the red mark spread energy and spread a burning sensation all over him. The turbid force was gradually suppressed and finally dissipated a little.
Yang night gasped and closed his eyes tightly. It became clear in his mind that the pictures were gone and the painful feeling had disappeared.
"If we want to find out everything, we must find evil energy Weiner." Lan Yao chopped Yang Ye’s arm and said softly.
"go! Let’s go to Zhangjia now! " Yang night stood up and stared at his eyes and shouted
"Arrange your family." Lan Yaojian suddenly became more gentle than ever. "I have my own identity and family."
Yang night wait for a while took a look at the blue demon chop and then nodded "I know" and bowed his head and smiled easily "Ha ha LAN, I still have no feelings for you."
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More than an hour after tomorrow, I just wiped the black poplar night and sneaked out of the Yang family mansion with the blue demon chop and flew to the Zhang family with the blue demon chop.
The zhangs’ distance is not close. Lan Yao chopped his arm and deliberately kept a distance. He didn’t talk against the wind, but looked at the face and flashed thousands of lights.
But after flying for a while, the wind was softer, the night was darker and the lights were brighter, as if everything were far away.
Lan Yao cut Yang Ye’s back and naturally put his cheek on it. Holding Yang Ye’s shoulder with both hands was very touching and enjoyable. It was like leaning over a lover’s shoulder. Because it was not over yet, Yang Ye didn’t finish accelerating, but he carefully dodged the flight and woke up from time to time. Lan Yao cut carefully.
Lan Yao didn’t answer a word, but he was immersed in this feeling. He put his face and body closer and stretched his hands slowly around Yang Ye’s neck and moved very gently.
Gradually, Yang Ye felt a faint moist feeling on his shoulders and back, and he slowed down in surprise. He turned his head and asked, "Lan, what’s wrong with you?"
Lan Yao didn’t change his posture at all, as if he were completely immersed in his romantic imagination or memories and said to himself, "A cliff exhibition for a thousand years is not as good as a lover’s shoulder crying for a night."
"What? Lan, are you okay? " Yang night heard LAN Yao cut so startled and quickly asked.
"I’m fine, Qiu. I’m very worried." Lan Yao replied gently.
This night, Yang was even more afraid of the evil in the blue demon chop. He simply stopped flying and tried to twist his head to see the blue demon chop and hesitated to ask, "Lan, you …"
Lan Yao beheaded a feeling that everything was going backwards. Suddenly, he woke up from his own imagination and grabbed Yang Ye’s shoulder. He bowed his head and hesitated for a moment and said, "I’m fine."
"What happened to you just now?" Yang Ye asked strangely, "It seems that you are crying again when you say something inexplicable!"
Lan Yao cut his eyes and became cold and indifferent. He looked back at Yang Ye and said, "It’s none of your business."
Yang Ye picked up an eyebrow and was unwilling to ask, "Who is Qiu?"
Lan Yaochop looked at Yang Ye in surprise and asked, "How do you know?"
"You just called out your name!" Yang night said to see the blue demon chop reaction in the mind a presentiment of some what "he is you …"
Blue demon cut cold face slightly turned to light said "autumn is my former friend".
Yang Ye smiled. "Love is love. Return friends. What do you have to hide from me?"
Blue demon beheaded some accidents and then sighed and nodded. "It’s red Bi. You’re right. Autumn is me … He’s the night royal autumn of the bone clan."
"I just called his name when I was touched by the scene, right?" Yang night closed smile feel blue demon chop expression very sad.
"Before … he often flies behind my back and chats …" Lan Yao said with a pale face.
"That he is now …" Yang night hunch shouldn’t ask, but I feel that there is something wrong with Lan Yao’s beheading mood.
"Dead," Lan Yao cut his eyes with a cruel look. "Even if Jia Lan dies when I come here, I will kill the evil energy Weiner!"
Speaking of which, it’s no longer necessary to ask more questions. Yang Ye’s heart is already white, and the blue demon has cut it and said that the night royal autumn of the bone clan is in the hands of the dead evil clan.
Maybe she wasn’t so cold before, thinking about Lan Yao’s beheading at night is also a scholar with hatred.