But it is impossible for Xiao Huang on one side to watch Bai Qin die, raise my hand and fight with strength and directly hit Bai Qin’s hand.

Bai Qin looked up at Xiao Huang coldly and didn’t give up his mind.
The four handmaids behind her hurriedly said, "The little princess handmaiden is willing to die to follow the princess hall."
Su Wan looked at the five women, each of whom was excellent and capable. The most important thing was that people were loyal to her mother. She really admired her mother. If she were still alive, she really wanted to see what this mother looked like. It’s amazing that it’s easy for one person to make a letter, but it’s not the average person to make a hand die for sixteen years and still be so loyal. That means these people are loyal to her mother from the bone.
So it seems that her mother must be a stunning and brilliant person, but what is dead?
Su Wan looked regretfully at the first Bai Qin and the four maids behind her and said, "Don’t die. I’m afraid my mother won’t want to see you follow her."
If her mother is really surprised and brilliant, it must be a pity to be so loyal and not second-hand, and she definitely didn’t let them follow.
But after she finished, Bai Qin didn’t give up her dead thoughts. She was really a little disheartened, because for so many years, she had always had a goal in her heart, and that was to find the princess and tell her that she had taken good care of Yue Bai Villa. She really thought that the princess would be very happy to see her like this, and then patted her on the shoulder and said, Bai Qin, you are good. The princess is not wrong about you.
But now even this sentence can’t wait, so she really doesn’t want to live.
Bai Qin thought of the sad place and cried again. She looked at Su Wan and said, "Handmaiden really doesn’t want to live. Handmaiden wants to follow the princess temple."
The four women behind her also cried. These four people were adopted by Su Wan’s mother. At that time, the four of them were beggars, caught by brothels and watched to go into the fire pit. But in the end, they were reborn because of Lingyi’s hand. Except for a few of them in Yue Bai Villa, most of them are Lingyi’s adopted children. Now they have found a good home and have been to live for themselves. If they don’t want to leave, they will do things in Yue Bai Villa.
There is a reason why Yue Bai Mountain Villa is the first village in the world, because many women who go out from their mountain villa have become the mainstream social figures in all countries, and there are people everywhere who want them to do things. It is not without reason that Yue Bai Mountain Villa is the first village in the world.
Of course, all this is due to Su Wan’s mother’s original purpose of building Yue Bai Mountain Villa, and Bai Qin strictly implemented the purpose of staying at home and taking in her daughter’s home who suffered in the past.
It is said that daughters are made of water, but how many daughters suffer outside their homes? Compared with men, women in this world are more vulnerable to persecution. Su Wan’s mother made up her mind to build Yue Bai Villa to help those women who are in trouble. In the end, Yue Bai Villa actually grew into the first villa all day.
Of course, all this is Bai Qincao, but she has always had a belief that the princess is still alive somewhere. She did all this for the princess. When the princess returns one day, she will surely smile and say to her, Bai Qin, you are good. The palace is not wrong about you.
But now there is nothing.
In the drawing room, Bai Qin felt more sad and finally got up and walked out.
Su Wan looked at her behind her and thought that she had tried to die in the flower room before. I was afraid that when she died, she quickly stopped Bai Qin and said, "Aunt Bai Qin, can you listen to me?"
Bai Qin stopped and looked back. Su Wan said seriously, "I think if my mother knows something, she must hope that Aunt Bai Qin will stay and help me."
Bai Qin was shocked, but she didn’t change her mind. Su Wan added, "I’m in trouble now, and I may lose my life in the end. If something happens to me, will my aunt have the face to see my mother?"
This time, Bai Qinxian listened. She opened a pair of cold eyes and said coldly, "Who dares to kill the little princess?"
Su Wan sighed and said, "It’s a long story. If there is, I can tell it to you slowly, but now I want to ask you, are you willing to stay and help me?"
Bai Qin looked at Su Wan and thought about it carefully. Then she nodded her head. The little princess was a princess’s daughter. She remembered that the princess loved and hated her when she knew she was pregnant. Her love must have been hated by her daughter, but it was the man. If she didn’t help the little princess, she would end up killing her. I’m afraid even if she went to Jiuquan, the princess wouldn’t see her.
Bai Qin calmly agreed at such a thought that "the good handmaiden agreed with the little princess, and after rest assured, the handmaiden will surely protect the little princess with her mind so that no one will hurt the little princess".
As soon as Bai Qin’s words fell, the four handmaids behind her also said, "Handmaiden and others volunteered to follow the little princess."
Su Wan coughed at their words and said with a wave, "I haven’t figured out what kind of princess my mother is. Why haven’t I heard of it?" And if she is a princess, my mother is married to my father, such a man. "
If Su Wan’s words were heard by Anguohou Su Peng, it would be a pity that he didn’t hear them now.
Bai Qin listened to Su Wan’s words, but she didn’t speak for a long time. At the same time, she thought carefully about some things. It’s better not to tell the little princess. Since the little princess has become the daughter of Anguo Houfu, let her live like this.
Bai Qin thinking quickly looked up at Sue wan said "back to the small county. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
"Back to the little princess, the princess is the princess of Qingxiao country. Qingxiao country is not this land but another place. Few people have heard of Qingxiao country, but this is indeed a country."
As soon as Bai Qin’s words fell, Xiao Huang and Su Wan took one look at each other at the same time. I didn’t expect Su Wan’s mother to be the princess of Qingxiao Kingdom. Her blood could detoxify because her mother gave her something to detoxify.
"What is the reason why my blood can detoxify?"
Su Wan asked Bai Qin quickly and said, "The princess can make a detoxification elixir. Presumably the princess is the princess. The detoxification elixir can solve many strange poisons."
Su wan suddenly nodded. No wonder her blood can save Xiao Huang’s life
However, she thought of another thing. Naturally, she realized that the detoxification elixir was still intoxicated at first, but in the end, she didn’t ask Bai Qin that maybe the detoxification elixir could not understand the obsequious drugs.