I can smell a man’s low smile, his eyes are shining, and his appearance is very different.

Body sank, suddenly sank deep to the bottom.
Lin Jingxuan, who was tightly wrapped in a smooth and tight gully, felt uncomfortable at the moment. After two seconds, he twitched wildly.
Whenever this happens, he suddenly loses his usual reason, as if an insatiable animal had devoted all his resources to entering the body of a beloved.
Your wind is warm, your waist is bent high, and your face is full of joy.
The enchanting body is stretched into a taut bow. Don’t you see the note I left you?
Jun Yao came to Lin Fu, and Lin Fu people led him to find Lin Jingluo’s courtyard.
Originally, I was ready and rushed to ask questions, but suddenly I was told that the second young master hadn’t got up yet. Jun Yao was like a deflated ball, and suddenly he faded and waited quietly.
Primitive man wanted her to stay in the lobby. After all, she was so distinguished and her sister had to be treated well, but Jun Yao couldn’t sit still and told them to go to the courtyard to enjoy flowers.
Walking alone in the spacious and scenic courtyard of Lin Fu, Jun Yao took a deep breath, and the impatience and tension when he came just now seemed to be gone, and he was in a state of relaxation.
It happened that the shoulder was suddenly slapped at this time.
She got a fright, turned around and saw Lin Jingluo there and looked at her with a smile, which evoked a curved eyebrow eye like a fox!
Yes, the fox
Jun Yao frowned. No wonder this man is so bad. He turned out to be like a sly fox!
Lin Jingxuan looked at her disgust expression and froze for a moment. He immediately held his fist in a funny way and said, "Why didn’t the little princess come to me so early?"
"Call me Second Princess!"
The little princess, although she is the youngest princess, is right, but she always feels strange when she is called by him.
As if inadvertently appearing a … spoil.
Lin Jingluo’s eyes quickly crossed a tree and picked his eyebrows. "What’s the difference?"
"Of course, I am not young!"
You are rightfully tunnel "I’m not here to give you jilt face who is so naive? I’m here to ask you last night I … Last night … "
I have already made a good draft, but when I look at this one in front of me, the word "last night" becomes Gherardini, and I can’t say anything left.
What that hell happen last night that she didn’t know?
When Lin Jingluo saw it, she couldn’t help wanting Doby. Her handsome and evil face slowly overturned towards her. Jun looked at the handsome face inch by inch in the line of sight and heard his low and heavy voice in his ear. "What happened last night?"
"Who changed my clothes last night!"
Jun, with your eyes closed, finally asked such a sentence and then stared at him with a red face.
Lin Jingluo leng ran in the early morning and asked who would change her clothes?
He couldn’t help laughing. "Of course it’s me, little princess."
Lin Jingluo stretched out his hand and touched her head, sensing that she was going to avoid her intention, and the other hand reached out and clasped her shoulder so that she could not move, but he could move.
"didn’t you see that note I left you?"
Jun Feng was so warm that he even forgot "what note?"
"I really didn’t see it?" Lin Jingluo frowned discontentedly. He sent someone halfway, then suddenly remembered and left her a note specially. Didn’t you see it?
"What are you doing?" Jun Feng Wen left the pie mouth.
Lin Jingluo gave her a deep look with a slight gaze. "That’s the same for me to tell you now."
Lip angle evokes a radian. He covers her ear and her thin lips slowly pour out a sentence. Chapter 1598 at a glance, I think you want you from now on.
Jun Yao’s voice in his ear suddenly turned red.
Looked up embarrassed and angrily staring at the present "what did you say! I can’t understand it! "
Then she will turn and run.
But just came to move a man who noticed her intention suddenly grabbed her wrist and stopped her with a smile. "Don’t you understand me?" Or do you want me to repeat it? "
Jun Yaoli shook his head. "Don’t hold on to my question. I’m going to find Sister Huang now!"
"I will use your sister Huang as a shield all day, so I was still a little girl."
Lin Jingluo smiled in a low voice and stroked her little head with two dry and warm big hands. "I’m serious. What are you afraid of?"
"Who’s afraid?"
Jun is unwilling to raise the bar. "I don’t want to discuss this kind of problem with you. Who’s afraid?"
Lin Jingluo raised his eyebrows. "You said that I did that to you when I was a child, but I was not responsible for it. You hate that I think I am a bad guy. Are you still angry now that I am willing to be responsible for you?"
He was ashamed to say such a sentence, and Jun was so angry that his forehead ached.