And along with his settled posture, Feng Linwei feels a touch of red and white intertwined in front of her eyes!

Deep red as blood, white as cotton, two people’s skirts twisted around as if a flower had blossomed!
Shinohara’s fatigue in the past few days has made her feel a little overwhelmed, and she has been turned around a few times by someone holding her waist. She is dizzy and finally stabilized her figure. The waist and iron arm are more powerful and tight, and she whispers into her ear. "You just don’t want to be with the palace?"
This whisper will calm Shinohara’s heart and blow it beyond recognition!
She was surprised, stunned and messy, but no words could accurately describe her mood at this time!
Shinohara snow some blurred eyes very not easy to settle face, she looked into those faint deep pupil clear as water, reflecting her pale cheeks for a while as if into a universe!
She can’t feel Feng Lin-wei again, and she can’t feel that there is this person’s dedicated and expressive eyes in front of her!
Shinohara’s teeth biting her red lips and eyelashes quivered, revealing her dazzling mood!
"Burn three-dimensional glass … I …"
Words haven’t finished shinohara snow a soft directly fell into his arms!
Before falling into syncope, Shinohara Snow only despised herself mentally!
She swore that she was not so weak!
This plot is also very bloody!
This is a chapter 741 [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] 49
For Xiao Yu Xue, she never thought that she would have such a bloody day!
After experiencing the death of the mother emperor and planning with Lou Zhan for many days, she personally presided over Xia Fei Mian Bintian Gift for more than ten days, and she didn’t have a good rest!
As a result, because of this, she became the kind of woman she once despised the most.reads;

That’s … A woman who fainted in a man’s arms!
Damn it, this rhythm makes her almost crazy!
Especially when she woke up and looked at the sudden appearance of forsythia together with a black face and a cold face, the snow in her heart was blocked!
"Are you all right?"
At this time, forsythia has changed its name to Shinohara Snow!
And she was worried about the soft couch and leaned forward to look at the misty snow!
Shinohara snow show eyebrow shook his head before the potential to get up but forsythia stopped "positions you still don’t get up!
Just now, Doctor Tai has said that you need to raise more recently because of your physical weakness!
You don’t even know that I was scared when Mrs. Huang hugged you back yesterday! You should take care of yourself! "
It’s rare to hear forsythia say so many words at once, but Shinohara Snow is more depressed than happy!
She actually slept for a day * and looked out the window. It should be after noon now!
In addition, she turned out to be brought back by the burning three-dimensional glass yesterday, which simply made Shinohara snow enemy since!
She and Lou have arranged everything, and then so many changes suddenly happened!
How come I fainted outside the imperial tomb and was met by Huang Yin Li!
If it goes on like this, her English will be destroyed!
At that time, the surface of Shinohara snow was light and the wind was light, but the heart was already choppy!