They also saw Zhuo Qiang and other people calmly watching them fight with a smile like real bystanders, and there was no panic expression.

37 rogue?
Because of the fighting, lun became a mass of porridge, which caused many people to watch not far away, but did not dare to get too close.
That group of young people, such as Yun Hua and several bodyguards, have no one to close the enemy’s hands, but they are one-sided
At this moment, Zhuo Qiang suddenly heard someone shouting "Get out of here" in the distance. He looked vaguely and saw a figure in a trance as if he had seen it somewhere.
This group of people heard the man shout that the horse stopped attacking like a moth and dispersed in a hubbub, and all of them ran away in a flash.
The two young girl, who are firmly controlled by Christie, try in vain to break free.
Zhuo Qiang strolled up to them and smiled and said, "Are the two beautiful nv actors? If it weren’t for the actors, it would be a great loss for the film industry. Who do you think ordered you? Don’t talk, my horse will take you to the police station. "
Hearing Zhuo Qiang’s words, the two nv children stopped struggling and smiled strangely. The older girl called Xiaoping said, "Then you send us to the police station."
There are people who are not afraid of the police? Zhuo Qiang was a little surprised.
"Aren’t you really afraid to send you to the police station?" Zhuo Qiang tried again to say
"We are afraid of the police, but we are even more afraid of you." Xiao Ping’s face can’t tell if she is afraid.
Zhuo Qiang’s face changed and he said, "Since you say so, I really don’t want to send you to the police station. Take their car."
The two nv children got scared and shouted to attract others’ attention.
"We are sending you to the police station. What are you afraid of?" Zhuo said with a straight face
Several bodyguards came and took the two nv children to the front of the car and stuffed them in.
Everyone else got out of the car and left here quickly
Zhuo Qiang certainly won’t take them directly to the police station. He must first find out who did it.
"Who told you to do this?" Zhuo Jiang sat in the same car with the two nv children and interrogated them.
"Nobody tells us to do this is our own business. If there is anything, we will naturally say to the police when we get to the police station." Xiaoping threw her face back and was very disdainful.
Zhuo Qiangshen said, "If you don’t say something, will you and I let you get to the police station safely?"
After he finished, he said to the car in front, Liu Xiaolei, "Go to the suburbs."
"Good good board" Liu Xiaolei horse do it.
The two nv children were really scared at this time. "What are you doing?"
"What do you want from us?" Zhuo Qiang said unhurriedly
He sometimes drives around the suburbs of Beijing for two hours as a ride.
Xiaoping face se pale nervously staring at the car direction Liu Xiaolei at this time has changed direction towards the south.
"You’d better send us to the Xicheng Public Security Bureau, which is near here." Xiaoping begged.
She really doesn’t believe that these people will really take her to the suburbs. You know, these cars all have license plates, and if something happens to them, these people won’t run away.
But instead of going to Xicheng Public Security Bureau, they saw that Chegen was getting farther and farther away.
Zhuojiang ignored her and closed her eyes slightly comfortably on the back of the chair.
The back seat is very spacious, and he seems to enjoy himself among the two nv children, but Christie, who is in the co-pilot seat, sees it with pride.
Suddenly Christie called out, "Xiao Lei, what do you think of the convertible that just passed?"
"Good. What’s the matter? Do you want one? Boss? " Liu Xiaolei smiled and said.
"Yes, these cars are comfortable to sit on, but they don’t look very cool. Why don’t we throw these cars away and steal some convertible cars for fun?" Christie said eagerly
Liu Xiaolei one leng what does she mean? But on second thought, Ma Bai wondered what was going on and said, "Boss-in-law really likes these broken cars for two days. No, it’s more fun to change them tonight."
The two nv children realized the danger. It turned out that these cars were stolen, which means that even if they cut them into pieces and buried them, no one knew who did it.
"Big Brother, you didn’t sleep?" Both nv children tried to stay away from Zhuojiang, and they leaned in at this time.
"Well? I almost fell asleep. Why did you wake me up? " Zhuojiang discontentedly muttered
He looked up at the front of the car and said to Liu Xiaolei, "Go straight south to the national highway, and then go wherever you see it. Are they still following behind that?"
"You can rest assured that they will not lose their skills," Liu Xiaolei said confidently.
At this time, the two nv children are really afraid of the bitter face and don’t know what to do.
At this time, even if they want to jump, it is impossible for them to lock the car.
Xiaoping rubbed his arm against Zhuo Qiang and said, "Big Brother, what do you want to do to us?"
Zhuo Jiang hasn’t come yet, but Liu Xiaolei issued a shrill laugh. "Ha ha … which month did the boss say that nv child in Hexi Province was really good? I heard that it was a little star. It’s much better than these two, but it’s a pity that those guys hung up before it was my turn. It’s really unlucky to say that they should let me come first this time. Ha ha …"
Two nv kids were so scared that hu lost his se that he almost passed out. This gang is actually a country-wandering habitual bandit. It seems that there have been more than one or two murders in their hands. What should we do?