Autobots and fanatics scuffled because they adhered to their respective beliefs.

Simply put,
Bo school belongs to the people’s property.
Madness belongs to the military industry.
A war that has lasted for thousands of years has started.
The facts fully prove one thing.
When that fight reach a certain level
Will be desperate
At the end of the day, Cybertron’s known energy source has been seriously insufficient.
What …
Even the home where autobots and fanatics live together will be broken and come to an end.
However, the destruction of the home planet has not been able to extinguish the flames of the war between the two factions, but it has intensified.
The Decepticons
Bumblebee remembers when in the war
Hiding behind Optimus Prime, a teacher and autobot leader, the bumblebee was launched to allspark, which was too trying to find out what was lost in the war that year.
Finding allspark can save the entire race that is dying because of its own death.
Bumblebee is not very lucky.
When he crosse that Milky Way and followed the vanish signal into the earth.
The aftermath of a battle reached him.
Although it is the aftermath.
But for bumblebee, a mechanical life, it is like a frontal blow.
At the moment when I lost consciousness, the hornet’s commission finally changed to the car I saw at that time.
And now
When bumblebee wakes up, he thinks that the stalwart is like a prison, Pluto and the three-headed dog in the underworld.
His heart is alive.
Whether allspark can stop the war Bumblebee is uncertain.
But the keeper?
Bumblebee is absolutely sure that it has the ability to suppress the field.
after all
Cybertron star domain is also the jurisdiction of the underworld …
Chapter 464 Daddy, let’s change trains.
"Cybertron’s life and death is also our management of the underworld?"
Leslie looked surprised when she heard the news.
Even she doesn’t know that when she tells about the underworld, she is us, not just the word underworld.
Cerberus proudly said, "Of course, there are 100 ferrymen shuttling through the Styx day and night to attract the dead."
Lord hades just said a word
think that year
The underworld team has just opened seven people and a dozen undead.
Arrive now
Except for the Milky Way, everything that can be seen by the naked eye is under the control of their underworld.
No, underworld management?
One planet does not destroy one.
A star field does not destroy one.
Life and death is the biggest thing. Just fight and it’s over.
After the pride, Cerberus once again said, "Cybertron Star Domain is special."
"What’s the matter?"
"Cybertron Star Domain is the first time that adults go to the Galaxy Star Domain and pass by. At that time, after shoving out a screaming big guy, Pluto’s adult went along and inserted the underworld into Cybertron Star Domain."
Leslie blinked, and there was something she didn’t understand.
Cerberus explained, "Later adults found that this Cybertron Star Domain belongs to the chicken ribs. None of the 100 ferrymen passed the Cybertron Channel, and even the newly-recruited internship ferrymen didn’t bother to take a look at the Cybertron Channel."
"… what again?"
"Cybertron’s life is strange. To some extent, Cybertron creatures can live forever."
Lailisi kept her hands away from the keyboard and didn’t bother to talk again. It was crescent-shaped eyes staring at it and it seemed to sell Cerberus.
Cybertron creatures belong to mechanical life, and they have no soul. It is something that gives them a soul. Their soul can’t be extinguished by fire. They are immortal, but when the soul dies, it means it’s over.