Shen Mengqi eyes a trance.

In the sight of this figure, it seems that the figure in memory gradually coincides with each other.
"Brother Mo"
Shen Mengqi consciousness calls a pair of eyes with a little light.
Her body seems to have recovered a lot of strength.
This is the dead-end state.
Like the last sunset before sunset
In the middle of the surging waves, the real five people look different and their eyes twinkle.
Liang Heng, Gao Hu and Sima Zhi didn’t realize anything.
But Canglang reality and Tan Hao faintly felt something was wrong from the moment they saw Su Mo.
Su Mo was too calm from beginning to end!
This is not like a man fall into a trap!
Canglang kept recalling the details of the whole plan, but found no problems.
He really understood Su Mo’s confidence and came here.
Su Mo looked up slightly at Canglang reality and said simply, "Your plan is really perfect. It’s a pity that you still missed one thing …"
"What is it?"
Canglang real heart sank squinting asked
"Even if you imprison my spiritual power, you will all die!"
After saying his word, Su Mo’s eyes were bright and dark as ink, and his head was full of black hair, and the wind was blowing in his chest, and Dan was slowly running, giving off a horrible smell.
Canglang five people changed color with horror.
"No, he’s a demon!"
Collapse collapse!
Su Mo’s bones and muscles are screaming and his flesh is expanding.
The five people stared at the original seven-foot body, which soared and climbed ten feet as high as a statue of the indomitable spirit of the ancient demon king.
The blue veins of this horrible body are exposed, and the whole body is shining with metallic luster and indestructible.
The body is surrounded by an ancient demon, a wild cow, a stone bear, a python, and a blood ape with vivid heads and sharp claws …
This breath seems to be able to tear everything apart and devour all beings!
Five then reality are scared silly mind a blank.
Even though Liang Heng has entered the intermediate ancient battlefield in this way, people who have participated in the vision list are also scared to be absent-minded
The original five people stood about ten feet high school and looked down at the ground, the monk like an ant.
But for a moment, five people saw a pair of eyes like two bells, their eyes were cold and their faces were ferocious, and the breath of their mouths and noses was like the wind whistling!
"What the hell is this monster?"
Five people have one thought left in their minds.
Before five people react, this "monster" grinned to reveal two rows of Bai Sensen teeth flashing with cold light.
Su Mo promptly leaned out of his huge palm, almost covering the sky and instantly covering Tan Hao’s head.
Grab it!