The defense minister said, "No, China has just defeated Indra, and it’s too busy to digest the results. How can it be in the mood to care about such a small matter?" Even if they want to control the claw depression so far away from their land, it will cost a lot to send hundreds of ships and hundreds of thousands of troops to expedition thousands of miles away … Besides, we control the Straits of Malacca and can intercept their cargo ships at any time, which will definitely make them think twice. Is it worth taking such a big risk for a group of ants? "

The foreign minister said, "Besides, this is our political death and injury. Citizens have nothing to do with them. Why should they interfere?"? If they dare to interfere in our politics unreasonably, the whole Southeast Asia will be attacked by rabbits and foxes, and they will condemn and sanction them. Even after the military forces are overwhelming and public opinion is defeated, they will have a tight tail! "
President Suharto seems to be a little distracted. "Now things are different … The nationalist trend of thought in that country is becoming more and more fanatical, and it’s almost becoming neo-Nazi. Maybe they really dare to send troops to wash their paws and take it out on the Chinese … If they are too good, the Ministry of National Defense must firmly hold down the army, and don’t let the army get involved, or it will get out of hand … We must control the scale of attack and stop after confiscating the property of some rich and heartless guys.
What’s the point of being so timid when all the military and political dignitaries are dissatisfied? Don’t let the army join the army, isn’t it a blank stare and no benefit? Confiscate the property of the rich and heartless guy. Who should we support? If the rich Chinese are rich and heartless, they will have a lot of money to fill everyone’s shriveled wallets again. If there is any money left, we might as well give it to the state treasury as a levy. When all these are needed, we need a strong crackdown. How much money can the president get if he is afraid of this? However, the president also has his reasons. China is not easy to provoke. If it really angers them, Annan monkey will listen to what he says, and then deal with more scapegoats after killing less people.
President Suharto is far-sighted, but it’s a pity that after all, it’s not that the Bay Area has everything under control and wants the Chinese to wash away their paws. People are angry with the government and don’t want to offend China too hard. It’s not so good that both sides want to take advantage of it. When he pressed the start button of a new round of slaughter of China, he also pressed the destroy paws button. From the first drop of blood of the Chinese, the paws Republic began to enter the countdown, and those greedy generals and politicians tried their best to make the doomsday trial come as soon as possible.
Tens of millions of Chinese fled from the international airport and the Chinese embassy with their property, hoping to be protected there. Singapore took urgent action to send helicopters and passenger airliners to evacuate Chinese people to Singapore in batches. However, this strength is still too weak. Most Chinese people can escape and help them struggle in the sea of blood until they are submerged. However, not everyone is weak. One by one, Chinese gangsters opened the secret room and dragged out boxes of arms to distribute them and then took the lead. Carrying automatic rifles and walking down the street in every corner of Jakarta, the number of shots rang quickly, and it was mixed with grenades and rockets. Mortar shells exploded and screamed. Mobs and unscrupulous military police roared and fell into pieces. Jakarta changed from a killing field to a bloody slaughterhouse …
Less than 20 minutes after the outbreak of the Chinese exclusion incident, the Chinese Foreign Minister urgently summoned the Chinese ambassador to Beijing, with a grim face and no more ambiguity. Diplomatic vocabulary was no longer habitually vague and almost rude, and issued the most severe warning: "Stop this massacre against Chinese immediately or war!"
Chapter Blood Rain (3)
A watermelon knife cut my shoulder and my blood flowed. I reacted obliquely and stabbed the thug in the front. When he lost his screams, he drew a foot-long wound in a row, just like killing a fish. The unlucky guy was frightened to see his intestines and stomach dirty and colorful, and his eyes were bigger than table tennis, and he screamed like a beast. What do you mean, the Japanese lost in World War II and had to cut their bellies? Didn’t you see them say anything? You were so emotional and so excited? I didn’t go back and stare at the little punk with the watermelon knife when this dead guy was in waves-he just cut me again and saw that I was dumbfounded as if nothing had happened. I grimaced and asked, "Can’t cut it?" I’m kidding. Hard Qigong is a compulsory course for every special soldier. I’ve been practicing it for seven years, and I can still let a watermelon knife fall down. I’ll be killed by the instructor with a stick!
It seems that my expression must be very ferocious at this time. Otherwise, how could I scare that 16-year-old who dared to run around the streets with a Chinese head? But now he wants to escape, he can’t escape. I flaunt a knife. When he is conscious of wielding a knife, he flies up and kicks his wrist. Watermelon knife is kicked off, not to mention that even his wrist is dislocated. Before he screams, my dagger is stabbed in his belly, and there is another broken belly here, but he can’t die for a while. These guys are tumbling in the dead pile and screaming. They are not dead yet. Two thugs are fighting and their bellies are cold. Of course, Shandong and small Guangxi can’t do the same for them. There are piles of people around them, and they have a sharp knife. A famous thug’s limbs are incomplete and twitching, and he pours out from his chest. The blood column has long drenched these two guys who killed red eyes into blood. How horrible it is to add a pair of bloodshot eyes? They roar and make the claw monkeys feel chilling. They don’t care whether they use a knife to kill people, but they are crazy to make the claw monkeys lose heart. I don’t know who took the lead in bombing. The thugs are still alive. Even if they are chased by Shandong and small Guangxi, they will cut off their heads and no one will dare to turn back.After we chased them, we put down more than a dozen of them until they couldn’t even see the shadow before stopping. Looking back, the commercial street that had experienced a scuffle had been washed with blood. Hundreds of bodies were lying on the ground, and some of them were seriously injured. The paws and paws were still in a pool of blood. They wriggled and groaned and died. Of course, we also paid a lot of money. I just got seven knives, but fortunately, they were all skin injuries.
I spit out a bloody sputum and asked, "Is Monkey Shandong okay?"
Shandong said, "I was cut four times and got a dozen sticks, but it’s okay. Even the female soldiers in our army can take down seven of them!"
As soon as he is a female soldier in our army, I think of Lilac. Hey, anyone who thinks that a female soldier bullies her horse will make you regret it. Don’t take it back. Although I have full confidence in her skill, I still don’t worry about saying, "It’s okay to meet Lilac and Li Jie. Now Jakarta is crazy. I really don’t worry!"
The words haven’t been finished yet. The faint gun in the distance made our hearts twitch tightly, and then the gun shook the earth. We could hear it in every corner. We glanced at each other and turned a terrible thought in our mind. "Is the regular army of the government in Zhaowa also joining the ranks of Tuhua?" This is no joke. If the regular army equipped with machine guns and artillery really lets go, the efficiency will be many times higher than those thugs with machetes and iron bars. If the regular army of Jawa joins the slaughter, the Chinese in Jakarta will be killed in two days! Forget it. I said, "Let’s go! Go back to the hotel and get our weapons! "
For the first time, I began to complain about why I brought a few submachine guns in Guangxi. If we can bring this set of equipment, we can turn Jakarta upside down! Small Guangxi and Shandong threw away their sharpened knives and picked up two sharp knives. They followed me all the way to the hotel, burning cars and shops everywhere. The bodies were terrible, and there was a war everywhere. The difference was that the massacre was initiated by Jakarta people themselves. When I crossed a crossroads, I saw an incredible scene. Several military and police officers were violently tearing two girls’ clothes! Don’t the military and police protect the common people? Instead of arresting murderers everywhere, they want to rape weak girls in the street! We glanced at the small Guangxi, where military vehicles and automatic rifles were thrown at random, and a ray of green light came out of our eyes to make a "dry" gesture. We all squeezed out obscene, obscene and took a look in the mirror, which was enough to make us have an appetite for three days. We quickly ran towards the outrageous military police, as if trying to get a piece of the cake. Those bastards first got a fright when they saw that we were laughing so evil, and their horses exchanged glances for a "kindred spirit".
Small Guangxi is called "Wow, this chick’s chest is called a plump D cup, right? Let me touch it and touch it! " A few words of claw depression dialect are still quite fluent, but they don’t show the cloven foot and face. Continue to gather together and stretch out a salty pig’s hand to eat some tofu. The head of the military police was about to abort his claw when he heard the wind suddenly rise and didn’t respond. Small Guangxi fist hit him in a temple.
Without saying a word, I fell flat. At the same time, I also attacked my right palm and chopped the sperm brain. A Chinese girl refused to get up, and the military police kept her stamina. The audio and video of the cervical vertebra was broken. Two people jumped up with horror and tried to copy the guy’s neck. They were picked up by Shandong as if they were catching chickens, and one or two heads were smashed into rotten persimmons. The blood and brains slowly flowed out and watched by car. The military police officer saw clearly and looked scared. He raised his pistol and aimed at us, but he shook badly before he could open the insurance. Small Guangxi. This round of changes is like light. The two girls who almost lost their virginity in Shi Huo were scared. They looked at us speechless. I kicked the girl’s cervical spine like a dead snake. The military police kicked her out three or four meters away and said to them, "You are safe. Find a place to hide. It’s too dangerous here." They didn’t react until they got up and said to us in a hurry. Thank you. They didn’t even take care of their clothes and stumbled away.
Small Guangxi grabbed an automatic rifle, looked at it and blew a whistle, "-16a is just so so."
Shandong also grabbed a skilled magazine and tried to aim at it to show distress. "Can this thing be a gun?" I can’t make it light and strong. "
Small Guangxi rolled his eyes. This big guy has been used to carrying those heavy weapons for many years, either individual rapid-fire guns or six rotating heavy machine guns. Now he is really not used to getting his automatic rifles back.
I said, "Well, it’s good to get dressed and get a bomb. We have to meet Lilac Li Jie and others. Let’s hurry up." Three, five, divide by two stripped a claw-hollow military police camouflage and tried to wear it in less than ten seconds. I gave up-those dead monkey clothes were too small to wear! Shandong’s direct vision always gives us a little familiarity. I can’t even wear camouflage, not to mention a small Guangxi. I jumped into the cab and started the car to fly towards our couch hotel. Shandong and I kept plugging magazines in this military vehicle. There are quite a few magazines for each rifle, and even rpg rocket launchers have prepared three for us. There are more than a dozen rockets. It’s so sweet that we don’t know why a police car has so much ammunition, and we are even less interested to know. What we have to do now is to dump these ammunition on the pawwa mob! I held up a -16 and aimed at a thug who was running around with four heads in a basket. "Go to hell!"
A shell shell was thrown out of the car with a tinkling sound. Half of the thug’s head was shot off, and blood, brains and broken bones were mixed into red and white things and splashed all over the floor.
Shandong pulled the trigger, and a motorcycle dragged a Chinese woman’s street, and the mob crashed out of the car.
Bang bang bang!
Shell casings flew out again and again, and several people wearing white coats and holding scalpels dissected two Chinese children in the street. Their bodies were bounced off by anger, and blood spattered.
Dadada dadada-
Shell spatter is gang-raping Chinese women and animals falling into pieces
This military vehicle is like a lawn mower with full horsepower, where it goes, it splashes with blood and rain. The vicious mobs have found out in a pool of blood that something is wrong. The monkeys are also screaming and attacking us. Bricks and iron bars hit the body all the time. A brick hit the windshield and tempered glass burst into tiny cracks. Small Guangxi roared, "I am your ancestor!" The military vehicle slammed into those guys who didn’t know how to die like a mad bull. This was very lively. In the roar of the engine, the pawpaw thugs were knocked out one after another, and the screams sounded one after another. According to my experience, if they were hit, they would become vegetarians. Then my horse found that he was a little too optimistic, which angered the famous ruthless monkey. Those pawpaw thugs even hoped that when they poured water on them, they would bloom. Because this bastard actually knocked people over and then ran over, the bones were broken and muffled, and they kept coming out from the bottom of the wheel. Don’t mention those bullies.
Run over a dozen in a row-anyway, there will be no traffic police to issue tickets now-military vehicles rushed into a smoky street, which was the smoke emitted by cars and shops when they were burning. We can’t see anything clearly now, but we heard the guns in front of us were quite dense, and the bullets whizzed in, and one of them almost broke through the tempered glass, killing Xiao Guangxi, who denounced "your grandmother!" The car actually went faster, which made us break out in a cold sweat and finally broke through the smoke barrier. We finally saw that Fang Sheng dared to fire at us.
Sixty or seventy meters ahead, there are two military vehicles that have been paralyzed, and behind them, there are a dozen or twenty military police cars. Fierce shooting bullets are chasing the three girls, so that they can’t lift their heads, but they will seize the opportunity -16 a shot will inevitably lead to a military police head blooming and cutting down on their back-it turned out to be cloves and Li Jie who were chased by them! Small Guangxi shouted, "Li Jie, don’t be afraid that I will save you!" " With a jerk, the steering wheel stopped moving sideways. He kicked the door open, grabbed a -16 rifle with a rocket launcher, and jumped with four or five rockets. God knows how he got so much ammunition! Shandong and I also fired as soon as the car broke down. A military police officer’s head was smashed by our bullets, and the blood mixed with his brains spewed out ten thousand pink peach blossoms. Our war officially began.
Chapter 9 Blood Rain (4)
We repeatedly rolled off a hail of bullets thrown at me and rolled to Lilac’s side to raise a rifle. Three bursts of fire beat a military police officer back and asked, "What’s the matter?" How did you fight with the military police? "
Lilac said faintly, "I was hit by them when I fled, trying to take advantage of us, so Li Jie and I killed them and got a gun to meet you. As a result, these guys chased me and Li Jie and killed six of them. I guess they were all red-eyed." Seeing that I was covered in blood, her face changed slightly. "Are you hurt?"
I said, "It’s nothing but skin injuries" and she fired at the same time. A fan swept past. Two people flashed out from behind the police car and fell flat. Five people cooperated with each other to cover the fierce fire in return for those dead monkeys. We shot them accurately and fell down one by one. The fire soon became sparse. Small Guangxi was excited to lick its lips and carry rpg rockets. It was a gun. The rockets dragged a beautiful tail flame and drew a short and beautiful arc. They plunged into a military police car and effectively protected the army car body. Boom! ! ! A flame rolled out of the car body, and the glass slag and car body fragments were also blasted around. The speed of explosion swept down several military police. The military vehicle flew several meters high in the flame, tumbling down and making a huge noise. It is not known whether some luck was too bad for the military police to smash it out of Xiang. I and Shandong also carried rocket launchers. I was so happy that it exploded again and again, whether it was a police car, a military vehicle or a brand-name car. Anyway, if it didn’t look pleasing to the eye, it would be a blast, and the debris flew into the sky. Don’t be so lively.
Lilac gave me an angry look. "Who can’t learn from that monkey who is afraid of chaos!" "
Xu Ting said carefully, "I … I also want to make a release, can’t I?"
Lilac "…"
How else can we say that war is cruel? It can completely change the whole person in the shortest time, from the line to the temperament. I have seen too many bloody scenes, and even this cowardly girl has begun to be interested in the rocket launcher as a killing weapon.
Small Guangxi excitedly said, "Come and teach you!" Put the bazooka on Xu Ting’s shoulder and teach him by hand, "Come and hold your eyes in line with the sight and the target, and pull the trigger evenly … Yes, just like this, I saw the plane coming, the tank coming, the helicopter coming, and the bicycle coming!" The last two words are roar, which makes Xu Ting tremble, pull the trigger, whew and twist, and the rocket goes out too far, dragging the tail flame and I don’t know where it went.
Xu Ting looked embarrassed and "missed …"
Small Guangxi said, "It’s okay. I’m too nervous to meet."
Just hit a few more shots if you miss–"
Boom ! !
A few hundred meters away, a sudden loud noise interrupted the small Guangxi dialect, and an orange flame rose to the sky. Even after a few hundred meters, we could still feel the heat wave flooding in and suffocating us! Li Jie looked at Xu Ting dumbfounded when she saw the fire over there. "What did you hit? How was it so horrible?"
Xu Ting turned pale. "I think I hit it. Come on."
A girl who has never touched a weapon fired a rocket for the first time and actually hit a block with a refueling fire and explosion 500 meters away. The result is really amazing. I don’t know if it’s her luck or the monkey’s luck!