Su Mo said this last sentence, and the instantaneous boiling in the thunder pool caused heavy waves, which seemed to be greatly shaken!

At first, the majestic voice sounded again and shook the world. "There is a shortage of martial arts! It’ s a waste of time to stand on the road! "
Zhongzhou Bailianmen
Extremely angry, everyone is listening to the news from his younger brother in the hall.
"The current situation is not yet clear. Six brothers with titles, such as Lang Diyin, have entered the three robbery domains, and now they have all come out, but there is no news from granduncle."
The hundred refined door monk said.
Extremely fire all glances can see each other’s eyes worried.
No one can break through the three robbery areas through the ages.
They were afraid that Su Mo, with a vigor, would end up in a meteorite and disappear.
At this time, the whole wild continent suddenly echoed with a majestic sound all over every corner of the wild!
"It’s a waste of time to stand on the road!"
"It’s a waste of time to stand on the road!"
"It’s a waste of time to stand on the road!"
This word has been shouted for more than three times!
It’s louder and deafening every time!
I looked up at the sky with an extremely excited look, and my body was out of control, trembling and ecstatic. "It was Mo Mo who set up the Tao!"
At the same time, a monk in Xuanpao broke the cave and stood with a bloody long knife in his hand. He looked up at the distance and whispered, "Are you going to create a martial art?"
When I really got the underground storage, it also caused a natural shock.
But the sound sounded very little-no one noticed it except the person who fixed the truth.
And this time, the world is shocked by the wilderness!
Nine sects of immortals, seven sects of demons, six temples of Buddhism, five left roads and four side doors shocked several aristocratic families!
Many closed strong people are alarmed and have come out!
Chapter one thousand and nineteen Disturb the half-ancestor
"Who is it? Who stands in the way! "
"It’s so heroic to stand in the wilderness and stand on the road!"
"This is a perfect way to realize that many ancient great powers can be recognized before it can cause vibration!"
"I’m afraid there will be a drastic change in the whole field of fix true!"
At this moment, several strong clans appeared and sighed in succession.
A middle-aged man in a seven-color cassock looks somberly and looks at Zhongzhou. His eyes are full of anger.
Everything around him is shaking!
This is a combination of environmental forces to shake the virtual!
Many monks around him are silent even if they are Fa Daojun, for fear of disturbing this glass palace patriarch.
The Liuli Palace has been in this depressed atmosphere since the Taoist priest Liuli folded the road one day ago.
The title brother was beheaded by a Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, which has never appeared since ancient times!
The title brother is the face of each super clan, and there are few cases of premature death.
Brother of the same rank is almost enemy.
Even if the title brother collides with the title brother, the winner may be won, but it is too difficult to tell the difference between life and death.
While Brother Xiu Gao was afraid of the super clan behind his brother’s title, and he didn’t dare to shoot them.
It’s hard to fall!
Now there is a different kind of Uber in the fix true world!
Authentic Yuan Ying’s repair will kill Road flyover Liuli Town without leaving any face for Liuli Palace!
Road flyover Liuli is the patriarch of Liuli Palace who values his brother the most!
"This Sumo is not dead yet?"
The sound of the glazed palace patriarch is cold and biting.
"Report to the patriarch that the news has just come out. This barren weapon should be Sumo Road!" A method of tao jun sink a way
Coloured glaze palace patriarch has moved really angry teeth. "If this escapes from the real world alive, give me the door of Hezong, which is powerful and can follow me to Zhongzhou to kill the best refined door! I want to see if extreme fire can stop me! "
"Not bad"
Another fit can nod, "this is too Uber. Now we can’t let him grow up and have to kill him!" At all costs! "
"Don’t worry, Patriarch, even if this road is established, it won’t help."
Tao Jun said, "Don’t forget that there are still brothers with titles such as Emperor Yin in the authentic land."
In the poison gate, an old man with yellow cheeks sits with a huge poisonous python and holds a turquoise jade staff in his hand.
"I have just learned that Sumo is not dead and has escaped into the Three Robberies, which has caused the world to shake!"
A monk came to the old man and knelt down and said
Poison door door main face cold to eyes mean faint said "this is not dead? I want to see how long he can live! "
Hun Yuan Zong
Many fit powers were awakened by this sound in the sky and walked out of the abode of fairies and immortals.