"Joe two words if I believe you before, but now you are a SangGuQuan you and I will be afraid of you? What a joke! " Since you can sit in the position of deputy Wang, Qing Yu will certainly not be a straw bag

At present, green gang is in a mess as a whole. After Wang’s death, four deputy Wang leaders will lead their own forces. Everyone wants to take the position of Wang, but if things can be solved so simply, it will not get out of hand.
"Qing Yu Wang’s bones are not cold, so are you worthy of Wang’s cultivation for so many years?"
"Cultivation? Joe II also has you to recognize me like this. He worked hard and gave me nothing in the end. It’s just right to die now! " Qing Yu green gang, the deputy Wang, was not reconciled to relegating to the position of Wang, and the death of Wang just gave him a chance to make a big impact.
Longyou Qiao Er looked at Qing Yu with a face of longitudinal’ desire’ and excessive trembling’ fat’ and’ meat’, which proved that his appetite was good.
"In this case, we have nothing to say." Joe sneered at a pair of Qing Yu, who had no brotherhood.
"Joe 2 since you take the initiative to’ door’ to die that I’m welcome" Qing Yu pulled out a gun from the sofa gap aimed straight at Joe 2.
Joe really startled Qing Yu when he first came in. Seeing how imposing he was, he found a helper and brought a Seimi Zhang and a young man with a face.
"Deputy Wang Yu has something to say. The gun is very easy to go off. CC]" Longyou suddenly moved to Qing Yu from behind Joe II when everyone didn’t react, and conveniently unloaded the gun in his hand.
Qing Yu consciousness hide longyou near his side, the younger brother didn’t protect him one by one silly to see things happen.
Longyou smiled meanly and kicked the ground gun aside.
"Who are you? Where did it come from? " Qing Yu watched Longyou with concern. He clearly felt the chill of Longyou at that moment.
"I’m just a pawn in Joe’s second brother’s hand."
"It’s just that a dog around Joe II found it in front of me." Qing Yu Longyou was Joe II’s helper, but it turned out to be his hand
Longyou laughed scornfully’ dew’ and gave a mouthful of Bai Sensen’s teeth. "Before listening to Joe’s second brother, Deputy Wang really had the habit of seeing dogs look down on people."
"What did you say? Small you don’t want to live … "Qing Yu hand surrounded longyou provocative words haven’t say that finish was longyou to throw out.
"Deputy Wang, your hand is not too missed. It’s really ugly to tut tut." Longyou sneered and wiped his hand. He didn’t want to get any more difficult words.
Qing Yu, this is finally to face up to the fact that there are such people in Longyou to Joe’s second hand, but can she beat him with the three of them?
"Young man, I don’t care that you are Joe’s second-hand man. How about you’ mix’ with me?" Qing Yu played a wooing idea or he wanted to disintegrate them in another way.
"Deputy wang, you are so flattering me, but I don’t want to" mix "with a dying man. Do you still have contacts in the underworld? How about this? See how much you appreciate me. When you die, I’ll burn more paper for you and then send you two beautiful women like flowers and jade. "This mouth of Longyou is really irritating when people are angry. The original dignified atmosphere was changed when he stirred up the whole thing. Even Seimi Zhang couldn’t help laughing, which made him more bloody.
"You … the hard way, don’t blame the veteran." Qing Yu’s eyes flashed’ Yin’ and he couldn’t wait to directly smash Longyou to pieces and let him go to meet the Yan first.
A group of wannabe poured in from outside the’ door’, and three people were as cool as a cucumber. Youqiao Er discovered the dragon swimming body and mind, and he was more sure about this battle.
Since it is said that when the minions face Longyou three people, it is more like unilateral cruelty. Although Longyou doesn’t like killing people, he has no choice but to die or live.
Seimi Zhang once again felt that he was full of strength, so he strengthened his muscles. At this time, the veins stood out suddenly and violently, which was even more frightening. People in Qing Yu didn’t dare to get close to each other. If they knew that those fields in Yuyang, I’m afraid they would wish they could grow another pair of legs and run faster.
However, there is still a long eye holding a piece knife and going to Zhang Mengshen to cut his eyes and see that he will succeed. As a result, he was picked up by Seimi Zhang like a small’ chicken’ and suddenly vomited blood.
Others don’t want to die when they see it.
"Come on, give me a reward of 10,000 yuan for every person who kills them." I don’t know who suddenly said such a sentence. This help of younger brothers is also a fight. After all, 10,000 yuan is not a small sum enough for them to go home and marry their daughter-in-law.
But they don’t seem to consider whether they can live long enough to marry their daughter-in-law. Most people just "pay" and stay here.
Joe 2 is also the more and more brave in the Vietnam War. A few people besieged him, so he could vaguely see his youthful demeanor. Without this courage, how did he become the deputy Wang of green gang?
Outside the suite, Joe and his brothers are also beating, smashing, looting and killing. With Longyou, everyone seems to have endless energy to take care of them.
Starlight nightclub security is naturally Qing Yu’s hand. When someone comes to make trouble, it’s just a small gang that took the opportunity to pound’ chaos’. As a result, they are very strong, if not well-trained, which makes them suddenly panic.
"Second brother allows us to do whatever we want. Brothers, do you want to make a big scene?"
"think!" Hundreds of people roared together, and people with no background in the nightclub had already taken the opportunity to run out. They didn’t want to be accidentally injured here again. What should we do?
"* * * * Ya!"
"* * * * Ya!"
When morale comes, everything is answered. This feeling is really refreshing!
"Who dares to run wild in Yuge’s territory?" A bruiser appeared in the main hall of the nightclub. At first glance, he was a bit bigger than Seimi Zhang. The whole place was like a mountain.
Sharp-eyed nature recognizes that this is Qing Yu’s first right-hand man-Xing Biao.
Xing Biao’s greatest characteristic is loyalty. When Qing Yu saved his life, he has been guarding him from bullets and knives with Qing Yu for so many years. He should have finished that life long ago, but he is still loyal to Qing Yu and regards Qing Yu as his reborn parents.
"Brother Puma, you’re just in time for these people to come to provoke us and say that they will kill us all." It’s rare to talk. My younger brother still has some culture, but Xing Biao’s cultural attainments can understand what provocation means.
"Did he dare to go to the’ gate’ of Yuge’s territory to provoke them to want to live?" When Xing Biao Tuoda spoke, he was full of gas and even gas followed the earthquake.
Joe’s second-hand brothers knew that Xing Biao and Seimi Zhang were equally famous as green gang Hercules and Seimi Zhang’s one-on-one hits, but they didn’t agree with each other. No wonder they felt a sense of fear from their hearts.
Without strengthening the system to help Xing Biao come to blows, it’s not inferior to them. They knocked down several people just now, which greatly boosted Qing Yu’s morale.
Qing Yu’s body has long been exposed to the color of wine. When he killed his younger brother, Qing Yu was afraid of the color.
The face appeared smoothly before his eyes.
"Qing Yu is dying. Do you have anything to say?" Joe’s second knife will cross Qing Yu’s neck. If he "randomly" moves a blade and cuts the artery, the picture will definitely add flowers to this fight.
"Joe’s 20% winner is the loser. I’m in your hands today. I want to kill you as you please." Qing Yu never thought that he would lose and it was so ugly.
Joe can’t see the slightest sincerity in Qing Yu’s eyes. "I can also let you live and ask you to answer my questions honestly."
"Joe two this trick you and I will believe it? No matter what you ask, if I had said something, I would have died faster than I am now. "They have played enough of this means.
"Qing Yu, I’m not a man who breaks his word. Do I still have this credibility for so many years?"
"Well, I’ll trust you once. Tell me what you want to know."
Joe two haven’t come to ask export a little brother covered in blood ran in "second brother Xing Biao has hurt several of our brothers".
Longyou naturally heard his words and said to Joe with great interest, "Second brother stays here and I’ll meet that guy named Xing Biao." He’d like to see who can stand up to him and strengthen the system.
Chapter 116 Xing Biao
When Longyou came out of the top suite, he suddenly felt a sense of sudden death, but there was some abnormal satisfaction in killing people in such a luxurious place
It’s a pity that this satisfaction didn’t last long before it was destroyed by Xing Biao, who killed the quartet in front of him.
"Brother Long, you have finally come." I have seen the ability of Longyou, and Joe’s second-hand brothers have become respectful to Longyou.
"What’s the situation now? How many brothers have we hurt? " It is understandable that Xing Biao’s physique is not so good at strengthening the system. This is the real’ one husband is ten thousand husbands’
"Two people were seriously injured, but the people who besieged Xing Biao were somewhat injured." If it weren’t for Xing Biao’s appearance, they would have taken the starlight nightclub now, but Xing Biao was so straightforward that people couldn’t hate it. Some of them had been helped by him, but they were destined to be the opposite.