Heart justice makes her act as if she can’t see anything and makes her indifferent to such things.

It’s good that there is no direct justice ruling for seven nights.
"What …"
Blink for seven nights
The girl is nodded.
"Yes, tell me what you are. It’s not your little girl, is it?"
"What is it?"
"What’s quick?"
"What is it?"
"I said you … well, you’re kidding me, right?"
The girl seems to react.
But seven nights is shaking his head.
"How is it possible that we really are what? This’ what’ refers to all pronouns. Febrie and I just can think that everything can cover us."
"I don’t know what you’re talking about … but you’re dead."
The girl seems to have been impatient.
Hold out your hand and hold the shoulder for seven nights directly.
"I’m Seleucus Ubikitas of the Imperial Guard, and I hereby announce that you are under arrest."
Seven night, look at her hand clutching her should.
Febrie, look at her hand, too
Then both of them looked at Seleucus and smiled.
"No, you are under arrest!"
Chapter three hundred and twelve I remember.
Catch seven nights?
I thought of the name Sumi once.
Trying to arrest illegal entry into their village for seven nights is nothing but acting alone, and no one has seen the situation.
And then there was no then.
Now Seleucus Ubikitas, a member of the Imperial City Guard, tried to arrest for seven nights.
Because this guy actually put his hand into the little girl’s skirt, henai can forgive everyone and must be burned as heresy.
But there’s no more then.
Right eye
Seleucus should probably feel honored because she can see such magic.
It looks like darkness all around, as if it were marginal.
The foot is a huge platform.
There is a huge luminous body on the surface, and the light brought by the darkness can make people see the layout clearly.
It’s like a laboratory
There are many things around that should be iron cages with some dangerous species in them.
Flying in the sky, swimming in the water, drilling large and small living dead in the soil
Of course, living in a cage and dying is soaked in some kind of non-liquid glass tank.
And it’s been dissected
Seleucus has sensed the danger.
Trying to resist, trying to get centimani to eat each other.
But no.
Neither she nor her dog can even move
"Febrie, be good. You play games first, and I’ll contact this little sister."
Febrie should be one.
Then go around to one side of the sofa and sit down. There is a tea table with many toys on it.
And eating and drinking
She is very good, so there is nothing to worry about.
And seven nights is to look at the girl’s face with a bright smile.
Flexible fingers began to wriggle like tentacles again.
"Don’t worry little girl …"
As he spoke, he walked towards Seleucus.
"Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt at all. Be good. It’s just to tear you down for research. After a sleep, everything will be over. Then when you wake up, you will find that the world is still so beautiful! Ho ho ho … "
Seleucus is missing
But few people understand.
People are missing every day in this world. Whose turn is it sometime?
Not to mention a beautiful girl.
Seleucus is a terrible girl … Her strength is more important, but her body has been transformed.
There is a level of science and technology in this world.
However, due to various reasons, it failed to take the modern military reform.
The workers and peasants’ army took this step first.
However, if the empire increases its investment in this area, it is estimated that it will soon develop new weapons. After all, there are many scientists in the empire.
For example, the one who helped Seleucus transform her body
It seems to be called Dr fashion?
No matter what it’s called, the guy’s technical level is quite high anyway. He dismantled Seleucus and installed all kinds of parts into a powerful humanoid weapon.
Semi-mechanical, semi-physical humanoid weapons and all kinds of weapons
Seven nights later, she found something similar to a beep ~ bomb, which is also very powerful and has a self-explosion setting.
Besides, there are many of his things.