Hua Zhen went, "Is that man dead?"

Mr. Feng "died thoroughly! Before he died, he waved a slap at you with a stick. It was a pity that you ran too fast and he missed. "
Hua Zhen didn’t take a breath and immediately sat down in the tunnel "scared me to death!"
He seems to have lost all his strength, but he has gathered the vigor to stab him, which not only exerted his greatest strength, but also infused all the gods, including the skill of nourishing the yuan, which can also be aimed at the vitality when the enemy is against him.
Mr. Feng, "You just know fear now?"
I heard that Frick was dead and Mr. Feng was sitting in front of him. He was no longer afraid, moving his shoulders and belly and saying, "How did you come?"
Mr. Feng, "I can come if you can. I discovered this place first."
Hua Zhen’s trip: "You woke me up yesterday. Be careful of the bad guys. Did you know Frick was here long ago? Who is he?"
Mr. Feng: "I don’t know exactly. I know that he is the head of the Fogen Foundation. He sneaked into the vicinity of the port of Sofia to inquire about the situation. No one can find anything unusual about him."
Hua Zhen trip "Then how did you find out?"
Of course, Mr. Feng had already discovered Frick, otherwise he wouldn’t have woken up so much yesterday. When he went to Hua Zhen, he replied, "He stared at you after you went out, probably because he wanted to wait for you to go far, but the road was a little disturbed and he lost you. He chased forward in your direction and then chased the head and almost got to the plateau."
If you had listened to me, you would have gone to catch fish on this side of the mountain today and thought about how to make a stone fish. He wouldn’t have found you, but you might as well have run to the top of the mountain and let the wooden magpies fly so high and searched around. Even the gods can hide it for you.
I want to ask you why you don’t cook stone fish. But if you listen to my advice, you won’t encounter this kind of thing if you catch fish and cook early today! "
Hua Zhen line was a little stunned for a long time before he said, "It’s hard to catch big fish in deep water."
Mr. Feng, "I also told you that you have practiced water control very well!"
Hua Zhen’s trip "Water control is not the same as fishing. I plan to make stone fish again."
Mr. Feng raised his left hand again and said, "Lao Yang asked you to take this paper crane with you. How did you forget just now?"
Paper cranes keep their backpacks with them all the time, but just now, when the mountain released the wooden magpies to find the wooden magpies, Hua Zhen left the backpacks in the campsite, but I didn’t expect that there would be such a situation just now.
Hua Zhen replied honestly, "I forgot the truth and I didn’t expect it."
Mr. Feng sighed again. "Forget it. Even Lao Yang didn’t expect you to meet such a master. If he came to clean up Frick himself, it would be natural to say nothing, but this paper crane alone could not do it!"
Hua Zhen trip "Did you save me?"
Mr. Feng shook his head and said, "I didn’t do it because I don’t need you to kill him. It’s just a blind cat catching the essence! Do you know that it is easier for that person to kill you than for ordinary people to crush a worm? "
Hua Zhen’s trip is "so exaggerated. How powerful is he?"
Mr. Feng, "Didn’t you see him fly? When you meet such an opponent, don’t hide away! But he shouldn’t rely on his own business, maybe he used something, otherwise even if you are lucky, Qitian can’t kill him with that magic stick.
From this, it is inferred that he has a minimum of six realms and a maximum of seven realms, but he has not yet reached the realm. If there is no way to verify that people have been killed by you, do you know that such a master is a life-and-death situation for him! "
President Hua Zhen sighed, "That is still him."
Mr. Feng "that was his own death! Even so, it’s a narrow escape for you. Just now you were lucky enough to come to the same situation. If you come again nine times, I’m afraid you’ll be finished nine times. Now you know how lucky you are? "
Hua Zhen’s trip "I didn’t understand why he couldn’t help but fight?"
Mr. Feng, "It’s not your business, it’s your stick. He’s never seen this kind of artifact, and I’m afraid he’s never even heard of it. If it’s infused with murder, it will become an extinct thing."
But if he wants to flash a little or not, it’s a backhand grip, or if you fix it a little worse and kill it a little weaker, there will be no chance of success. "
Hua Zhen trip "Wait, you said it was the stick? But that is, I cut a tree stick after mana processing. "
Mr. Feng shook his head. "I don’t know where your stick came from, but Lao Yang tampered with an ancient artifact. It’s too cloudy!"
Hua Zhen’s trip "What is an ancient natural artifact?"
Mr. Feng, "You don’t even understand the concept of magic weapon. It’s always very powerful to ask these fashions!" You still have a way to play its power in your hand, but you sharpened the stick and used it as a pike, making that Frick still flesh and blood, although he was very tall. "
Hua Zhen trip "Oh, I just lost my stick!"
Mr. Feng "That’s right! If you hadn’t lost the stick at that time, you would have lost your life. Old Yang didn’t tell you how precious the stick was. I’m afraid that’s what worried me.