"Very well said!

"We want to make them miserable limit!
! "
"Apocalypse" roared and waved the metal clamp in his hand.
Big talk
"I want this thing to give them the ultimate insult!
! "
The affectionate words and infectious voice immediately attracted the approval of the people in front of the queue
There are mutants-Black Emperor, mutants-White Queen, mutants-large groups, and some guys who are not mutants, such as Sandman, Little Green Devil and doctor octopus … but in Galactus, Thanos and Knight of the Evil Spirit …
See [Deadpool] is also immediately breath in the mouth chill.
How can so many monsters and all kinds of just men work together in Qi Xin?
It’s horrible!
It was also at this time.
Behind his back came discontent.
"Hey [Deadpool], are you in line or not?"
"If you don’t want to line up, hurry up!
The speaker installed several large loofahs full of sharp barbs on his metal body [Ultron].
I took a look at each other’s modeling.
I felt really scared …
Even holding a metal clamp [Apocalypse] and a durian [Wolverine] all look frightened.
Have to say
Compared with each other
They kept a low profile.
And this [Marvel Comics Editorial Department] is in an office of another [Marvel Comics Editorial Department].
A comic editor looked at the hand and handed the manuscript.
Scanning the story of the ultimate insult to [Marvel Comics Editorial Department]
Also fell into deep doubt.
"What the hell are you painting?"
"Do you really want to plot? ?”
And that cartoonist
Hear this reprimand angrily to the company.
But also an awkward and polite smile.
"Recently, Hong Kong has seen too much …"
Just in time
Knock outside the door
after that
With a click
The door was smashed directly.