At the same time, the first taboo secret book of refining God, Prajna Nirvana Sutra, also keeps running.

Knowing that there are virtual shadows of Buddhas in the sea, hands folded and chanting holy Sanskrit constantly to counter the power of killing teachers.
It’s because he’s like casting magic, violet, yuanshen, and the green silk thread has not decreased.
Of course, as he put away hostility and killed his heart, these green silk threads did not increase again.
As the patriarch said, the curse of killing teachers was lifted by the power root method of Su Mo.
However, violet has transformed into twelve natural lotus stands, and the glow has become purer and more powerful!
These blue glow and sacred Sanskrit blessed the violet Yuan God with a breathing space.
This chance is enough!
Su Mo is ready to fight to the death!
In the secret land of Jade Qing and Jade Book, he also got a Zi Xia character that can slay the fairy king for the Yuan God ofuda!
Su Mo Yuan Shen couldn’t bear it even if he could release this too clear Zi Xia Fu Yuan Shen.
What’s more, once he kills the school patriarch, the power of killing the teacher will completely erupt to the extreme and it will kill him!
His end is sealed.
What Su Mo has to do is to spell out the patriarch before he dies!
Just now, the patriarch has revealed that Linglong Xianwang may be lured by him.
Su Mo doesn’t want Linglong Xianwang to be in a dangerous position, but Linglong Xianwang can attack the patriarch first before he comes!
This is an attack of Su Mo’s burning life and moths throwing themselves into the fire!
Xuan Lao exclaimed one
He also knows that Su Mo will die if he is cursed by the teacher.
Courtyard patriarch smiled indifferently.
It doesn’t matter much to Su Mo Yuan God that he is entangled in the curse of killing the teacher.
What he wants is Su Mo’s twelve-creature violet flesh and blood!
It’s a pity that he got the news that there was a demon land shortage from Su Mo Yuan God.
Too clear Zi Xia operator fracture a purple mans flash and then disappear!
For a moment, this purple mountain appeared in the sea of knowledge of the patriarch.
"Ah …"
Courtyard patriarch chuckle a not surprised milli fear.
The patriarch can naturally see the origin of this symbol.
This talisman is aimed at the fact that the Yuan God can not only slay the fairy king, but also possibly hit the emperor!
He didn’t know that Sue ink hand will have this too clear Zi Xia operator.
But this is one of the variables.
And this kind of variable is what he expected!
Yuan Shen, the patriarch of the Academy, suddenly appeared a roll of crimson jade books.
Too clear jade book!
In Sanqing Jade Book, Jade Qing Jade Book is refined, and Taiqing Jade Book is the Yuan God!
At this time, Yuan Shen, the patriarch of the Taiqing Jade Book Suspension Institute, quickly exhibited the jade book, and every word exuded bright divine light and came to purple mountain to confront.
Yuan Shen strives for the front and rests quietly.
Taiqing Jade Book is not only a volume of secret scriptures, but also a magic weapon for defense of Yuan gods!
With the help of Taiqing Jade Book, the patriarch of the court almost perfectly resisted Taiqing Zi Xia’s power.
"Is there any way?"
Court patriarch looked at Sue ink gherardini asked.
See the courtyard patriarch unscathed, his face and smile didn’t disappear. Su Mo was pale and desperate.
Even too clear Zi Xia operator can’t hurt the patriarch!
Su Mo released this way, which is too clear. Zi Xia Fu Qinglian Yuan Shen is on the verge of collapse. I’m afraid the blue glow would have been untenable if it hadn’t been for the continuous spewing of twelve natural violets.
Moreover, the power of killing the teacher curse also broke out completely and infiltrated into the violet Yuan God.
Sumo’s life breath is decreasing and exhaustion is decreasing.
If ordinary blood flesh release this way too clear Zi Xia operator instantaneous has been physical death!
Su Mo barely supported it with the strong vitality of twelve natural violet.
But he can’t hold on much longer.
At the same time, Xuan Lao moves!
"Brother, look who this is!"
Xuan Lao suddenly took out a picture scroll from the bag and tore it up and drank it directly.
After this picture scroll was torn apart, an old man suddenly conjured up his long gray hair and combed it neatly. His eyes were shining like stars, and his brow showed all majesty!
See the old man courtyard patriarch zheng slightly.
"Don’t look back!"
Gray-haired old man staring at the nearby courtyard patriarch drink a drink.
Court patriarch will soon return to absolute being and slowly said, "old thing, is this the means you left to my brother to check and balance?" It’s just a condensed Taoist portrait. Even if you come back from the dead, I can kill you today! "
"Qimen Jiudun!"
The patriarch of the hospital drinks a little.
"Tian dun!"
With these two words falling from the sky, a huge force suddenly emerged and poured into the main body of the courtyard.
This secret method seems to draw strength from the sky!