Win the day light way "Qingyang predecessors are right, but we are all top fairies, and the strength is not much different. Once we fight, it is difficult to control the discretion."

"Whether he can live or not depends on his life."
Win day said politely, but actually refused Qingyang Xianwang’s proposal.
Qingyang fairy king heart dark scold a "you and I just wake you? I am waking Sumo to save your life! "
Qingyang Xianwang smiled at the reaction of winning the day and said nothing more.
On the sword platform
Win day staring at Su Mo homicidal cold way "Su Mo this day I waited too long!"
Recalling that he suffered humiliation in the secret realm of Qing Wei Tian, winning the murder in Tianxin has accumulated to the apex!
He lost everything at first, and he wants it back today!
Su Mo didn’t talk nonsense with him, thinking of solving the matter as soon as possible.
Win the day after saying this sentence, Su Mo’s body moves, and a golden light instantly crosses the whole platform to win the day!
It’s too fast!
Even the monks watching the battle felt a great shock.
Just want to come out and challenge Su Mo, some fairies are all looking dignified and secretly losing.
The speed of this posture alone is beyond everyone’s imagination!
If they win, it will be difficult to react, and they may be suppressed by Su Mo for a short time!
"How dare you!"
Win the day, the pupil contraction reaction is very fast, drink a lot, and choose to break out the blood vessel vision without hesitation!
Lions try their best to fight rabbits!
Win day has seen the Soviet-Mexican melee combat means, knowing that he can’t be careless.
It was when his blood vision just emerged and did not condense that Su Mo suddenly opened his mouth and burst into an earth-shattering roar!
As long as the dragon sings like Fengming, it is also mixed with thunder and explosion, and it is deafening to wear gold cracks!
The secret method of dragons!
Win day also hurriedly broke out in the range of hermetic want to fight.
However, just after rushing over, China, Soviet Union and Mexico have already released the divine power of talent and six teeth in the previous step.
The power of the flesh and the Yuan God has soared, and even the power of the range occultism has reached its peak with the climb!
You know, even Yun Ting couldn’t resist the impact of Long Yin’s secret method in melee when Su Mo was a fairy.
Now Su Mo has cultivated to the ninth-order fairy, and this secret method of dragons has caused great impact and vibration on winning the sky!
Win the day, stare big eyes and be shocked!
His blood vision hasn’t condensed out yet, and he was scattered by the secret method of Long Yin!
His flesh would have been badly hurt if he hadn’t just been guarded by this unformed blood vessel vision.
This distance is not released by many magical powers.
Only instant occultism can do harm to opponents!
Win the day, explode the pupil, prepare to fight back
At the same time, Su Mo’s right eye also showed a blazing and dazzling beam in generate, which instantly defeated the pupil of the day!