Fang Wen finally felt a little relieved when he saw the attack, but he didn’t take Hidden in his hand at that time. By the time he took it out, the attack had arrived.

Fortunately, Fang Wen held on by himself, and then he saved Fang Wen’s life with the paper in Hidden Book.
However, the paper in "Hidden" is not just any paper inside. It will appear every other day after once, every two days, but it will not appear for four or five days, but the shortest one will appear every other day.
That is to say, he can use the same piece of paper once a day, and "Hidden" is also very labor-consuming. He has read "Hidden" many times today, and Guo Feng felt that he almost fell to the ground when he went out to save Fang Wen again.
However, Guo Feng was weak and instant Yueyichen had jumped out and returned to Chang Sheng with Fang Wen seriously injured, and Chang Sheng also retreated to Guo Feng’s side at this time.
Seeing Guo Feng’s weak appearance at this time, Chang Sheng sighed in his heart. Now he can rely on himself and Yue Yichen. Guo Feng has fought too much today. He is tired and almost exhausted all the soldiers.
"These little ones are really weird." The three zombies looked at each other in surprise and suddenly the zombie said, "Solve them as soon as possible. Try to force them to have a rest for a while because the noise is too loud."
"Well, then attack!" The other two zombies nodded for a moment, and the three zombies twisted their hands almost at the same time.
"Crack crack!"
As their hands moved, the two chains in each zombie’s hands suddenly closed and wound into a chain, and then three people suddenly flew to Chang Sheng with three chains of cutting, and the other one hit Yue Yichen around Chang Sheng.
Looking at the chain flying across the street, Chang Sheng’s eyebrows suddenly frowned. Look at the chain flying. It is more powerful than before. If you don’t take out your card, you won’t be able to come.
Chang Sheng almost immediately took out the heaven outside Dan without thinking. At the same time, the sound of ancient monty in his mind also rang.
"Chang Sheng, you can be one of those four stone men. I just found out that this place is very special and can hide a certain secret. You Yingwuhou, the stone man Yingwuhou, won’t find it!"
Law discovery?
Chang Sheng’s heart is filled with joy. These four stone men have been constantly strengthening their faith since they got it. Even if they are already in the fate, once they make their own strength, they can still be greatly improved!
Chapter 53 Stalemate
Take out Dan from Heaven and offer sacrifices to four stone men. Instantly, Chang Sheng feels that he is full of strength, and he has also recovered from his previous injury.
Seeing that one chain is slightly ahead of the other two chains, it should be smashed up. Chang Sheng’s heart is full of heroism and his back is high. He grabs the fenglei stick with both hands and hits it hard.
In an instant, a virtual shadow of a giant emerged from behind Chang Sheng.
Heaven, earth, man and three talents stick technique!
In the face of such a powerful opponent, the crazy magic stick technique is somewhat disadvantageous.
The three zombies across the street were surprised to find that the guy with the strongest strength seemed to be waving a stick, and then a virtual shadow suddenly appeared as if it were from a giant warrior in ancient times. Although it was a virtual shadow, when the virtual shadow party appeared, it immediately made the three zombies feel a cold moment, and a bigger stick appeared from the palm of the giant’s virtual shadow.
The giant held the stick in his hand, lifted it high, and then slammed it down with a drink.
Haohuaqiao is an ordinary chop, but when it falls, it immediately makes people feel palpitation, and at the same time, the bottom of my heart gives birth to ways to avoid the illusion of this stick.
The stick shadow finally collided with the chain, and suddenly a loud noise collided with the virtual shadow of Changsheng giant. The zombie was suddenly shocked and took a step back, and his face was full of horror.
This ….. How is this possible!
Isn’t this small show still equivalent to the five-layer strength of fate?
But in an instant, this stick is stronger than itself, which is equivalent to the strength of the fate layer!
Anti-celestial layer!
Draw a conclusion to yourself that this zombie heart has already shaken like a thread.
Going against the sky can be different from the previous realm, especially after entering the fifth floor of going against the sky, every level is equivalent to a big realm!
But it’s really terrible that this little man can go against heaven and reach the realm of heaven and earth.
This contrast is just like a person who has just entered the sublimation realm can fight against people who go against the sky. How is that possible?
But believe it if you don’t believe it in front of you.
Looking up at the eyes, there are four statues of Buddha’s light in the sky. Zombies are guessing in their hearts. How can these little people have so many cards and just that little display method? It must be day order’s achievement method!
Chang Sheng, who is opposite the zombie, is also not feeling well at this time. After he confronted each other, his body churned violently.
I was injured by the zombie king before, and I just had a relapse after I tried my best!
It happened that at this time, another chain flew up again.
Chang Chenggen can’t escape. If he escapes from behind, he almost consumes his body. Guo Feng and Fang Wenke are in danger. He can choose to confront each other.
Holding the fenglei stick with both hands, Chang Sheng can continue to display the talent stick of heaven and earth to block an iron chain attack.
"David tang …"
After the collision between the chain and the fenglei stick, an unusually dazzling light flashed, but Chang Sheng’s back was soaked to the skin.
After the continuous force shot, his qi and blood churned more severely, although it was not enough to make him vomit blood, but it had deeply affected his fight.
"Mom blames the former zombie king. If he hadn’t gone crazy and suddenly attacked himself and didn’t get hurt, he had just launched a counterattack, but now he is passive everywhere because of the injury."
Chang Sheng sighed in his heart, but at this time, Yue Yichen also met another chain zombie, but Yue Yichen snorted and suddenly flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground.
"His mother hasn’t been so seriously injured for a long time. You will be in trouble." Yue Yichen stood up from the ground and looked at the three zombies across the street. Suddenly, he gritted his teeth and grasped the sword in his hand. Suddenly, he changed from one hand to two hands and held it. At the same time, a cold and abnormal strength suddenly jumped out of his body and quickly spun around his side.
"Grandpa is very angry, and the consequences are very serious. Now let you see that Grandpa is amazing!" Yue Yichen suddenly shouted, raised his hand, grabbed the weapon and waved his hand forward heavily. At the moment, the gas at the door of the whole palace seemed to have solidified because of his movement. Generally, a silver bright Guanghua suddenly emerged from his weapon and an amazing breath spread out from this Guanghua.
"Good … competitive …"
"Stop it quickly!"
Three zombies across the street saw Yue Yichen’s amazing brilliance, and immediately they were frightened. The three men hurriedly put their chains together and blocked the past.
"This guy, he just took out the real thing!" Chang Sheng looked at Yue Yichen’s sudden outburst and sighed in his heart that he still underestimated Yue Yichen, and he still underestimated Yue Yichen’s first fight with himself. He didn’t try his best to look at Yue Yichen’s blow as simply as possible. This power is greater than that he just made the heaven, earth and man three talents stick!
But this blow must also be made by secret method.
Chang Sheng saw each other’s efforts against Yue Yichen, but he didn’t help Yue Yichen before. Instead, he took a step back to Guo Feng and Fang Wen’s side, and then took the Dan offering outside Heaven up and down to three people.
I’m just in a state that is not suitable for helping Yue Yichen before. In that case, my injury may be more reappeared. The wisest thing to do is to take advantage of Yue Yichen to stop those three guys from treating the injury.
Heaven outside Dan has had healing since the second quenching, and there are still a lot of various qi in it that can help Guo Feng recover.
He felt his body gradually recover in a short time after Chang Sheng made Dan outside Heaven.
And this time the other three zombies are finally resisted YueYiChen attack launched a counterattack, but this time Chang Sheng is top.
In this way, Chang Sheng went to the top for a while, Yue Yichen launched another secret method, and Chang Sheng took the opportunity to restore himself and Guo Feng and Fang Wen’s strength. After two rounds, Guo Feng finally stood up.
Guo Feng’s injury is not very serious. He just ran out of energy. However, because he is a noble and upright man, he will recover quickly when he practices Confucianism. Plus, Chang Sheng Tian Dao Wai Dan is especially suitable for recovering all kinds of energy. He will soon recover.
With Guo Feng, the situation suddenly changed again. Chang Sheng and Yue Yichen could barely draw with each other or fall slightly in the wind, but with extremely restrained zombie Guo Feng, that would be different.
After two rounds, the active attacker is not three zombies, but several people.
"We can’t go like this anymore. We’d better get together quickly so as to resist each other."
"All right!"