And it was almost the explosion that produced the instant.

A figure rushed out from behind Barlow towards the nearby nine heavy blunt past.
And this person is none other than Liu Yuan.
Nine heavy watching constantly shuttle in the explosion.
Avoid Barlow and nine head worm who are fighting.
Amazing speed towards yourself near the land source.
Without hesitation, he rushed toward Liu Yuan.
And nine heavy in the process of their three heads also began to condense a lot of element energy.
He is acting exactly like nine head worm just now.
In addition to multiple casting,
Nine heavy side also began to change.
See a large number of green poisonous snakes appeared around him.
The field expands … Fallen snake nest!
For these green poisonous snakes, Lu Yuan saw their quality at a glance.
These green poisonous snakes are impressively the souls of the former Liu Baluo.
A degenerate snake that suppress Barlow’s soul.
These degenerate snakes are also elemental creatures in a sense.
Ordinary attacks are hard to do harm to them.
But it’s a coincidence that Lu Yuan has the means to hurt them.
Accompanied by a royal beast light appeared Liu Yuan hands suddenly two more weapons.
These two weapons are lux flaming blade and dark purple Kirin knife.
And when these two weapons appeared,
Liu Yuan’s hands also began to appear black armed color domineering.
These black armed domineering colors spread all the way to the blade along the handles of the two knives.
Double knife flow … Black knife!
Nine heavy looked at holding two black knives and rushed towards Liu Yuan.
Strong murder flashed in his eyes.
Triple casting, elemental energy cannon!
Three-shot small No.1 elemental energy cannon
Suddenly rushed in the direction of Liu Yuan.
And with these three elemental energy cannons, they are coming towards Liu Yuan.
There are a lot of degenerate snakes around Jiuzhong.
In the face of these attacks, Liu Yuan immediately posed for the standard double-pole flow.
It’s covered with armed colors and domineering double knives, and it also shines with strange metal light in the process.
Double knife flow, black knife … Purgatory Rashomon!
A huge iron gate suddenly appeared behind Liu Yuan.
And this illusory iron gate is just the illusion of Rashomon, which is transformed by Liu Yuan’s double-pole flow!
And as Lu Yuan’s knife method becomes more and more exquisite.
The illusion of Rashomon display by him has become more and more real.
See that huge iron gate.
Carved with a number of purgatory ghosts
As if these evil spirits would rush out of the door at any time.
And there are a lot of flames and thunder around this iron gate.
Just like the real Rashomon arrival.
Seeing these nine centers of gravity is very shocking.
It turns out that this small knife method is incredibly horrible to this point!
Although Jiuzhong knows a lot of information about Lu Yuan, he also knows that Lu Yuan’s knife cutting is very horrible.
But this time in the secret world
Lu Yuan rarely fights purely with knives.
Base is to exert the ability to do damage to the enemy through the amazing destructive power of the ability to do it.
Therefore, in the process of observing the land source before Jiuchong,
Not many times have I seen Liu Yuan using pure saber.