Immediately it was attracted by what he had just said.

But if you think about it, it’s also a small sword plus a sauron template
In addition to the attribute of road delusion, Sauron
There is also a special attribute …
That is like poetry!
Especially like to sing poetry in battle!
And if you want to improve that fit of the template
Doubt is to do something similar to character template.
Liu Yuan thinks that if Xiaojian can learn Thrawn’s exclusive ability to sing poetry while fighting.
Its template fit may rise a lot!
Think of this Liu Yuan low body.
Xiaojian said some very’ pretending’ poems in his ear.
What’s’ Heaven will not give birth to me’?
What’ a thousand cups of drunkenness will not fail me’!
Listen to these words, Xiaojian’s eyes’ Blink Blink’ shine.
Even its head has three dull hairs.
At this time, I couldn’t help shaking with excitement!
It’s as if everyone wants to try the horse.
Liu Yuan saw this and knew that Xiaojian was like this.
Know that he is his own words and listen.
And the distance from Xiaojian is relatively close to Xiaoguang.
At this time, I also heard Liu Yuan’s words.
It can’t help but vomit when it looks at Xiaojian’s excitement.
Isn’t it poetry while fighting …
Is it necessary to be so excited?
That is, Xiaojian can’t hear the idea of light heart.
Otherwise it will definitely refute.
Get rid of fighting while reciting poetry … super handsome!
And in addition to small light.
Its friends around it don’t know what Lu Yuan and Xiaojian just said.
So they curiously around the small sword to ask what unique skills Lu Yuan has given it.
And Xiaojian asked his friends.
Is to reveal an inscrutable smile.
Joke, how can it say these verses now!
After it is prepared, it secretly practices one quietly.
When the opportunity comes.
Show it in front of your friends and surprise everyone!
Liu Yuan looked at Xiaojian surrounded by his friends.
A smile appeared on his face.
But soon Liu Yuan noticed a little guy.
There is no small sword around at this time.
And this little guy is Xiaojin.
See this little Kim Jong Raytheon pool.
Seems to be thinking about something
Liu Yuan looked at Xiaojin’s thoughtful expression.
I soon thought that it would show such an expression at the moment.
I want Xiaojin because I saw Xiaojian’s huge rise.
I also have some special ideas in my heart.
That is, the Raytheon pool in front of Lee helps him to ascend!
Liu Yuan wanted to think.