However, during the exercise, Lin Ying felt warm as fire on one side and cold as ice on the other, and the whole body was in the realm of ice and fire at the same time.

Lin Ying ignored the physical abnormality, but tried to send her vitality into the two people’s bodies and then mixed those awakening vitality.
Two vitality humming Lin Ying ears sounded two people all vision disappeared one or two people instantly returned to normal.
There’s a buzz from cannon fodder C, and his awakening has been completed.
Lin Ying wiped her forehead with sweat and breathed a sigh of relief. "Congratulations to the three awakened people for being a glorious, uh, awakened person. How do you feel?"
The three men looked at each other when they heard Lin Ying’s words, and then the precursor bowed to Lin Ying and Liu Xiaoqi. "Thank you, Boss, for your help. Thank you, Sister-in-law."
"end of chapter"
Chapter 416 Powerful ability
Lin Ying was satisfied with the words of thanks from the three people.
"Yeah, it’s very cool. I like it very much."
Liu Xiaoqi turned red but didn’t speak.
Lin Yingqi real eyes looked at three people.
The methyl information of cannon fodder poured into Lin Ying’s eyes.
Name: vilen
Ability flame
Equal order 1
Cannon fodder ethyl information
Name: Yuan Shuai
Capacity freezing
Equal order 1
Cannon fodder c
Name Yuan Yue
Ability shadow erosion, public face
Equal order 2
Lin Ying was calm when she saw the information of cannon fodder A and cannon fodder ethyl, but Lin Ying was shocked when she saw the ability of cannon fodder C.
People are all a kind of ability, first-order strength, and you have awakened. There are two kinds of ability and strength, and there are two orders.
Lin Ying blurted out, "It’s also a waist plate. Why are you so prominent?"
Cannon fodder C looked stupid and forced "what?"
Lin Ying: "There is nothing to show your ability and let everyone learn."
Three people immediately itch to try when they hear Lin Ying’s words.
Cannon fodder armor first jumped out and flashed a large spark with a wave of his hand as if it were lit.
Not to be outdone, cannon fodder B appeared in his hand as soon as he carried a pile of popsicles.
Cannon fodder B gave each person a piece of "Come and don’t mention it. How about trying my craft?"
Lin Ying took the popsicle in distress situation, but after taking a bite, it felt good, not sweet, but there was no strange smell, but there was a faint vitality inside.
Lin Ying shines at the moment. If ordinary people practice this popsicle for a long time, will it speed up their awakening?
Lin Ying looked at cannon fodder B’s eyes and immediately heated up.
Cannon fodder B was shocked and said, "Boss, why do I feel that there is something wrong with your eyes?"
Lin Ying waved his hand and said "You perform" to cannon fodder C.
The cannon fodder shook the tiger’s body, and then the whole person became like a shadow, and a shadow circle with a radius of one meter appeared on his feet.
Then there is no follow-up.
Everyone looked at him and waited for him to perform, but it just disappeared.
"Go on. What’s next?" Cannon fodder armor Zheng big eyes looking forward to
Cannon fodder C wiped his forehead with sweat. "Without me, I’m not very familiar with my ability yet, and I’ll show it to you after I get familiar with it."
Cannon fodder B patted cannon fodder C on the shoulder and said, "Ha, ha, ha, that’s ok. When you study it clearly, let’s see who is capable."