Brother Gan went into the villa and saw that the decoration in the villa was very elegant, and it was not as gorgeous and money-worshipping as the general secular. Zhang Xiaoyan shouted coyly, "Mom and Dad, I’m back …"

"Oh, Shinohara, how about coming back? It’s nice to play in the harbor for ten days …" Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother came out of the kitchen after hearing her daughter’s voice and said with a smile.
"Hey, hey, mom, do you have a good meal? I’m hungry …" Zhang Xiaoyan said at the sight of her mother.
"Yo, this is Xiao Wang, right?" Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother didn’t answer her daughter’s words. She looked at the guy around her and asked with a smile. She listened to her wife and her baby daughter saw this guy, but she looked at it herself. From the appearance, it was not very outstanding. But her wife told herself that this guy was energetic and she could write down her wife’s city with a casual sentence! Don’t underestimate it.
"Hello, aunt, I’m Wang Xiaogan. Just call me Xiaogan after you …" Brother Gan replied with a smile.
"Ha ha Xiao Gan, why don’t you come? Come on, I can’t father. Let them cook first …" At this moment, Zhang Xun came from the second floor with a rich voice.
"Ha ha good ….." Dry elder brother smiled and nodded and then said to Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother, "Aunt, then you are busy first, I will go first …" Then I went to his room on the second floor with Zhang Xun.
"Xiao Gan, this naughty girl of mine, didn’t get you into trouble …" Zhang Xun asked with a smile after sitting in Zhang Xun’s room.
"Hehe, no, no, I’m afraid I’m not taking good care of it …" Brother Gan replied with a smile and then paused and asked, "By the way, there is a Li Datou in Zhang Shuping. Have you heard of it?"
"You say it’s the scum! I heard that the city is investigating him. The public reacted strongly and seriously endangered public security. I heard that the gangs also got a kitchen knife gang. It is outrageous! " As soon as Zhang Xun heard the name Li Datou, he cursed. Obviously Li Datou Plain is notorious.
"Ha ha, how about the check, Uncle Zhang?" Dry elder brother asked with a smile
"Hey, it’s difficult to deal with a criminal gang with gangster nature like this. The Public Security Bureau has set up a task force and is now investigating!" Zhang Xun said with a sigh
"Ha ha, uncle Zhang, why don’t you rely on the people? Why should the police and the people unite to do great things …" Brother Gan smiled and said that Chapter 69 reached a consensus.
Reach a consensus "Hehe, what do you mean?" Zhang Xun smiled and asked after listening to Brother Gan’s words. He seemed to understand the meaning of Brother Gan’s smile, but he was not sure what this policeman, citizen and family meant. Although he was not sure, he was sure that people here must not be ordinary people, because ordinary people did not have that ability.
"Ha ha, of course, let’s fight against the evil forces together. Let’s remember that although I am a humble right-hand man and ordinary people, it’s my duty to do something for the villagers in the plain, even if it’s a small thing in my hometown. Besides, I don’t want that Li Datou and Li Xiaotou to bully my family’s head to prevent them from being brought to justice first, otherwise I will always miss them when I go back to the harbor!" Dry elder brother smiled and replied
"Mr. Xiao Gan, do you mean that you want to help our plain police destroy Li Datou’s bandit nest? That’s good. If so, I’m sure they can save a lot of trouble for the police …" Zhang Xun nodded and said after listening to Brother Gan’s words
"Ha ha, Zhang Ji, I have a preliminary idea. The specific matter depends on how we negotiate. Besides, I don’t know how determined our plain police are to eliminate Li Datou’s kitchen knife. I can’t decide …" Brother Gan smiled and expressed his concern.
"That you don’t worry about whistling, I’ve already given a dead order. This plain is a bully, and Li Boss must call me to talk about who is involved. I can’t let the people in my city poke me in the end and say that I remember that the people in Zhang Xun have done practical things and good deeds, and even the personal safety of the people can’t be guaranteed. Then what about economic development? All development is to make the people live a better life and live a more dignified life. If the people don’t even dare to let their daughters walk alone at night, then we will. No matter how good the economic development is, no matter how rich the investment attraction is, what’s the test of a city’s quality? Not only does it mean whether the economic development is prosperous, but the more important measure is whether the residents of this city live with happiness … "Zhang Xun is worthy of being a plain city municipal party committee. Speaking of people’s livelihood, it doesn’t take much weight, but the dry elder brother really admires him. He doesn’t put on any bureaucratic airs, saying any nonsense is worthless, or some bullshit doesn’t even smell!
"Ha ha, it’s so nice to remember your words. It’s not the kui is a plain city official. It’s a great blessing for us plain people to have you as an incorruptible citizen to remember. Since I have said so, I won’t refuse anything. Don’t worry, I will help our plain police to eradicate Li Datou’s nest!" Dry elder brother listened to Zhang Xun and said with a laugh.
"Alas, it’s all my job. What’s a good officer to remember? If an official doesn’t even have words to live a good life for his own citizens, what’s the point of this officer? It’s better to go home and farm! But you are really proud of our plain city. Having you in our plain city will definitely make the people of our plain city live a better life! In Li big things want you to do your best to go to the public security bureau things over there I just let them cooperate with you … "Zhang Xun said with a wave of modesty.
"Dad’s coming to dinner. What are you talking about?" Zhang Xun and brother gan were just talking about destroying Li Da. When they heard Zhang Xiaoyan’s floor calling, they called and walked to the second floor.
"Dad Xiao Ganfan is ready to eat. Come back for dinner and talk to you later. Anyway, Xiao Gan won’t go tonight …" Zhang Xiaoyan knocked on the door and said generously that she didn’t intend to let Brother Gan go. Besides, her home is so big that she can’t let him stay outside in a hotel. What’s more, she still likes him. How can she have the heart to let him go?
"Ha-ha, yes, eat first, eat first, and then we can’t have a good talk. We must give the bully a good talk, except for solving the problem one day earlier. The people in our plain will live a peaceful life one day earlier. We can say, Xiao Gan, don’t go. Let’s stay here today. There are many bedrooms at home …" Zhang Xun immediately understood her daughter’s thoughts after hearing her daughter’s words and said with a laugh.
"I … ha ha okay, then I’ll bother Zhang Ji …" Brother Gan wanted to refuse to go home, but I didn’t make it clear when I thought about helping things with Li Datou’s kitchen knife, so I couldn’t act then. It’s better to have a long talk with Zhang Xun after dinner or talk about things. With official support here in the plain, Brother Gan believes that just a Li Datou won’t be too much trouble.
"Come on, Dad, let’s talk about something after dinner. No, mom and I have already cooked the meal. Let’s go quickly. It’s getting cold for a while …" Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her mouth and said that she didn’t understand why the two big men were grinding and hawing like a bitch today.
"Ha ha, take a good walk, let’s go to dinner, and let’s talk about it when Li Datou and Li Ertou are full!" Zhang Xun looked at her daughter’s femininity and laughed and said, pulling dry elder brother to go downstairs with her daughter.
This meal is still very harmonious because Zhang Xiaoyan’s intention to do elder brother is even worse for Zhang Xun and his wife. Zhang Xun is still very satisfied with this candidate son-in-law. Others don’t know what to do. Zhang Xun doesn’t know that elder brother has returned to the plain twice in total. Well, during these two times, the whole movement was not allowed to be present in person. This is called a matter! Ordinary people need him to open the municipal party Committee to remember to go in person!
"Xiao Gan, you eat more and order more. This is Xiao Yan’s special fried food for you …" Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother said that she put a chopsticks of vinegar cabbage in the dry bowl.
"Ha ha, thank you, aunt, thank you, I can do it myself …" Brother Gan quickly took it with a smile and thanked him, and then took a sip of praise. "Well, it’s good and delicious …" Brother Gan said and put a chopstick on it. It’s like a face full of spring in Zhang Xiaoyan’s eyes. If it weren’t for Brother Gan, she wouldn’t usually go home to make this vinegar cabbage this time or make it specially for Brother Gan.
"Ha-ha, Xiao-gan, you are young, but you are more blessed than me. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I didn’t eat my baby daughter’s cooking. You should be satisfied if you tasted her cooking the first time you came here!" Zhang Xun laughed and teased when he saw his daughter’s femininity. It seems that her daughter has really grown up.
"Ha ha ….." Brother Gan nodded and smiled. Now what can he say? He can’t flirt with Zhang Xiaoyan. He doesn’t want to do anything sorry for the little witch. Besides, having Sun Mei is enough to worry about himself. If Zhang Xiaoyan is collected again, there are two aunts, Zhao Lan, who are small police flowers. After that, he can’t do anything by himself. A woman can’t finish it!
Zhang Xiaoyan’s parents’ warm reception for this meal finally approached Wei Gange. After dinner, she talked with Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother in the living room for a while, and then she continued to talk with Zhang Xun on the second floor to destroy Li Datou. When she came to the living room, Gan Ge came straight to the point and said, "Zhang Ji, I won’t fight a guerrilla war with you. Let’s just say it. I came here today because Li Datou came to Li Datou and hurt one of my brothers. I’m going to avenge my brother this time, and our harbor is almost ready, so we will wait for the opportunity to come to the plain
"Are you a brother? Are you ready? Xiao Gan, tell me the truth. Who do you mean? " Zhang Xun asked doubtfully.
"Ha ha, Zhang Ji, you can also praise us, but I can assure you that my hands are all good people and I will never do anything unnatural. Of course, these things all know that I have my own ideas …" Brother Gan assured with a smile.
"I’m white …" Zhang Xun nodded his head after listening to Brother Gan’s words and said that he knew that Brother Gan said that they were gangsters. Of course, the so-called mafia means what is black and what is white for these road officials. It seems that if ordinary people do good deeds, things will be white and black, but like those corrupt officials and profiteers, you will be white and black and black with pus! Brother Gan believes that a person with experience like Zhang Xun will not fail to understand this truth.
Although Zhang Xunbai is a Taoist priest, this way is also recognized without opposition. Otherwise, the face has already been suppressed, which can make the Provincial Political and Legal Committee say hello and intercede, and he can come from Beijing to rescue the Lord in person if he is casually arrested in the police station. It must be not that simple mainly through recent contact. It is not like an evil person by his own eyes. On the contrary, it is an adult who just happens to have a headache himself. Just try the way of doing it, then nodded and said, "Well, since everyone is a common person, it is a family who wants to be able to wipe out Li’s head."
"Ha ha Zhang Shu, then I’ll thank you first. Don’t worry, the action will be carried out by us. After all, public security policemen are hard, and we are used to fighting and killing. Then I just give a signal to the comrades of the public security bureau to finish, that is, our brothers Ann can at least guarantee the rescue …" Brother Gan smiled and said.
"Don’t worry, I’ll say hello to the Municipal People’s Hospital. It’s ok for you to go in for treatment as an aid worker. Then I’ll give you a green channel and you should have a unified outfit to save the public security bureau. They caught the wrong person …" Zhang Xun nodded to ensure.
"That’s for sure, Zhang Shu. We’ll be the leading role behind the scenes, and we’ll have to sing it by the Pingyuan Public Security Bureau. Don’t worry, I assure you that it will be done properly. Just arrange someone to take charge. It will be a good news when the time comes …" Brother Gan suggested with a smile.
"Well, let’s plain city public security bureau chief is still a good comrade. Just let him do it. I’ll say hello to him when the time comes. You are ready to let him cooperate with you. You command all actions …" Zhang Xun looked at the dry elder brother and said.
"Ha ha, Zhang Shu, I’m afraid it’s not so good. Let the director direct it …" Brother Gan suggested with a smile that he knew that the official way to direct himself by an informal person couldn’t make any sense, and besides, the influence was not good.
"It’s okay to do it. I trust you! They won’t have any opinions! It’s a date … "Zhang Xun did not lose his majesty.
"Ha ha, well, Zhang Shu, don’t worry, I’ll do things properly and live up to you and my hometown in Pingyuan …" Brother Gan’s self-confidence guarantee Chapter 7 Conquest and Mobilization ()
Conquest Mobilization () Brother Gan and the old man Zhang Xiaoyan agreed to go to bed that night after attacking Li Boss. Brother Zhang Xiaoyan was very unaccustomed to sleeping in other people’s homes. This is not because Brother Gan always feels unaccustomed to sleeping in other people’s beds. Brother Gan’s adaptability has already been verified in Amazon rainforest and Sahara desert. Who wants to say that Brother Gan’s endurance or adaptability is not strong? That’s really wrong.
After getting up the next morning, Zhang Xiaoyan had breakfast at home, which was really nothing to eat. The official family like Zhang Xiaoyan had been westernized for a long time. Breakfast was no longer fried dough sticks and soy milk, but the state provided nutritious breakfast with fresh milk and hamburgers or fried eggs. Brother Luo Gan admitted that western foreigners’ gadgets did have higher nutritional value, but compared with our own things, they were all ugly things. If that guy got a few bags, two fried dough sticks and a bowl of soy milk to drink, he would be confident. There was no feeling at all.
Zhang Xiaoyan Zhang Xiaoyan’s family wanted to keep Brother Gan for another two days, but he declined to play. What are you playing? My hometown is the plain. I grew up in this lang. I haven’t played anything. Of course, I may have never been to some high-end places in the plain city. But I haven’t never seen the world before. I have important things to do when I go back. When I left, Zhang Xun left his private mobile phone number to Brother Gan and asked him to have something directly for him. I know that an official at this level like Zhang Xun has two or three conversations in the office alone, and there are secret words. Like his private mobile phone number, ordinary people don’t disclose personal words because of work and life, that is, when dealing with personal affairs by themselves, they are usually some relatives and good friends. He can tell Brother Gan at least one of these mobile phone numbers, that is, he doesn’t treat Brother Gan as an outsider!
After bidding farewell to Zhang Xun and Zhang Xiaoyan’s family, I drove away from the harbor and came to visit my brother. I wanted to go home, but I thought I’d make it for three or five days, so I came back now. Why did I go back? I still have to keep my parents busy in the harbor for half a day today. This time, my brother was successfully completed and won the support of Zhang Xun. Then things will be easy to do in the future. I’m afraid that people on the road are not afraid of fighting with gangs desperately, but I’m afraid I’ll be stared at by the government to establish an alliance with Bai Dao, so I can put my heart in peace and