"He’s back. This is my business."

Cold housekeeper immediately as excited as chicken blood "master, I understand that you don’t want her to get hurt before leaving, right? !”
Chapter 165 If I chase you, will you agree?
Oh, so it’s all about keeping Miss Yi Qing from getting hurt! They all know how vicious that man is, so that even he is afraid.
She must not get involved in such a dispute.
This is something they all know by heart.
"Your car"
"good!" The cold housekeeper seems to have a knot in her heart. You must explain this news to Miss Yi Qing! Can’t make her sad!
Their young master can’t, so the other two have a special chance! Such a thing must not happen!
Leng Ruixi seemed to see what was on his mind and said, "Be well prepared during this period."
One sentence completely obliterates all his thoughts, and he can frown and say "yes"
* * * * * Mo and Liang Yue start * * *
"Feed! Han Yiqing looks at the road! "
"Hey!" Han Yiqing suddenly found that there was a step in front of him. If Xiao Cheling hadn’t called her just now, she would definitely fall!
Xiao Cheling is really angry with her, more because he is jealous of Leng Ruixi! What? This guy seems to have taken her soul with him after he left! Become absent-minded every day!
"I really don’t know what you think about this brain! If you don’t come, you will become more stupid if you fall again! " He accused her of fighting back in a second. "Why are you so irritating me!"
"You see you after he left you which day is normal? ! Will you be so absent-minded if I leave? !”
"Yes!" She hardly hesitated to say, "I will do this if one of you three leaves."
She is used to these three things, which constantly stimulate her every day. Although Leng Ruixi seldom talks at ordinary times, sometimes he really can’t be ignored.
Maybe he was born with no way to be ignored.
"Yi Qing, we feel bad about you doing this every day," he said slowly. It was at this time that she looked at his face carefully for several days. His face was full of stubble and looked a little pricked.
She couldn’t help wondering how Xiao Cheling, who usually pays so much attention to the image, could be so careless!
It seems that I haven’t had a good rest these days, even my eyes are full of blood.
"It’s okay. I’m really okay. You go back and have a good sleep today." So she stumbled on the steps before, and when she was about to fall to the front, she was severely stopped by a pair of hands. "You see, you can’t even walk. How can I sleep peacefully? !”
This is something he can’t do at all!
It is for this reason that they have looked at her in turn these days. If they have an organic conversation, they will really catch Leng Ruixi and beat her up!
Although this is his hated rival, he does not feel competitive without him.
"I really have nothing to do. You’d better go to bed."
Xiao Cheling suddenly looked at her seriously, which made her a little unaccustomed. She wondered, "What’s wrong with you?"
He said slowly, "Yiqing, will you agree if I chase you?"
"I thought of this a long time ago. Although you said it, I still won’t give up because there is no one around you!"
Chapter 166 Follow your heart
It’s been so long, but there’s still no one around her. She hasn’t said anything. They feel that she doesn’t know anything.
That’s why he won’t give up If there was someone around her who loved her more, he wouldn’t make such a request, but he didn’t!
His eyes were fixed on her eyes, and there was no way to refuse her words. "I really don’t know what to say."
"Do you want to say whether you are willing or not?"
After thinking for a while, she still has her trademark smile on her mouth. "That depends on your sincerity."