"Hum, I hope you can succeed, or we won’t get anything that will directly ruin him," Kuching snorted.

"Ha ha don’t worry, eldest brother, he followed GuWeiRan is not the money and fame? If the world wants to give a certain chip, there will be no indifferent person, and I will soon make him my guest, "Gu Kang said confidently."
"Well, I hope so," Kuching said with great displeasure.
Although both of them look like brothers, they have their own wishful thinking in their eyes. Obviously, they are incompatible! However, we barely got together to deal with Gu Weiran. If Gu Weiran is really brought down by them, they will inevitably become enemies who will live and die.
"Here we go again." Qin Huanran looked at the same ostentation and extravagance in the distance, clutching his forehead. This time, his toes wanted to know that it was the second emperor.
It’s a good thing that the great emperor and the second emperor are here. Today, the emperor Gu Longtian has three sons. If there are seven words, isn’t it equal to 9911?
"Ahem, you are waiting for me to send them away." Zhang Taonai said that although he had already prepared his mind, he still felt different when he saw and experienced it with his own eyes.
However, this time, the second emperor may have learned a lesson from ostentation and extravagance, but the fact is absolutely different, because soon the air is full of rouge gouache fragrance.
Suddenly, a woman walked out of the carriage! All the women are veiled and concealed. Not only that, but all the women are handsome and handsome. They are definitely not comparable to rouge powder. Although the method is comparable to Wang Yuemei, it is also a first-class beauty.
"hey? The powder array is here, Zhang Xiong. You have worked hard. "Qin Huanran said gloating aside.
But Zhao Daniu said, "What is this? Do you want to fight? "
Wang is blushing, but his eyes never leave Zhang Tao’s back. A woman or a small jasper is tender and charming, elegant and elegant, or a myriad of female Yingying is really dazzling, and Zhang Tao is almost blinded.
"Zhang Gong villain has been waiting for this for a long time." This time, the housekeeper is a young man. He directly kneels down and has a significantly different sensory impact from the old housekeeper. It seems that he respects Zhang Tao more.
And a woman gently came at her face with a fragrance like a orchid and a musk deer, which made people feel relaxed and happy. They were all affectionate, and they picked that pair of playing hard to get, but they were eager to touch the sample, which really made people’s index fingers angry.
"Zhang Daren" is a woman with a different mouth, just like Yue Xian, which makes people don’t know who they are
"Is the Erhuang Gukang Hall asking you to come?" Zhang Tao dark sigh in my heart is really a lot of money.
"Zhang Gong’s eye is like a torch. My master said that Zhang Gong would like to go into the government. It is inevitable that there will be a luxury house of 12,000 gold, and this woman is the master’s handpicked place. Of course, she will also put in a good word for Zhang Gong in the future. If great things can be achieved in the future, it is natural for the prime minister to become a prince." The housekeeper respectfully said.
Zhang Tao can’t help but gasp. It’s a big deal. Is it enough money? Zhang Tao knew that this might be the limit that the Second Emperor could give.
"The Lord also said that in the future, adults can be allowed to choose the city as one party and have fun, and Zhang Gongzhang’s adult wants everything to be possible." Finally, the blockbuster is the most important thing!
(Yue Hua promised that everyone would do it # # # Continue to support Yue Hua. Let’s take advantage of the outbreak to rush.)
Chapter 191 Destroy if you can’t get it
Chapter 191 Destroy if you can’t get it
Want to know what points represent? Honghao land casually chooses a city, then this is himself! In the future, it is normal to become a local tyrant even if you are a soldier. It is more normal than the second emperor to let yourself pay taxes for ten years and let yourself develop. This is a very generous treatment.
It’s just a blow to Gu Wei. It’s just the performance of the exchange meeting of Zhang Tao universities, which is enough to make the two emperors fight for the wall.
At this time, Kuching’s face was ugly in the big emperor’s house. "Second brother didn’t expect you to be so bloody?" Of course, Kuching already knew what conditions Kukang gave Zhang Tao.
Gu Kang smiled triumphantly. "Eldest brother laughed and was willing to give up. Only then did he get such talents as Zhang Tao. The younger brother of course tried to kill two birds with one stone." Looking at Gu Kang, it seemed as if the overall situation was a foregone conclusion. Kuching was also gnashing his teeth with cold light.
"I don’t know Zhang Daren meaning such as? If Mr. Zhang still has his request, he can meet Mr. Zhong with the villain in the house. I believe that Mr. Zhong will agree to the adult’s conditions. It is absolutely Mr. Zhong’s dream for such outstanding talents as adults. "In the end, this young man has been kneeling to tell the truth. For ordinary people, this kind of treatment is really exhilarating, and this condition is also hard to refuse.
Beauty, wealth and wealth have everything. Is there anything else you need from him? What else do men need to pursue? It can even make Zhang Tao go down in history, so that fame and fortune can be maximized. I am afraid that many people will resist it by law.
"Ha ha very good conditions I really heartache" Zhang Tao shook his head and smiled.
"Then adults please take a car." The young man immediately said with a happy face that Gen would not ask Zhang Tao if he would agree, but directly invited Zhang Tao to take a car. This alone is enough to see that this young man is not a simple person.
"But I can’t promise. Although it’s a pity, these seem to be my fate." Zhang Tao sighed with a look of regret.
Qin Huanran touched his nose in the distance and despised it because he knew that Zhang Tao wouldn’t promise to pretend to come up with so many tricks? Don’t you hate the second emperor if you refuse him gently?
"Adult, you really don’t consider one? Sir Zhong, with your help, it is bound to be even more powerful, and the future can be shared. "This person will continue to persuade him."
Zhang Tao shook his head. "I’m sorry for Mr. Zhong’s kindness. This is not only sorry for Mr. Zhong, but also sorry for myself. I’m also moved by such a stunning beauty surrounded by such rich conditions." Zhang Tao also made a pair of heartbreaking feelings.
"If Mr. Zhang still has his requirements, just come out and believe that Mr. Zhang will be satisfied," said the young man