After that, block that cheating goods inside!

What’s more, every time you meet someone, you "meet"! This is cheating consumers’ feelings!
"Since the girl is here, it must be the pink lantern outside the door, right?" The man behind the curtain was outspoken with a hint of insincerity in his voice.
Phoenix shallow a listen to think that this fellow is not a good goods, she took the corners of the mouth smile don’t smile heart way, you this is not nonsense, isn’t it, the lantern maybe aunt or specially to see you?
"Yes, that’s the lantern!"
"The shopkeeper should also tell the girl that there are not hundreds of people coming here today, but none of them can satisfy her. So did the girl decide to have a try when she was surfing?"
"You know I’m Langshi before I even try?" Feng Shao gritted his teeth in the direction of the bead curtain. "Or is this just a trick for you to tell you stories?"
Suddenly there was a heavy drink beside him, which scared Feng Shao to shake.
Is just at the door of the grim bodyguard came in.
Phoenix shallow great anger "let your sister boss! Aunt is just telling the truth. Why are you so fierce? Or are you angry because I was right? "
After the screen, Jun Moying frowned and wanted to come in but was stopped by the shopkeeper.
"You can rest assured that nothing will happen to the girl. Although the man in the room is a little eccentric, he is not sad. Everyone who goes in to tell stories comes out happily."
Jun ink shadow to avoid each other touch the eyebrows slightly a clot.
"11. Don’t be polite to the girl. Don’t blame the girl for not playing on purpose. It’s true that I have never heard a story that can satisfy you." The first half of the sentence is directed at the grim bodyguard, and the second half is directed at the phoenix.
Because of the name "11", Feng Xiao couldn’t help but look at the bodyguard. Is it an alias or a name?
If it’s a name, that’s too bad, right? Shadow Moon is still a hidden guard, but everyone has a normal name. What kind of poor bodyguard is this man who doesn’t even have a name?
Phoenix shallow thought of the visual often say those code name guards whoa whoa that one by one can die without a tombstone, it’s too bad …
Eleven was naked naked naked with sympathy, and her face became colder. She gave her a look and turned to leave.
Feng shallow pie mouth "hey inside what kind of story do you want to hear?"
Zhulian later chuckled, "Since today is the Lantern Festival, the girl will tell a love story."
Strange man who likes to listen to love stories?
Phoenix shallow eyebrows shake a shake.
She thought about it for a long time, and told all those lingering love stories in her heart. The West Chamber and the Dream of Red Mansions are both …
Suddenly there was a flash of light in my head. There were 79 chapters and 79 chapters, and you were just budding!
"A long time ago, there was a woman named Zhu Yingtai who disguised herself as a man and met Liang Shanbo, a student on her way out to study. They became friends at first sight."
Phoenix coughed lightly and learned to see the story of Mr. Shuo today, which strengthened the tone.
"Later, the two men went to the central courtyard to study hard and stayed together for three years. Yingtai had a deep affection for Shanbo, but that idiot Liang Shanbo didn’t even know that she was a woman! Later … well, Yingtai will go home later! "
"That’s it?"
"How is it possible!" Phoenix shallow turned supercilious look "this is just, ok? What’s your hurry! "
"On the way to the farewell, Yingtai hinted at it all, but Liang Shanbo was so stupid and honest that she didn’t mean it. Yingtai just lied that a sister at home said she would give it to Shanbo."
"What’s this? Won’t Shan Bo know when he goes to Yingtai’s home to kiss? "
"Do you think everything is so beautiful?" Feng Shao sneered, "Shan Bo’s poor family was delayed by trivial matters. By the time he went to wish his family, Yingtai’s father had betrothed Yingtai to a man named Ma Wencai!"
Both of them were silent for a moment, and the man inside suddenly said, "Girl, what is this love story? This ending is at best … a story of a girl who has never been married? "
Ya! "You just stop! Your family is full of spring! "
Feng Shao was angry and said, "Who told you this was the end?"
"… what’s behind that?"
"I don’t want to talk to you!" Phoenix shallow frantically pulled his head and immediately added, "Unless you give me the lantern now, I quit and don’t want your broken lamp! Just think of this as a story of spring! "
Grandma, bear!