Gong Yuyin is a little weird and seems to laugh out of breath. "I don’t have some new manufacturing techniques, so you can say that I don’t obey the house rules and that I am a traitor. I just insisted on not killing my ideal, so you abolished the wheel hole and drove me out of the house. I heard that the poor red dragon soul-possessed child was also driven away by you." Mohism is really measured. "

His voice is arrogant and unruly, but it sounds like Molin feels the same way.
That’s true of Mohism. They are not allowed to change. They can tolerate institutional changes and strangle everything that goes beyond Mohism’s rules.
There used to be Gongyu and Huangquan, and now there are Mo Lin and Mo Ren. In the future, there will be poor Mohist brothers who will suffer disasters because they are different.
"This is Mohism? This is the spirit of Mohist? " Mo Lin clenched his fist with a wry smile. He was insulted and damaged. Why did he come back to this old home and fight with them?
"Cut the crap. You killed so many people. Is it reasonable to make trouble in the village?" Tian Jiang fumed that his palm was full of red light, which was a sign of a cloud collapse.
"Collapse cloud disorderly? It seems that I really got it, so I’ll show you a supernatural power! " Gong Yu laughed wildly at Raizo’s head and eyes suddenly stretched out two iron drums.
"Tear!" The sound of light fills the air, and when you look intently, your face changes
"Is he already …" Mo Lin was shocked in his heart, but before he could react, Raizo’s eyes flashed white light and went straight to Tian Jiang.
Tian Jiang, a man with a body and ink, has a natural and strange skill. Look at what the white light flashes. hidden weapons will flash when he is cold-snorted, and at the same time, he will open his hand and make a cloud collapse, smashing Gong Yu and his monster Raizo together.
Unexpectedly, his feet just bounced up. Tian Jiang felt that all the warm-up strength in his chest dispersed. He couldn’t believe it. Looking down, he saw two big holes in his chest and blood flowed out.
Tian Jiang fell to the ground with a splash and his eyes were wandering. He muttered, "How is that possible?"
Gong Yu magnified and laughed. "I’ll teach you if it’s true or not. Even if it’s faster, can it be faster than the sky?"
At the moment, Mo Lin finally adopted the method of Bai Gongyu. Although it is different from the magnetic hair of the sea people, he can also master the mystery of hair.
Mo Lin once heard Xiao Zhou say that the fastest thing in the world can circle the planet for more than ten times in a blink of an eye. It is true that human strength can’t be matched by Tian Jiang in practice.
"Looking for death!" Sun Jie and Guye’s rage ratio are about two points, and the lightning protection hidden binocular iron drum is charged from both sides.
"Hey, hey ….." Gong Yu gave a hilarious laugh, and Raizo’s ribs suddenly leaned out of the iron drum. This time, it was not a flash, but a "dadada" ringing.
Mo Lin’s eye is outstanding, so he can see several iron bullets go out with the sound of "dadada". Although the speed is many times slower than that of light, it can deal with the unguarded parents, but it is very tube.
Gongsun rushed to the front of Ray’s hiding place. He was shot two steps away. Where did he still hide? He tried hard to connect with a psionic power, but the first iron bullet broke through the defense, right in the throat.
"Pa" a crunchy Sun’s throat shattered and his body was immediately hit like a honeycomb by a barrage of iron bullets.
Guye over there, it was a quick roll on the spot, and a piece of scalp was torn off, and his face was bloody so as to save his life.
"Want to run!" Gong Yu laughed, and Raizo strode forward, but before Guye escaped from the saw wheel, he went out and cut an arc from his neck.
Guye’s head flew up and his body was still straight. wait for a while left his blood column in place and sprayed it for two or three meters from his broken neck.
The saw wheel killed Guye, drew an arc and went back to Raizo’s arm to click and fit together.
"Wow ha ha ha three old deathlessly dead this time! I told you to deprive me of my qualification as a master craftsman. I told you to bully me. I told you to drive me out of Mohism. Do you regret it? If you regret it, you can go to hell! "
Gong Yu seems to have been crying in his crazy words, shouting and cursing at Raizo’s eyes while beating people’s bodies in three or two, and smashing their bodies into pieces.
"He is the third great craftsman that no one has ever seen. No wonder he can cause such a horrible monster …" Molin couldn’t help but lose heart when he cried and scolded.
Mohist people are tantamount to Mohist totem-level figures. Even a generation of householders, Mo Qilin, are not as senior as they are, but they are instantly slaughtered by Gongyu. Will the Mohist come even if he wants to help?
At that time, there was silence in the village except for the public shouting and the flames devouring the houses.
Almost all ink writers feel the horror of death, and an indescribable fear rises in their hearts. Can this guy really be overcome by manpower?
"Wow, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Mo Ren, where did you escape, old guy? I killed three old deathlessly, so you come out and die, or I’ll kill all Mohists one by one to see if you cry!" Gong Yu’s behavior has been crazy. Raizo’s huge body is moving again, and his eyes are flashing. Several people who avoid ink are immediately screamed and fell to the ground by light.
"Everyone is scattered!" Wolf Tan saw that the thunder was hidden and knew that he couldn’t recklessly command the ink people to scatter immediately.
"Don’t try to run!" Gong Yu manipulated the pursuit of Raizo.
Just then a black brilliance flashed in the smoke "Duh" and a dagger was in the middle of Raizo’s eyes.
"hey!" There was a flash of light, and Raizo’s body boomed and his madness stopped.
"Who is it!" Gong Yu exclaimed that the dagger was still inserted into Raizo’s eye iron drum, which was tantamount to abolishing a light emitter.
Chapter 198 Zombies
Chapter 198 Zombies
A figure in the smoke of "Mo Zhe Yang Li" slowly came out with a hint of hostility in the delicate and handsome.
Mo Lin can’t help moving in his heart from a distance. Compared with when he left Mohism, Yang has matured a lot, especially his body breath makes people feel unpredictable.
"Is he …" Mo Lin couldn’t help but look back at the Mohist Tower not far away. It is said that the true genius of Mohism will be sent to the sixth and seventh floors of the Mohist Tower, where he will become an indomitable spirit after a series of tests.
"Yang from? Baby live so big, it’s not easy to get out quickly. "Gong Yu sneers.
Yang Li didn’t do anything but walk to the front of Ray’s hiding place. Compared with him, Raizo is like an elephant and an ant.
"What, do you want to deal with me?" Gong Yu laughed. "Are Mohists scared silly? Mo Ren, don’t you come out? There is already a fool who wants to challenge me! "
"Yang Li be careful that you are no match!" Wolf sandalwood aside concerns shouted
After saying his word, he was patted on the shoulder and looked around, but it was Prissy and Qin Qin.