Zhang Tao surprised the top? In other words, three palaces, three pavilions and three valleys can’t be compared with the four families. Can you imagine how powerful these four families are?

Although Mo Lengfeng didn’t say it, Zhang Tao can also guess that Mo Guhe Yang’s family is probably the same as four families. It’s no wonder that in those days, nine days were short or you know Mo Lengfeng’s identity now.
However, it seems that not everyone knows that Zhang Tao is now a five-star saint, but he still knows nothing about the four families. Maybe he doesn’t even have the qualification to know now.
"They are Mo Jia Yang Jia Wang Jia and Long Jia respectively!" Mo Lengfeng said
Zhang Tao secretly nodded to keep the four families in mind and lamented that Mo Lengfeng was indeed Mo’s family, but such a family member would appear in a vast and noble institution of learning? It seems that there must be a hidden secret behind Mo Lengfeng.
But after Zhang Tao was silent, he didn’t get the answer. It seems that Mo Lengfeng is still not going to tell the whole story. "You should exercise healing first, Zhang Tao. When I have enough strength, I will definitely tell you everything because you are my only brother." After that, Mo Lengfeng went out and took Zhang Taofang by the way.
Face unconsciously climb a smile Zhang Tao closed his eyes to recuperate the body, but his heart is also very curious about the Yang family. How can a person defeat Gu Youjun? The original Zhang Tao was also a cracked saint, and obviously Zhang Tao still thought things too simple.
Zhang Tao recalled that the crystal nucleus made twists and turns and instantly everything in his mind. What kind of mysterious feeling is this?
At that time, Zhang Tao clearly felt that his body seemed to be in another world, as if he had come to the dream world from reality in an instant. This mysterious feeling made Zhang Tao somewhat trance.
At that time, although it was the crystal nucleus that made hazy twists and turns, Zhang Tao could also feel that it contained a lot as if he could change everything at will, and that’s why the peak saint was so powerful, and that’s why Zhang Tao was confused by this mysterious theory.
But now Zhang Tao can’t catch this feeling. Gently touch the crystal nucleus and feel the face slightly cold. Zhang Tao dispels all distractions and recovers quickly.
Zhang Tao pushed the door and was discharged from the hospital only three hours after relying on Dan medicine and knowing nothing about it. Nanguang and Zhao Daniu sat cross-legged inside because there was only one room in the pure heart hospital. This was when Mrs. Charming came out to decorate Zhang Tao and never thought about changing it.
Mo Lengfeng is still sitting in a remote corner, but what really attracts Zhang Tao’s attention is a man wearing a turquoise robe and smiling.
Although I was introduced, this feeling of obedience made Zhang Tao confirm that the other party was Yang Jia and Yang Yibo was also a benefactor who saved himself from fire and water.
Before seeing Zhang Tao, Yang Yibo immediately got up and smiled "Zhang Gong"
Zhang Tao naturally dare not neglect to reply immediately. "Mr. Yang, thank you for saving his life. Zhang Tao is very grateful." Although he knows that the other party is not young, it is really difficult to say the word "young elder".
Yang Yibo smiled when he heard this. "It’s very kind of Zhang Gong. Yang also coincides with the meeting, but what Zhang Gong dongyue did in mainland China is really admirable."
Zhang Tao smiled shamefully. The sentence "Zhang is just protecting himself" is not modest, but a matter of realizing that everyone outside Zhang Tao shouted and killed into a complete demon.
If we don’t solve the chaos of the magic tower, such as distracting the temple? For Zhang Tao dialect, Yang Yibo smiled indifferently. "I heard that Zhang Gongyou has a fragrance of water and soul, right?"
Zhang Tao nodded. "Yes, it is."
"This time, our Yang’s mountain is aimed at the temple. I hope Zhang Gongke can cooperate with Yang’s soul to control the curse method. Even if I have no choice, only water and soul fragrance can restrain Zhang Gongyou. It’s great." Yang Yibo sincerely smiled and Zhang Tao found that he liked to laugh, just like a spring breeze, full of fresh feeling.
Zhang Tao is also very happy to have such a master accompanying him, and he has more confidence. He immediately responded with his fuels. "If Mr. Yang is willing to go with him, he will be more sure."
Yang Yibo smiled and waved his hand. "Now that we have decided, let’s start tomorrow. The chaos in overseas land has exceeded your imagination."
Zhang Tao heard Yang Yibo say so, and he was more worried about the extreme situation of JIU ge Fu and cold palace. "Zhang Taosheng is looking for you." At this time, the dark emperor suddenly came aside, and Yang Yibo obviously heard it and nodded his head at himself
There seems to be a new change in the street outside Zhang Tao from Qing Xin Yuan. Both Gu Youjun and the Dark Devil have obviously fallen. The Dark Emperor alone rules the absolute strength of the Magic Tower. Who is competing?
Although the people of Wanmo Tower are all fierce and desperate, they have one thing in common, that is, they bend the strong! The Dark Emperor betrayed his former loyalty to Gu Youjun and the Dark Devil’s Department into a strong general of the Dark Emperor. Of course, if a dead man refuses to bow his head, he will be obliterated by the Dark Emperor! After fighting with Gu Youjun, Zhang Taocai knew the overwhelming power of the top strong.
Not only that, the streets were not chaotic and bloody before. Obviously, the dark emperor implemented a new policy and changed everything in the Magic Tower. Zhang Tao didn’t think there was a problem, and soon someone came to meet Zhang Tao.
"Zhang Gong Please" Now Zhang Tao doesn’t need two aliases, Tao Zhang and Da Bang, to help the Dark Emperor uproot the Magic Tower. Although this feat was completed only when Yang Yibo appeared, he believed that his position in the Magic Tower was also extraordinary.
Zhang Tao nodded his head and followed their steps to the original residence of the Dark Emperor. Zhang Tao saw some familiar shadows, and obviously there were the hands of the Dark Devil and the Valley Gentleman.
Soon Zhang Tao was taken to a hall alone. The Dark Emperor was still wrapped in dark metal, and it was difficult to see his true colors, but his breath was different from that of the first time he saw him, and he was too kind.
"Is it healed?" The dark emperor asked gently, as if his heart were a younger generation.
"Thank you, Dark Emperor. I’m almost recovered." Zhang Tao fuels.
Dark emperor ha ha a smile after the metal mask this smile seems a bit gloomy "you and I fight together also calculate David and Jonathan will be so polite? Sit down, please. "Say that finish, the Dark Emperor gently pushes a chair and moves over like this. Zhang Taoshi is ashamed.
Zhang Tao, of course, also sat unceremoniously. "I have discussed with the leaders of major sects about the Magic Tower. Now it is finally done, but the overseas land has been completely chaotic, and great changes have taken place. I didn’t expect the temple to move so fast that it exceeded my imagination." The dark emperor’s voice was full of surprise and a little fear.
The magic tower helped the temple to invade successfully, but I didn’t expect the temple to develop so rapidly after its invasion, which was beyond the control of the magic tower.
"Now the Magic Tower has taken less to cut off the back road of the temple. Although their overseas land development has begun to take shape, it is always overseas land here. Even if they invade soon, it is absolutely impossible to lose the Magic Tower, which is a fatal blow to them." Zhang Tao affirmed.
The Dark Emperor nodded. The temple people never thought that the Magic Tower would lose two giants instantly and be controlled by the Dark Emperor. This kind of unexpected thing is absolutely fatal.
"The emperor won’t accompany you to overseas. There are still many things to deal with, and the emperor believes that the Templars will come to Lian Huang," said the dark emperor.
"When the emperor will help you fight for it," it is obvious that the dark emperor intends to attract the attention of the temple in another way to help Zhang Chapter 53 besiege the cold palace.
After the Dark Emperor promised to let Zhang Tao smile and nod, Zhang Tao turned away from "Zhang Tao is my eternal friend of the Magic Tower in the future". The Dark Emperor sincerely said that the loss of the fighting capacity of the two giants’ Magic Tower has been greatly reduced, and the peak of a saint is no longer enough to fight against the whole overseas land.
Nowadays, the Magic Tower is already a place that must fight with other sects, and can no longer do whatever it wants. Although the terrain is still difficult, it is already a treasure.
For the Dark Emperor’s words, Zhang Tao smiled and didn’t turn around. He was still the head and wouldn’t leave. But Zhang Tao didn’t know that the Dark Emperor was wearing a metal mask at this time, revealing the familiar face. If Zhang Tao, this would inevitably exclaim the cracked saint!
Back to the Qing court, Zhang Taoxin felt relaxed. Although the chaos in the overseas land was still there, Zhang Tao knew that the temple was just a turtle in the jar after being cut off.
Nan Guang and others are not worried about their injuries, so they need a good rest and will soon recover. Accelerating in Misuta can make them recover faster.
The fastest recovery is that Zhao Daniu doesn’t know anything about it. His body is now completely monolithic. Perhaps the average person is not as good at building armor as Zhao Daniu’s body.
All the true qi to temper the body and his natural skeletal surprise have created Zhao Daniu’s great potential and made the best of the future. This time in Nanguang, he was traumatized not only by his body but also by his soul. I’m afraid he recovered Zhang Tao and Mo Lengfeng in a short time. Although he was seriously injured, he was able to recover from natural resources.
Simply tidy up a Zhang Tao will go to the cold palace with Yang Yibo. I heard that where the state is in crisis, Mo Lengfeng seems to have his own plans. This time, fighting side by side is the most crisis. Where Yang Yibo learned that Mo Lengfeng did not hesitate to burn his life also moved Zhang Tao.