Ye Han this appearance everyone is a face of surprise, only Ye Hong’s face was stunned. He looked at Ye Han for a long time and saw Ye Han nod at him. This just surprised, "Poisonous fire in one hundred? Isn’t that a disaster in a hundred years? "

Ye Han nodded and smiled bitterly. "It seems that our Xingyuan City should have this robbery. If I didn’t guess wrong, it’s just over a hundred years since that one-hundred-year poisonous fire robbery!"
"Cold son how did this happen? What is a century-old poisonous fire! " After listening to this father’s conversation, Lengling also had no abnormal feeling. Yan Xin asked with a puzzled face.
Just as Ye Han wanted to explain, he heard Ye Hong suddenly sigh, "Smelling this vitality, there is a magical fire in the mainland. This fire comes from the sun and will come to this vitality every hundred years, so the fire will burn everywhere. Later, it was called’ a hundred-year poisonous fire’. Now, when I heard Han Er talking about it, I remembered that your grandparents and grandfathers once told me about it when I was young!"
After listening to Ye Hong’s explanation, although there are still many people who don’t understand it, most people still understand it a little, but relatively speaking, Ye Han knows more. This century-old poisonous fire appeared a hundred years ago. At the beginning, Qingyun Zeng Qiang’s overhaul would be resolved, and his grandfather Ye Tian was the elder of Yanyunmen, and he naturally knew about it.
It is in his memory that Qingyun was able to resolve this century-old poisonous fire with the help of four nine planets cold jade spirits, but now these four jade spirits are owned, but there are three, and everyone is seriously deficient in repairing them. It is obviously not feasible to turn this toxic fire into detoxification.
"Alas, disaster, this poisonous fire is so vicious. It seems that this world can resolve very few people. I really don’t know when it will recede. It seems that Xingyuan City will be doomed this time!" Knowing that this is a century-old poison fire, Ye Hong is also a short-term countermeasure to be alone in compassion!
Ye Hong shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Father is not in such a hurry. Since someone can defuse this century-old poisonous fire a hundred years ago, there will be such people today. Don’t worry, I’ll leave all this to the child. The child will take care of it!"
I heard that Ye Hongtun was stupefied, but he soon came to his senses and shook his head with a wry smile. "Alas, cold son, my father knows that you don’t want to worry your father, but how can you solve the poisonous fire in this century?"
Ye Han heard this with a confident look, and then added, "The mountain man has his own clever plan, father. Please trust Haner this time. Go back and wait for the news. I will definitely solve this matter before dark!"
Hearing Ye Han’s promise, Ye Hong suddenly froze, but even Leng Lingyanxin froze. At the same time, all of them looked incredulous. They knew that Ye Han’s repair was no more than Yuan Ying’s realm now. How can he solve the problem that many stronger people are helpless?
"Come on, you all go back here. I’m alone. Go back!" Seeing that everyone didn’t want to believe in themselves, Ye Han suddenly felt a bitter pain in his heart. Now he has his own way but can’t be known, but these people are not willing to leave, which makes him feel twice as difficult.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han can turn to Lengling, hoping that she can believe in herself, and at the same time, I hope that she can persuade her father to go away, so that she can exert herself to the fullest, no matter whether she can really solve the disaster, but at least try to succeed, and then she can resign herself to fate.
With this idea, Ye Han slowly rushed to Lengling’s front and said, "Lingerfu begged you to help me persuade them all to go. Please, I’m afraid there is something you can do here. Believe in Husband?"
"Ha ha cold son, although you said a little too much this time, Linger is still willing to believe you. Don’t worry, leave everything to me. I hope you can really solve this century-old poisonous fire robbery!" Cold ling smell speech busy smiled to say with smile
Say that finish see LengLing slowly came to Ye Hong smiled laughed "grandfather can give cold son a chance? Let him try. Maybe he can solve it in other ways? "
As soon as Lengling’s words came out, Ye Hong suddenly fell silent. Yan Xin also hurried over and took Lengling’s arm and nodded and said, "Yes, my father-in-law Han Er has always been hiding deeply. Maybe he can find a way to deal with the century-old poisonous fire. Don’t forget that he can get good luck everywhere!"
See the two women Qi Xin together yip hon, also feel very comfort the original inflammation hin will speak out against, but don’t want him to be so complete unlike the first time I saw inflammation home big miss, although see her sample has not changed, but people have matured a lot.
Ye Hong ao however, the two of them nodded and promised, and then he ordered everyone to leave first, and then he slowly left Leng Lingyanxin, seeing that things had been done well, and then he turned to leave.
When Ye Han saw this, he rushed to the two men and shouted, "Ladies, please stay here. We still need your help!"
Ye Han, the two ladies’ words made the two women stop and turn around slowly, and their faces were all covered with a touch of shyness. Ye Han was busy to meet them, and each of them took one hand and smiled. "You can’t leave your husband without it!"
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, two women are even more shy. Looking at these two women’s shyness is like two flowers. Ye Han’s heart is also moving, but soon he will recover, and then they will loose the jade flute in Yu Pei.
See Ye Han take out jade flute two women immediately dare not careless shy heart suddenly convergence turned to a face of primly looking at Ye Han Ye Han looked at busy shake head wry smile way "you are not nervous, everything has me? You are to prevent someone from peeking and remembering this secret must never let outsiders know"
"Oh," xianggong ",don’t worry. Sister Ling and I have no one to peek at!" Listen to Ye Han so Lengling smiled, then nodded at Lengling, and at the same time assumed a cautious look, looking around is very conscientious.
See this Ye Han nai shook his head with a wry smile, and then he ran the star cold tactic method to inject his vitality into the phlogistic cold jade flute, and then he drank a figure and jumped up.
Ye Hanzhan, the ruins of Yuezang Pavilion, insisted on not letting himself fall, and then the jade flute in his hand suddenly hit a faint seal in the flute and suddenly hit the ruins.
When I saw that the seal definitely broke into the ruins, I suddenly took a deep breath and my figure suddenly flashed, and then I fell back to my original place. Then I gave a seal definitely with one hand and broke into the ruins. Then I took a clap of my hands and said, "Done!"
【 461 】 【 Ye Zhai disposal 】
"This ….." Looking at Ye Han’s every move until he stopped, Ling Yanxin was both shocked. They were impressed that Ye Han had a very shallow understanding of the law, but now everything makes them unable to believe that people who knew nothing about the law before could be so easily arranged into the law, and this law is difficult to understand even those who are familiar with it.
Ye Han seems to have guessed that the two women would be shocked. After arranging the array, they quietly came to the front of the two men. When they saw that they were really shocked, they smiled and said, "What’s the matter, are the two ladies satisfied with this array?"
After speaking, Ye Han felt that he had to bear some praise, but he didn’t want to listen for a long time, but suddenly Lengling asked, "Are you really cold?"
Hearing this, Lengling, Ye Han suddenly came short of anger and dared to come back for so long. His wife still doubts her authenticity at this moment, which is really amazing.
"Linger, how can you talk about you and me? Don’t you even know me?" Naiye cold busy asked with a wry smile.