Seeing Tang Jinguang silent for a long time, Zhuo Qiang continued to cling to B. "What do you say about this?"

"Zhuo bro now that things have happened, we all can help, can’t we? Besides, you agreed to this matter! At most, you see, if it doesn’t work, I’ll talk to you and give you some compensation. What? Is this always ok? " The more Tang Jinguang said, the more he felt lacking in confidence.
Zhuo Qiang can be said to be lacking in everything now. He just has everything he wants through these tough hands. And what can he compensate Zhuo Qiang with Tang Jinguang? He really can’t think of anything to give except money, but is Zhuo Qiang short of money now? Of course he is not short of money
"In this case, it’s all right that you prepare five hundred thousand tons of good steel for me! The sooner the better! I’m in a hurry! It is best to prepare it for me in three days and then inform me that I will pick it up myself! " Zhuojiang finished and hung up.
Tang Jinguang took the words and was stunned for a while. Finally, it was white again. This time, it was placed by Zhuo Qiang.
Long Yun Zhuoqiang proudly shook his head and said to Christie, "Look, not only did you get 500,000 tons of steel for nothing, but the speed was first-class. After three days, our Long Yun can be upgraded!"
Christie asked a little puzzled, "Doesn’t Long Yun need 300,000 tons of steel to upgrade? Why did you ask for 200 thousand tons more? "
"In addition to the three hundred thousand tons needed to upgrade the Long Yun, don’t his two three-stage warships also need to be upgraded? We can put the two also rose to the fourth level, by the way, although they can’t rush out of the earth for the time being, but after the strength is enhanced, we can completely control the earth. "Zhuo Qiang had a plan.
"But those two warships are only 75 thousand tons after upgrading. It seems that they are not so much?" Christie is still not too white. If the tonnage before upgrading is added, it will still be a lot more …
Zhuo Qiang nodded his finger and said, "Congren will be confused sometimes!" After the upgrade of Long Yun, it will definitely increase the number of auxiliary ships. This extra steel is the third auxiliary ship preparation! "
"Oh, so that’s it! Do you mean that if Long Yun can rush out of the sun, you will leave three warships on the earth to maintain your influence on the earth? " Christie asked.
"This may not be three ships for the time being. If one day, when they all rise to the fifth level, I may take one and leave the other two on the earth." Zhuo Qiang roughly said his own thoughts
After all, the earth is also its hometown, where relatives and friends live. He must station strong armed forces on the earth to shock all countries and forces so that his relatives and friends can live more safely and with dignity.
He has thought that his parents may not follow him. Even if they really want to go there, there are too many variables and it is too dangerous. It is necessary for them not to follow them for the time being.
Just as Zhuo Qiang was full of lofty sentiments and ambitions, when yu was full of ambitions, Liu Xiaolei asked in a low voice, "The boss has achieved fruitful results this time. What was the original agreement on carnival celebration?"
"Carnival? Celebration? Who said that? " ZhuoJiang doubt hu to ask
Christie laughed twice and then said softly, "I said, don’t you think there should be a celebration at this important moment?"
When she finished, she turned to Liu Xiaolei, tightened her brow and said, "I said celebrate. When did I say carnival? Well, what do you mean by carnival? "
"Carnival? Carnival, literally, is naturally crazy, happy and crazy to celebrate! That is to say, you can eat, drink, sing and laugh as much as you want, and so on. "Liu Xiaolei gave Christie a carnival meaning in detail.
Kristima’s eyes flashed. "You mean you can drink to your heart’s content? There is also singing. My voice is not very good, but I can barely sing thousands of songs. "
Seeing Christie’s excitement, she shook her head and agreed to this so-called carnival program.
After he agreed, Christie made the carnival a three-day event on her own, so that she could drink wine casually for three days and never worry about being stopped by Zhuo Qiang again.
"Alas, it’s really some don’t match with her beauty! Drinking, gambling, and being so interested in looting houses, people really don’t know if they can go to this earth! " Zhuo Qiang quietly left the scene of the upcoming carnival with emotion and sat down in a corner of the operation room to plan the upgraded action in front of a screen.
According to the present situation of the fourth stage of Long Yun, the fifth stage is likely to rush out of the earth or even out of the sun, so there are still many things to do before leaving the earth, so we must make plans early.
Although you can see that the captain lacks interest in this event, the preparations for this event are still proceeding in an orderly manner.
Ye Chuchu and Liu Xiaolei moved boxes of beer, red wine and drinks from the cold storage. Of course, it is also necessary for Christie to drink Maotai best.
Christie also do it yourself this time and Tian Jing and other nv children entered the restaurant kitchen to prepare various se dishes, desserts, fruits and other foods.
While others began to decorate the command room into a strange scene with a festive atmosphere. They hung decorations such as colored lights from nowhere in every corner of the command room, turning this serious command room into a stage waiting for a good performance.
Sofas were moved out of their bedrooms, and tea tables or tables were placed in this spacious room. It didn’t take long for the whole room to be rectified.
When night fell, the lights in the command room of the Long Yun were full of brilliance and a festive atmosphere.
The food is like running water, and the se color and fragrance of large and small tables are all mouth-watering. Every table and cup are shining and shining, and everyone seems to have an impulse to get drunk.
In fact, it may be this festive atmosphere that they don’t hold this feast in the restaurant
When all the dining tables were ready, Christie took Zhuo Qiang to a table and asked him to be the captain first.
Although Zhuo Qiang doesn’t quite agree with this carnival program, he doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun when he comes. Secondly, he is really a little hungry. Looking at so many good wines and dishes, he can’t stand this yuhu.
After he was seated, everyone found a seat and raised the glass in front of him to propose a toast to Zhuo Qiang first.
Zhuo Qiang’s infection also brought interest to everyone. He got up and held a cup and said, "After all your efforts for so long, Long Yun has finally been able to rise to the fifth level. This is an unprecedented height. This achievement is not for me alone, but for all seats! Long Yun couldn’t have gone this far without your hard work. I sincerely thank you here! Cheers! "
"cheers!" Everyone shouted in unison and drank a glass of wine.
After re-seating, everyone ate and clinked glasses at will. "Jingle" lun rang, and many people whispered and the atmosphere was very warm.
Christie sat next to Zhuo Qiang and kept picking up the cup and clinking it with Zhuo Qiang. After touching it with him, she touched Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao next to her. Soon her face was already red and charming.