While talking, Rossi’s speed dropped to a few minutes.

Yang Ye didn’t look at Rosie at night and asked coldly, "Do you want to stay here without accompanying me? You don’t want to die. You dare not offend me, and you dare not let Lord Sihao and others see you with me. You are afraid of death, right?"
Words said rossi leng eyes at a loss to Yang night.
Yang night also reduced the speed and slowly turned to look at Rossi with a cold smile and said, "Do you know what kind of people are not afraid of death? I’ll tell you one kind is people with hatred in their hearts, such as me, and the other is dead people, such as you. "
The voice has fallen, but Yang Ye has made moves, but there is a flash of red light with a fleeting airflow.
That crystal family Rosigan didn’t see things clearly, but he felt that he couldn’t make a sound, and then a mass of black things crossed from his eyes and fell straight.
Rossi looked at it very carefully, and she was more stunned because that dark thing turned out to be his own body!
That’s right. At the moment, crystal family Rossi has a head left in suspension, unable to speak, but able to see things clearly and really feel the fear of death!
Yang night raised my hand and a red light as big as fireflies flew out of his finger and ran straight to Rossi’s head.
"After that, you will never be afraid of death, but remember that crystal family guy is a ghost family energy who killed you!"
With the cold words of Yang night, crystal family Rossi’s head has been instantly expanded in the light as big as that firefly, and his head has been instantly incinerated in a red light.
I have been surprised by my present strength since Yang Ye just now. This strength is imperceptible. Yang Ye didn’t feel any significant changes in his body. Even a ghost can lose into the body. In an instant, that kind of strength keeps growing, which is very calm, but there is no doubt that he has become stronger now. How can this change be quantified?
The former body has disappeared, and there is a new body created by the original body of the ghost family. The bone energy, evil energy and divine energy contained in the former body have been intensified by that ghost energy, and they are generally surging and expanding like beasts trying to get out of the cage.
Just now, the single strength of nearly 100 crystal family officials has been comparable to that of the original aquarium soft thunder, and the strength of the aquarium soft thunder is not much worse than that of Xiahou Chaojun. Although Yang Ye had surpassed Xiahou Chaojun and others before he knew his strength, at the moment he killed nearly 100 officials with strength close to Xiahou Chaojun and Roulei and others in the blink of an eye. This is too problematic!
But the first world war against crystal family’s official group was just a small experiment. Of course, Yang Ye knew that he didn’t try his best. No, no, it wasn’t the root. He solved the battle with speed and fists, and the ability to truly blend ghosts with gods has not been exerted at all.
I’m really strong! Ghost energy! God can! Bone energy! Evil energy! Give me an arm! Help me avenge myself!
Yang Ye Peng Pai thought about the extremely fast flying speed and put the curly red and black hair behind him, clearly showing Yang Ye’s cool face.
The distance from the continuous line ahead is getting closer and closer, and gradually the outline of a seemingly majestic building is a little blurred.
Now I should be able to deal with the mighty protoss sihao!
Yang night thinking about accelerating my heart sank and bit my teeth and shouted in my heart, even if it’s really the bone clan, if it’s my enemy, I’ll kill him! I am right or wrong, maybe if I fight, if the enemy is right or wrong, I can’t have kindness. With kindness, I will no longer be right or evil but a CPPCC member!
A magnificent temple building presents a dark and chaotic scene in front of Yang night. Such a temple is particularly eye-catching and dazzling in the domain, and the domain is different everywhere. It is even brighter around the temple, but the light from unknown sources is shrouded, which is even more clean and clear.
That’s the domain leader. Yang night, blazing with anger kept staring straight ahead and slowed down without any detention.
When everything became clearer, Yang Ye felt that Qian Qian’s aura was condensed, big and small, as if knowing that he was coming, and he was moving outward from the domain leader.
Gradually slow down the speed, Yang night slowly falls with both feet on the ground, and the hall is close at hand. Although there is light hanging over it, it still looks very dark and cold.
Pure black architecture makes people unable to find any color.
Yang night stepped on the ground step by step, and the closer he got, the more he felt a pressing momentum coming, as if he had seen thousands of bright and fierce eyes staring at him coldly.
A few steps forward, the door of the domain leader hall has suddenly appeared in front of you.
Some accidents are that there are several figures rushing out of the main gate, and the outside of the main gate is dark and chaotic.
This time, it was not an intention or an illusion. There were indeed thousands of pairs of eyes fixed on Yang Ye’s side.
Yang night came closer, stopped slowly, and his eyes were cold, scanning the dark crowd ahead.
I don’t know what eyes sweep through a person’s mind every time, but information can instantly pop up as if it were a very long memory, but it is really reflected in my mind.
As if those are all memories of past lives.
But really, every time I see a figure, Yang Yema can know what race and level he is. Although it’s not yet called by name, there are tens of thousands of people in front of me and they are still pouring out from the hall gate. Yang Yema has unconsciously distinguished their race!
That’s the Jin clan, that’s the after clan, that’s the smoke clan, that’s the Li clan, that’s the ghost clan, that’s the fire clan, that’s the aquarium, that’s the cloud clan, that’s the bird clan, that’s the orc clan, that’s the evil clan, that’s crystal family, that’s the flower clan, that’s …
Dressed in eyes, expressions and postures, Yang Yewan can tell from these angles what race these people belong to! And some names he had never heard of before, but at the moment, his mind was clear and fresh.