The aura of the body is still throbbing, and suddenly the aura accelerates inexplicably, like handing him all kinds of information. This is the aura’s induction to heaven and earth.

Reiki guided him in the same way as he had guided him to Bodong.
This forest of death is either a great man like Bo Dong or a place with a very pure aura of heaven and earth.
There are two reasons why the aura of other bodies will throb.
Of course, he would rather have the aura throbbing because of the latter, or whether they can walk out of the forest of death will have a definite answer-if they don’t, they will die!
Because of the aura, he points out the direction, that is, the direction they want to go is exactly where the dividing line is located.
In my heart, I suspect that Sammul He is not going to tell Purple Pupil and Brady that he doesn’t want two people to worry. At the same time, he thinks about whether they should be with him. Aiwei is not afraid of sacrificing his life. For this world, he is lonely. He has no fetters, even if he sacrifices, there is not much regret. After all, he is not from this world, but Purple Pupil is different from Brady. They have relatives, parents, their own family and power. If he dies because of him, his heart will be branded and his pain will never be erased.
In the end, he made a decision that he could not let them take this fatal danger.
"Purple pupil will transfer me out, I’ll go to the front to explore the way." His light mouth and eyes can’t see how much fluctuation there is
Purple pupil one leng then nodded, no doubt it said "be careful".
For a moment, Sammul He appeared in the forest to steal the dzi beads and automatically suspended them in front of him. He stole the pictures of Fiona Fang for miles and made sure that there was no danger around him before he moved forward cautiously.
Blood-red reiki emerged to cover his breath and avoid the keen sense of smell of wild animals.
After nearly a hundred miles, all the way was blocked. Although he met several powerful beasts fighting each other, he had already spared him by stealing the dzi beads to find out.
It’s been nine nights since he came out when he calculated! This walking distance is a full 1000 miles! However, it is still a short distance from the destination, and the forest of death is too big.
Pull a piece of cloth from the clothes, wrap the body wound around his legs, and sit and absorb the aura of heaven and earth to restore his body.
At this time, his body was scarred, although he stole the dzi beads, but the horror of the dead forest still made him gasp. Some unknown animals and plants would suddenly sneak up on him around or underground. His most terrible injury was that his right chest was bitten by a frog-like creature, and a large piece of flesh and blood showed his ferocious bones. The seemingly weak animal actually looked at his aura armor or bit his defense armor.
If the bite is in his heart, he will be seriously injured if he doesn’t die.
At that moment, he knew that the death forest was terrible. If he hadn’t stolen the dzi beads and had no map, he would have died many times.
Nevertheless, Sammul He’s eyes are still firm, and she loves Wei Er to wait for him. He can’t keep her waiting for too long.
"Death forest must go out! Arriving there is like the sky fairy palace. "
He knows that waiting is the most insecure thing. Lover can’t afford to wait, and neither can he.
How long Torres’ amulet can last has always been a concern in his heart. He must go to the shadow paradise to quickly repair it.
Shadow heaven is the most suitable place for him to practice!
"It’s time to move on. We will soon arrive outside the top ten forbidden areas. Section 114 Unexpected ending (grand finale)
After walking for half a day, the forbidden area finally showed Sammul He’s eyes
Even the feet on the edge of the forbidden area can’t figure out how huge it is, and the towering fairy palace is still misty and vague, like being close at hand and as far away as the horizon.
"Is this the forbidden area?"
Sammul He can’t steal the whole forbidden landscape with a stolen dzi bead. This mountain seems to contain another world.
With a sigh, he is intent on stepping into the dividing line between the two mountains. He has to explore the truth before going back to take Brady and Zitong.
Just as he was about to step, his pupils suddenly contracted, his body trembled faintly, and his forehead actually overflowed with cold sweat.
"This kind of feeling have this feeling? I feel like someone is leaving me soon. That person is so important to me. "
His footsteps faltered, and his heart suddenly felt terrible. That’s how he felt when the old man left him.
"Don’t love EU son?"
He feels like, tell him, Avril, something’s wrong!
At this time, the light continent
"Are you really my grandfather?" Nudeya stared at the skinny old man with eyes wide open.
Aside red nu snorted "no big or little! Don’t say hello to Grandpa Zu. "Red respectfully said to the old man." Grandpa, I didn’t expect you to still be alive. This really surprised me. "
The old man’s hair is pale, his eyes are sunken and even his back is a little hunched, but he is actually grandpa Reid, who is estimated to be close to 200 years old and he is still alive.
"Who told you I was dead?" The old man’s face is old but his voice is dignified
"Sixty years ago, I was seriously injured by the enemy, and I was defeated. At the same time, I threw you away. My mind was peaceful, but I didn’t expect that in this peaceful mind, I slowly recovered. Finally, I broke through and the life of the film hunter was extended again."
"In the past 60 years, I have traveled around the mainland of light and shadow to appreciate people’s feelings. Today, I finally came back. I said that it is not long or short. Some people may not have a life for 60 years. These 60 years are my quiet years, which is equivalent to the trough in my life, but there is a climax when there is a trough. Today, I come back to tell the whole mainland of light and shadow that wild hunt has returned in the past!"
The old man’s words were dull, but in the end, there was a violent breath. His body changed, and the original dry and wrinkled skin was once again radiant, and his white hair slowly turned black. Soon, a middle-aged man in his forties appeared in front of everyone, even younger than Reid.
Nudeya was surprised to see all this casually become ecstatic. "Grandpa Zu, do you mean you are a shadow hunter now?"
The old man nodded lightly.
Nudeya was even more ecstatic. "That’s great. Grandfather Grandson has something to help Grandfather Grandfather." His mouth was covered with a biting smile. "Aiweier, I’ll see how long that sword can resist this time!"
"Hello, it’s the first time I’ve met you. Grandpa needs to give you some gifts, so let’s do three things for you. What about it?"
"Grandfather, one is enough. Come with me!"