The true qi protects the body from frost and feathers, and it doesn’t mean to hurt Zhang Tao. It just doesn’t matter if this happens, but at this time, with the deepening of the cold, Zhang Tao not only didn’t feel the cold, but showed a pair of enjoyment. Soon, he came to the cold crystal igloo, and at this time, he stood with positive and negative hands for nine days.

"Master" Zhang Tao tentatively called out for nine days, and slowly turned around and his face was unpredictable, making Zhang Tao’s heart seven.
"Well, when you were a little ten years old, you worked hard, and now you are a master among the younger generation in Dongyue mainland, but you can’t be proud of this decade. You are a civil and military training institute, but you have to know that you can’t neglect your writing in the future. It’s good to pick up girls, and martial arts is the root of your life. You should never put the cart before the horse." If some scholars hear the comments on the writing for nine days, they will be angry, and they will be reincarnated.
However, the original character of nine days and one less is to do whatever you want, but to be ashamed of your conscience. The view of heaven and man has been dismissive for nine days and one less. For nine days and one less, it is good that your heart is happy. What do other people think?
Although there is a saying that the beam is crooked, there is also a truth that the mud is not stained. Zhang Tao’s surface is false. In fact, 16-year-old Zhang Tao has already had his own shot in his heart. Zhang Tao is now a monk who is puzzled
"Well, young master, I asked you to come here today to tell you a few things. The first thing is that you must keep in mind that it is absolutely of great help to your future." Nine days and one less said.
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Chapter 9 Break the Qiao Shi
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Chapter 1 Testing
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Chapter 11 What is shock?
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Chapter 1 Honor belongs to the Zhang family!
Chu Xin Zhang Wanli was stupefied at this time and looked at himself and easily lifted three stone locks and his face remained the same. Zhang Tao, their minds seemed to have lost their thinking ability, and their eyes seemed to become strange at this moment.
Is this still my own person who is kind and takes a step back from everything? Can you do this step? Are really good people rewarded? God bless?
Li Qiang, on the other hand, is about to fall to the ground. He is absolutely sure that he will never stop beating his face until it is swollen, as if he would never give up until he pulled out his eyes from the sight of Zhang Tao lifting the stone lock.
And JiTing original filar silk charming face at this time is pale as if bleeding cherry mouth mumbling trembling also don’t know what to say.
And Li Dongcheng is the most direct and simply kneeling on the ground. Today, the blow is too heavy. I didn’t expect that Zhang Tao, who has always been a waste in his heart, is even stronger than Lin Qian? Can you do this step?
"Wanli brother? When did your son practice so hard? " As time goes by, Zhang Tao gently put the stone lock on the wooden platform without any tremor. Obviously, Zhang Tao’s control power has reached the point of perfection, and Linhua has been stuttering and asked.
How could Zhang Wanli know? He can shake his head blankly, and Chu Xin is also confused. Obviously, Zhang Tao shows that they didn’t know in advance.
The three stone locks add up to at least 100 Jin. Although they are lifted with both hands, they have no asthma at all. Obviously, they can be lifted with one hand if Zhang Tao runs his body. Is it shocking or compulsory patience?
And in the distance, he made a snap of his fingers for nine days, and his face was also excited. "Good job, good job." After that, he disappeared in the same place. Obviously, it was no longer necessary to look at the things he received.
Zhang Tao is also very excited at this time, but after ten years of inhuman training, Zhang Tao’s mind is no longer forced to suppress the excitement than ordinary people. He asked, "Teacher Zhaolong, are we comparable?"
Hearing Zhang Tao’s question, Zhaolong is the only way to react. How do you say Zhaolong is also a person who has traveled outside and has seen some of the world. He is still shocked when he looks at this slightly shy boy in front of him.
"Well, you can attack," said Zhao Long with some stuttering, but deep in his eyes, he flashed a faint expectation. Obviously, the scene that Zhang Tao just showed has gradually changed his view of Zhang Tao.
Zhang Tao nodded without hesitation and rushed to Zhang Taoxian’s six-level martial arts master’s strength, which can definitely kill Megatron in the blink of an eye, but in order to keep the card, Zhang Tao took out just more than Lin Qian’s strength! That’s the third-level martial artist!
"How is that possible?" Zhaolong blocked Zhang Tao’s attack, and his heart was full of shock. He believed that just training his body could reach the level of a three-level martial artist?
However, although he was surprised that Zhaolong could still stabilize his body shape and push Zhang Tao back, he quickly said, "Stop it!" Zhang Tao, listen to * kanShu;; To Zhaolong words immediately stopped and Zhaolong looked at Zhang Tao, a child who had been training with him for ten years, as if he had become stranger.
"Don’t really I see deluding themselves? Zhang Tao is the jade? " What do you think of Zhaolong’s theory? Zhang Tao is not as handsome as Lin Qian, but his strength at present makes Zhaolong speechless.
"Diligence can make up for it?" These four words just flashed through my mind and were rejected by Zhaolong. Lin Qian is not only gifted, but also hard-working. All children can have such strength. Even Zhang Tao’s double practice is absolutely beyond Lin Qian, and it is not just a little bit.
Then it can be said that Zhang Tao is better than Lin Qian’s genius. What famous teacher killed Zhaolong when Zhang Tao met, and he didn’t believe that any worldly master would come to the small mountain village to accept his disciples? Wide mainland talents are like stars. There is no need to lose a lot because of small things, and it is impossible to see children in such remote mountain villages.
However, Zhaolong never dreamed that the world was so crazy for nine days, and it was still a violent madness.
At this time, when Zhaolong was still thinking, there was a loud cry in the village. They cheered for Zhang Tao, and they cheered for today’s miracle.
And in the face of such cheers, Zhang Tao is quietly elegant and smiling. At this moment, white robe and Zhang Tao are like graceful and peerless talents, and he is like the champion of to be no.1 Jinke. He can’t find the momentum of the martial arts master. It is hard to believe if he has not just seen it with his own eyes.
The villagers cheered and awakened Zhaolong. Although Fa believes that although Fa understands, he still has to come up with a fair judgment. "I declare Zhang Jia Zhang Tao! Become the first person in the younger generation of Taixiang Village! "
Zhaolong’s recognition represents Zhang Tao’s success. People in the village no longer doubt that it is absolutely false to raise a stone lock or fight Zhaolong just now.
"Congratulations, brother Wan Li!" At this time, the first person to send sincere wishes is either others or Lin Hua! Although my son didn’t go out to study on behalf of the village, my good brother has been under great pressure. How stinging is the word tiger, father and dog? And at this moment, such gossip is broken.
Zhang Tao proved one thing by his own strength: Zhang Tao is Zhang Wanli, and he is not a dog, but a son who brings pride and pride to his father!
Tears welled up in my eyes. This village has been silently guarding everyone. The village has been silently adding bricks and tiles to bring food. The first hunter finally managed to restrain his excitement and rushed forward with tears.
Zhang Tao is also very excited at this time to see his father’s face flushed with tears and his mother’s beautiful eyes reddish and her body trembling. It is not white to work hard in the past ten years, and it is not wasted to struggle with Master Gong’s death line in hell.
What keeps you going? It’s my family, it’s my dream. At this moment, all my efforts have been rewarded. Even though Zhang Tao’s mind is tough, he faces the hot tears of his loved ones and the tears in Zhang Tao’s eyes are flowing.