This is a strong-willed tiger! When Duan Qingyun finished the operation for the tiger, he wiped his sweat and praised the whole operation process, except for heavy breathing. The tiger didn’t say anything! Such a tiger is really rare …

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Chapter 15 Meet again when the tiger returns to the mountain?
As it turns out, Duan Qingyun’s operation on the tiger was very successful. At the moment when Duan Qingyun just took back the scalpel, he was washed with sweat like a drowned rat. He suddenly heard "Hua!" A current of water, and the tiger threw a tiger urine in front of Duan Qingyun’s fifth wife.
The "fifth wife" quickly dodged her nose and turned away, but Duan Qingyun did not move. The tiger urine splashed his feet and legs. His eyes kept staring at the tiger urine color of the "new tiger whip". He was surprised to find that the tiger urination function had returned to normal!
Duan Qingyun was overjoyed to look at the ancient book at hand-"The Secret Art of Receiving Whips" seemed to shine with strange brilliance, and it was a great comfort in my heart. It seems that the ancient land of China really is outstanding, and it is incredible that there are so many awesome people in our predecessors who have actually created such amazing and wonderful medical skills. If it were not for Wang Jinniu’s incurable disease, if it were not for this tiger who came to ask for help at night, what would it be worth? Duan Qingyun eyed the medieval cover and looked around the room full of old doctors.
But Duan Qingyun is also brewing a one-step plan. Can’t this be the way to save his friend Wang Jinniu’s life?
Duan Qingyun had already been planning such a plan when Diao Ge Wei’s family stole the tiger whip, so he conveniently took back the dog whip and kidney of Diao Ge Wei’s family and "installed" the dog whip and kidney on the tiger’s body, which was naturally left to Wang Jinniu. If this "plan" was known to the tiger, it would probably make the tiger angry to death. However, according to his own "aphrodisiac theory", Duan Qingyun believes that Diao Ge’s "winning the tiger" is an excellent kind of dog that Diao Ge bought from abroad. The beast habit is not weaker than that of the tiger. However, after all, the dog is a tiger, a tiger and a whip. Although it is said that it has aphrodisiac effect, the tiger whip is better than the dog whip. After careful analysis, Duan Qingyun comes to the conclusion that his good friend Wang Jinniu was severely abused by the rich women in the city. It is necessary to give Wang Jinniu an aphrodisiac for a short time and quickly to supplement the yang, but it takes a long time to supplement the aphrodisiac method. Obviously, Wang Jinniu can’t wait that long.
At this time, the tiger reached out to Duan Qingyun’s hand with a long tiger tongue and licked Duan Qingyun’s hand assiduously, and then licked the "fifth wife" cold show cloud hand.
For a long time, the tiger turned around and walked out of the house, Duan Qingyun, and then walked out of the door. Just a few steps later, the tiger turned around and stared at Duan Qingyun through the double door. His "fifth wife" had a pair of tiger eyes flashing with laser.
Suddenly Duan Qingyun rose a trace of reluctance. This whole night, his tiger went from defense to intimacy, from fear to joy. Although it was short, a trace of inexplicable feelings happened unconsciously. At this moment, the tiger was going back to Lingshou Mountain, and he gave birth to a trace of sadness in his heart. He couldn’t help but get up and quickly walked out of the house and walked towards the tiger. Leng Xiuyun, the fifth wife, followed.
Duan Qingyun stroked the tiger’s head, hands, hands, sweat and transpiration, and gently wiped his back. "Tiger eldest brother, I just finished the operation for you. You don’t want to walk around at will, especially you can’t run around, you know? If the activity is intense, it may split the wound, and then you should suffer again. Pain or secondary key is your’ sexual happiness’ will be affected! "
Leng Xiuyun, the fifth wife, seems to have developed feelings for the tiger. She also put her hands into the tiger’s head and body and gently stroked the tiger. "Brother Tiger, you should take care of yourself."
The tiger looked affectionately at Duan Qingyun’s "fifth wife". Although she couldn’t speak, the tiger shook her tail gently, and the word "thank you" was written in her eyes.
Duan Qingyun looked at the dawn every day and said, "Brother Hu, please go back to the mountain immediately. When and when, I will go into the mountains to see you."
The tiger, who is proficient in human nature, also looked up at Duan Qingyun’s words, and it was about to light up. The sky went towards Lingshou Mountain along the winding mountain path and never looked back, and then disappeared in an instant.
Looking at the direction of the tiger, Duan Qingyun was stunned for a long time. The "fifth wife" patted Duan Qingyun’s shoulder and said, "Brother Duan, the tiger has finally left. I think this tiger is really cute."
Duan Qingyun winds this just return to absolute being, pull the "fifth wife" hand just visible and return to the courtyard, shut the door tightly again, and at the same time, the bench tightly resisted the door and returned to the house.
The "fifth wife" was scared all night. At this time, the tiger had gone away, and her mood was slightly calm. She was attracted by the superb medical skills of the old section, and she was proud of touching the tiger herself. These sisters were bragging again. However, she was just about to talk. Duan Qingyun put her hand over her mouth, and her face always showed a bit of lewdness. "Wife, will you promise me something?"
The "fifth wife" was surprised to see Duan Qingyun change her usual smile. "Brother Duan, tell me if I can do it and I will do it." But in my heart, I was wondering if a man likes a woman, he must be serious and serious when he confesses to her, otherwise it would be insincere! Let’s take a look at Duan Qingyun’s facial expression "Fifth Wife" at this time. A heart plops and plops. Did I accompany Duan Dage for a night and feel scared for a night? To woo a girl? It seems that the girl is really lucky to stand out from the beautiful women in Lingxian Town and marry Duan Dage as his wife! Which girl in Lingxian Town doesn’t want to marry Duan Dage …
The "fifth wife" is a woman after all, but she didn’t understand Duan Qingyun’s psychology at the moment.
Duan Qingyun stared at the face of the "fifth wife" and said, "Wife, you can’t say anything when you meet someone tonight, even if you can’t spit out a word, will it be rotten to the stomach?"
"The fifth wife" felt a little lost in her heart. "What can’t you say? You saved the tiger. If the town people know, they will respect you more."
Duan Qingyun said, "You think too simply. I’ll tell you the details later. I’m going to a friend’s house now. Go home alone."
The "fifth wife" was even more unhappy when she heard this. "Brother Duan, Tianma is about to light up. Can’t you stay with me for a while?"
Duan Qingyun seems to have a few cat paws tickling terribly in his heart. Although he just shook the hand of the "fifth wife" in front of him and didn’t sleep with her, this "fifth wife" is handsome in figure and has two * * elastic legs, which are slender and attractive to the whole town. My old section now believes that if she has a relationship with men and women, it will be more refreshing.
And the "fifth wife" just has such a psychological expectation at this time. After all, she stayed with the old section for a whole night. At this time, although she is no longer afraid, her heart is in urgent need of comfort.
Duan Qingyun said, "Honey, I really have something urgent to do now. I will accompany you to Lingshou Mountain to see the moon alone another night, okay?"
The "fifth wife" is really an easy-to-deceive girl. When Duan Qingyun plans to accompany her to see the moon alone, she can’t help but smile and say, "Brother Duan, you must keep your word!"
"Of course. When did I ever tell a lie?" Duan Qingyun replied while finishing the surgical instruments.
"Well, I promise you won’t tell anyone about tonight!" Leng xiu yun Dao
Words just say that finish Duan Qingyun suddenly her face kissed for a moment, and this "fifth wife" body trembled slightly. This is the first time that Duan Da Ge kissed her!
When she woke up from a trance, Qingyun had packed up all kinds of utensils that needed to be brought. "Wife, please stay here and clean up here first and remember that there can be no blood."
Say that finish Duan Qingyun strode out of the house and locked the door, and went all the way east along the narrow bluestone road to Wang Jinniu’s home.
Although it was dark, Duan Qingyun was still walking like the wind when he passed by Diaoge Committee’s house. He vaguely saw a light coming out of the crack of the door. Duan Qingyun slowed down and listened to Diaoge Committee’s house, occasionally listening to Diaoge Committee’s lofty aspirations.
Diao Gewei: "You stinky son of a bitch, why are you so noisy that the neighbors can’t hear you?"
Diao Zhuangzhi "lost something for nothing, and our family won’t let me scold you for winning the tiger?"
Duan Qingyun listened to the dialogue between Diao’s father and son, but he didn’t stay long, but quickly rushed to Wang Jinniu’s house. At the same time, he also had some faint concerns that the book "The Secret Art of Whipping" was mainly written for some wild animals and didn’t say that human beings were also suitable! If this method works or not, my old man is really fucking capable. When the time comes, the town people don’t laugh at him. But Duan Qingyun is confident that he has a high chance of success in treating Wang Jinniu according to the similarities between man and beast in many aspects.
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Chapter 16 I have the ability to make you a generation of macho men, please believe me!
In the darkest time before Lebanon, Lin Jia Town was shrouded in a thick night fog.