Suddenly, I saw that his figure was falling rapidly, along with the jade flute.

Ye Han don’t panic about this. When the figure falls to the four-star enchantment around the palace, the figure suddenly takes a sharp turn and just stabilizes the figure to stop falling.
Stabilize the jade flute in the hand of the figure, and then suddenly turn over and see a light beam flying from the jade flute and just fall into the four-star enchantment.
The light curtain formed by the former jade flute suddenly cracked.
The energy of the broken stars in the light curtain did not disperse, but directly merged into the four-star enchantment, making the whole enchantment more stable.
After these Ye Han flip hand inflammation cold jade flute half waving a again.
As Ye Han waved the jade flute, the star energy was continuously sprayed, and after the waving stopped, a palace lattice pattern was suddenly formed, and the palace pattern outlined by the four-star energy suddenly appeared.
At that time, Ye Han’s jade flute suddenly sold at the enchantment.
A loud noise came out of the four-star enchantment, and a crack appeared instantly in the four-star enchantment. As the crack appeared, Ye Han’s right hand suddenly printed and hit the palace structure map.
The structure of the palace is a kind of energy body sketched out by the vitality of the stars. Now Ye Han’s printing formula is naturally absorbed into the energy body.
This seal tactic is that Ye Han’s life stars form a package of his thoughts, so after the seal tactic enters the energy body, the whole energy body is combined with his thoughts
Ye Han grinned. At that time, there was no action. His eyes were tightly closed.
As far as he closes his eyes, his thoughts fly in an instant, that is, his thoughts in the energy body are connected
After that, the energy body suddenly flew towards the crack of the four-star enchantment and instantly entered the enchantment.
Ye Han looked at dare not careless figure also a flash into the four-star enchantment exhibition wind flying tactic chased the energy body.
Come to the side of the energy body Ye Han shape once again a flash came to the side of the phlogistic cold jade flute again stretched out his hand and held the jade flute, and then it can be seen that he waved the jade flute in his hand again and soon formed into the energy body.
Drink a leaf cold body suddenly toward the jump to the energy body.
Looking at the face, it looks like a palace. Ye Han, the energy body, is busy putting away the jade flute and then printing his hands at the same time.
Seal definitely as he waved his hands and quickly rushed out into the energy body, followed by Ye Han and suddenly running the star cold tactic to continuously inject his vitality into the energy body.
Just at this moment, several black shadows on a hill not far from Yan Yun Mountain are rapidly approaching Yan Yun Mountain, and soon they have arrived near …
【 634 】【 Cloud Gate Master 】
Yanyunshan is doomed to be restless this day!
A huge law has caused a sensation throughout the vitality. Many practitioners in mainland China are attracted by this law [
However, such a thing is doomed to be a bad thing!
Many practitioners can’t help but feel that this law is powerful, and they can’t help but witness it.
Therefore, on this day, Yan Yunshan can not only see the powerful array, but also see many high-powered people.
Ye Han is arranging the law, but he can’t be distracted. He can give all this to Lengling and others to solve, and he will continue to transport energy to build the Xingyuanmen Palace.
Not far away, several dark shadows blink of an eye, and they have already arrived at Yunyan Mountain. Seeing that the place in front is not emitting majestic energy breath, all of them face a bit shocked.
See these people AG defensive law Xiaoli and others busy to look at the past …
See bearer is a man who is about twenty-four or five years old, but Xiaoli and others just relax, while Lengling is busy with impatience and asks the other party.
Xiaoli Ye Ping cold and cheerless Laner four people can turn their eyes to the law again because they want to continue to take precautions, and ignore that several people are still separating some minds to pay attention to their movements.
Leng Ling and others can also do this, and they also know that these people can solve it on their own now, and they can’t rely on Xiaoli and them.
"I am the cloud gate that governs the cloud."
The man glanced at LengLing immediately said coldly.
"oh? I don’t know, master, what is it that you come in person? "
I don’t know the name Huayun Gate, but it’s not what she wants. She wants to know that’s what Huayun Gate Lord will appear here.
"Hum! Don’t pretend that they hurt my cousin before, and now I’m here to get justice for them! "
See LengLing speak directly, the man also don’t beat around the bush directly tell his purpose.
Cold ling smell speech is one leng this cloud gate Lord will say so? The day before yesterday I’ve never had any contact with their brother Huayun the day before yesterday. This person will keep saying that he hurt their brother Huayun. Is there any misunderstanding in this?
Glancing at the man followed by those figures, Lengling couldn’t help but be surprised. Why are these people dressed so familiar?
After thinking for a while, Lengling finally thought of the reason.
The day before yesterday, I did have friends with a certain sect brother, and I also played with them at will.
"oh? So you’re that stupid doorman. Why? Didn’t your brothers tell you why they went back? This has nothing to do with us! "