Baby Long still looked at Nan Rong with a worried look, and his eyes were red. He looked up and Yang Ye looked at the injustice and said, "How do I know? It was the scorching sun that asked me to introduce him to the dishes. After I introduced the night attack and the scorching sun, it became like this.

"Introduce food? What do you mean? You say I listen to "Yang night heart more and more doubt.
The baby’s mouth is just next to the south glory illusion and not far away from the sun. "I can’t say it!"
Baby long got a fright and looked at Nan Rong illusion and scorching sun with some surprise.
Yang Ye frowned. I don’t know what happened. I finally couldn’t resist my curiosity and said to the baby seriously, "The baby said!"
Nanrong Magic Horse looked straight at Yang Ye and didn’t have the strength to raise his hand and chimed in, "Brother Yang Ye, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you want to hear it, let the baby tell you at your own risk."
It is inevitable that the baby’s anxiety and tears are not false, and there is no rash move on the night. When the reason is clarified, the first thing to do is to vomit.
The end result is that Muyang is eating well and eating to the top of his throat; Yang Ye, Nan Rong Huan and the scorching sun vomited so miserably that they almost vomited their insides.
Bao Bao Long was angry that several people didn’t know how to enjoy and taste her delicious food, but they couldn’t bear to watch Nan Rong’s illusion go hungry. They had to find Xu Jun’s relatively normal and simple meals and sent them to Yang Ye, Nan Rong’s illusion and the scorching sun. After thousands of explanations and several times of swearing to ensure that these meals were the most common, they ate a few mouthfuls carefully on Yang Ye.
Although vomiting makes me hungrier, there has been such a rich and magical meal that few people can eat anything at the bottom.
"It’s really not up to standard!" The baby was so angry that he pinched his waist and taught three people who vomited until they were weak. "My father is the most famous doctor, and those dishes are the most nutritious and the best for his health!" You can eat and throw up? Bah! "
Yang night a few people don’t even have the strength to retaliate, hurried to eat the food and went back to their rooms.
Ok, until dark, there was nothing unusual. The Lord of the Black Domain sent me to Ciren Valley, and there was no baby’s house. Everything was calm.
How many people still haven’t seen Baby Long’s father? Even the housekeeper Xu Jun hasn’t seen Baby Long’s house again. The whole house is as dead as no one after dark.
After midnight, Yang was lying alone in his bed with his eyes open, and he couldn’t sleep because of something in his heart, thinking about all kinds of suspicious places he had encountered before.
Suddenly, outside his room, the figure flashed again.
This time, Yang Ye was prepared. He met Muyangzheng in the shower once, and then he was alert. He didn’t take off his bed clothes. After seeing the figure flash, Yang Ye Ma turned over and pushed the window to fly and chased him out.
This time, I finally saw the figure running all the way forward, followed by Yang Ye closely, but Yang Ye was surprised that the figure in front didn’t try his best to run as if waiting for him.
Finally, I chased the shadow and came to the jungle not far from the baby’s house. The shadow landed and lived, and Yang night also landed a dozen meters away from the shadow and looked at it from afar.
Shadow seems to be hesitant, but still slowly turned around.
Yang Ye looked at her eyes and cried out in surprise, "Is it you?"
The baby’s long talk is an understatement, but Yang Ye and Nan Rong Illusions and the scorching sun all listen to one leng.
What kind of father is this? Even mom is rare! Isn’t that cool?
Yang night south glory illusion and the scorching sun looked at each other and didn’t say goodbye, but my heart was full of doubts.
Baby long didn’t notice it at all, but also talked to himself and led the people to the stairs on the second floor, and introduced the guest room to Yang Ye and them on the third floor.
From the first floor to the second floor, and then from the second floor to the third floor, the steps are all made of a whole slate, and there is no trace of connection, while the stair handrails are made of wood, but the handrails are not connected by fixed cross frames, but are erected one by one. On both sides of the stairs, the top of each railing is carved with a stone, and the head and face are painfully twisted, stunned or closed peacefully.
Everyone’s guest rooms are adjacent, as if the third floor is a simple hotel. There are more than twenty rooms next to each other, but Yang Ye and Nan Rong illusion look surprised and confused, but they are always looking at Yang Ye and Nan Rong illusion.
Every door is different, in terms of shape, color and pattern, and every door is also different. A head is carved from the foundation of a wooden door and is the same size as a real person’s head.
It is conceivable that each door is a whole piece of wood, and then the whole door is trimmed according to the protruding head carving.
Strangely, every door and every head is facing away from the outside, and the head and face are deeply buried in the wooden door. There is a door panel with a protruding head inside, but if you look at each head, the back of the head is already different. Twenty doors are just twenty different heads, which makes Yang Ye and others admire the sculptor’s ingenious craftsmanship.
But what is this man’s head with his head thrown out and his face buried in the door? And this person’s head is different as if every room has its own specific meaning.