"If you don’t test me, Liu Hao’s speech is our Liu family’s thoughts!" Liu Haoyin gradually became cold, and the sound of Tang Qiang sounded quite firm.

Zhao Hu heard a burst of consternation, and then he was indecisive. "Liu Hao, are you really going to break this chick with our Zhao family?"
"Consumption …" Li Changgen sounds a little awkward. Liu Hao is close friends with him, but this kind of thing is involved in the family affairs behind him. Li Changgen’s heart is also somewhat uneasy about Liu Hao’s decision
"It’s okay to take root. After I graduate, I have decided to let me inherit the position of the head of the family." Liu Hao gave Li Changgen a reassuring look, but the sound was
Obviously, the effect is remarkable. When Zhao Hu hears the news, his heart is full of mixed feelings. It is because of the family background behind him that Zhao Hu can live in Weifu on weekdays.
However, compared with Liu Hao, he is slightly different from Zhao Hu’s, and Zhao’s strength is not high. Many younger generations of Zhao have more potential than him.
Therefore, Zhao Hu became decadent somewhat because of these, and then he was devastated. He completed a second master who sneaked into Jingwu College with his background, and then he followed a group of friends around to bully some weak students all day.
"Ha ha, Liu Hao, you Liu family are really down a peg or two, but Brother Changgen is really good-looking and I like it." When the two sides confronted each other, a person suddenly appeared in the crowd.
This man is not handsome, and his brow smells of evil. He is followed by four or five students. When they see this irrelevant student, they quickly turn back.
"Ha ha turned out to be Wang Yuxiong. Since Wang Yuxiong saw this little girl Zhao Hu, she naturally won’t be loved by others." Zhao Hu immediately changed her face after seeing the bearer.
"Ha-ha, then Wang can accept Zhao Huxiong’s favor." Wang Yu’s laughter made many people secretly sneer but dared not say anything.
Wang Yu!’ Liu Hao sink a way and then look at bearer with dignified eyes.
"Who is Wang Yu?" Li Changgen saw that Wang Hao looked somberly and bit his teeth, and his heart was even more uneasy, but today his sister wouldn’t let them succeed even if she gave her life.
"A prince and grandson of Casa Empire" Liu Hao did not explain too much, but this sentence made Li Changgen gasp.
If the forces behind Zhao Hu are afraid even though they don’t want to be enemies, then the nobles of Casa Empire are not them. A small Li family in Gran City can provoke even if the Liu family in Liu Hao has a high status, they will definitely not choose the nobles of Casa Empire because of a Li family.
Thinking of this, Li Changgen couldn’t help but look back in despair. Two tearful Li Li Li Changgen couldn’t help in a pain in his heart.
However, if Lili Li Changgen’s position in her heart is incomparable, even if she gave her life, Li Changgen should protect her sister Ann.
Bitten teeth, Li Changgen suddenly burst into a violent atmosphere. It is hard to imagine that this simple and honest young man turned out to be more powerful than usual because of his sister’s pressure, but this is suspected to be mantis cars’s work.
"Cough elder brother didn’t expect us to meet here …" Du Yun quietly looked at the development in the distance and didn’t intend to make an immediate move, but now he had to come out.
The situation in the field presents a tense atmosphere. These people have made up their minds not to let Li Changgen three people feel better than Du Yun. This is the second time that he has encountered such a thing in Jingwu College.
However, since Du Yun believed that Li Changgen and his wife were friends, there was absolutely no reason to stand idly by. Why did he want to gain more strength? Don’t you just want to protect your relatives and friends from being dominated by others?
Du Yun’s appearance made many people stunned. At the age of 17, his face seemed to be weather-beaten, and he could not see a trace of his age.
Deep eyes are like a pool of ancient wells. At first glance, people seem to be stuck in it. With a touch of perseverance, the face that doesn’t look handsome suddenly makes people feel refreshed.
When Wang Yulai heard Du Yunyin, his face sank, and then he saw that the bearer was a boy of about seventeen. It was obvious that he didn’t value his face very much.
However, Li Changgen and the three were excited. The appearance of Du Yun moved all three of them. They could feel that the post-Du Yun world was definitely beyond their touch.
Although Du Yun has no power now, he has unparalleled potential. Small Gran City can’t keep his footsteps. Li Changgen and others are all in the trend of life, and they still have their own uniqueness in judging people.
"Brother Du, you … you shouldn’t have come." Li Changgen looked at Du Yun’s heart, but he happened to be here in Du Yun and didn’t know the form here.
If he knew that Du Yun had been here and that Li Changgen was in absolute wind, but he still came out resolutely, he would be moved in a big mess.
Although Li Changgen is simple and honest, Du Yun can see that this simple and honest young man is the kind of person who attaches great importance to feelings and righteousness. Such a person will not easily identify one thing, but once identified, it is more persistent.
Du Yun nodded his head and then slowly looked around. Both Wang Yu and Zhao Hu had a dozen people surrounded by them in a faint formation.
"Who are you? Don’t mind your own business or you will suffer! " A young man with a deep face around Wang Yu took a look at Du Yun and then drank a way.
These people are well prepared at first sight. Du Yun’s eyes swept slightly. These * * are all students in the late stage of illusion, and a few of them are also students in the middle stage of illusion.
"Hehe, what do you mean by several seniors in Du Yun who stopped my three friends?" Du Yun smiled lightly and was not angered by the young man’s words.
As soon as Du Yun’s name came out of this area, it suddenly became very quiet. Some of them have heard of Du Yun’s name, but it is one thing to imagine it, and it is another to actually see it.
"Du Yun ….." Wang Yu has always disdained a sudden change in her eyes, and then a contraction of her pupil. She watched this seventeen-year-old or so closely. Chapter 10 Kill God.
Kill Du Yun!
This name is like a mountain. The appearance of the Jingwu Academy is hard on people’s hearts. The so-called name tree shadow Du Yun can rush out of this name. Even Lin Chong, the leader of hell, recognizes that it is not just a hole to the wind.
On the first day of entering Jingwu College, I realized two pool statues. On the second day, I defeated Wang Hao, a big class student, and in the afternoon, I defeated Yifei Lin, the leader of Tianshe Sect.