"Convenient aunt, I am used to wearing a mask." An Xiaoxue took off the mask.

Zhang Xiuli was slightly taken aback by the delicate and clean face, and then his face was full of smiles.
"Xiaoxue, how old are you?"
"I … should be 25 years old this year"
"I’m 25 years old."
Zhang Xiuli was a little surprised by this answer.
I can’t see that An Xiaoxue is 25 years old.
This made Zhang Xiuli somewhat disappointed and quietly sent a message to Xu Jianguo on personal communication equipment.
"Xiaoxue is actually 25 years old, and progress is only 19 years old. It is five or six years older than progress. Is this age a bit old?"
"If you guess what a friend is, you will think about your daughter-in-law!"
"Have you ever seen an ordinary friend who can drive two thousand kilometers to pick up his friends’ parents?"
"It’s still a girl!"
"When you chased me, I sent a short message. Did you forget that you came to my house in the middle of the night?"
"Don’t you think this light snow is just like you?"
Zhang Xiuli eloquently refuted Xu Jianguo’s dumb words directly.
It seems … It seems to be such a reason.
"Not to say that the female junior holds the BRICS female junior three thousand in the fairy class? It’s good for a female university to hold a double gold brick at the age of five or six. "Xu Jianguo was directly led by his wife Zhang Xiuli’s idea.
"Yeah, older will hurt people.
Blessed after progress! "
"You don’t be happy too soon. Maybe people are just friends. Maybe Xiaoxue has a boyfriend?
Maybe married? "Xu Jianguo poured a pot of cold water on Zhang Xiuli.
"It is also possible for me to ask for confirmation."
Ideas in the head turned a circle Zhang Xiuli abrupt mouth again "light snow you are so beautiful and Chinese gene evolution university teacher chasing you must be a lot of people?
Do you have a boyfriend? "
This problem let AnXiaoXue heart surges up a little bit inexplicable tension "aunt, I’m very busy.
Every day in the lab? "
AnXiaoXue embarrassed to directly answer the side answer.
"Now young people are so busy that they forget the lifelong events. Ah, my family is making progress. The ego is also in a hurry.
Now encourage fertility progress. Junior high school students and some senior high school students will call their children grandma.
When you’re done, you’ll often come to your aunt’s place to help you consult!
Ah, why don’t you consider the progress of our family … "
"What are you crazy old ladies talking about?"
I can’t listen to Xu Jianguo’s elbow, and Zhang Xiuli’s elbow. "Can Teacher An see my family’s progress?"
AnXiaoXue "…"
An Xiaoxue is a little stupid, thanks to semi-automatic driving, otherwise the possibility of this flying car hitting the mountain would have been there.
After dealing with everything, Jin Chengfu looked at personal communication equipment and sent a short message to the director of Kyoto Secret Service.
"Tian Bureau, if it’s convenient, give me a message. There’s something I want to discuss with you."
Xu returned to Jincheng this time, but after many considerations and calculations.
Now that my parents have let An Xiaoxue take Xu back, there is no need to look back.
Then Xu tui wanted to carry out his plan.
He told An Xiaoxue that he would turn around with the secret service of Kyoto Prefecture.
But there is a little retreat that I didn’t say.
He is different from the Kyoto Secret Service in the way of turning around, which is quite special.
You have to catch a fish when you come out.
Without a hook, that’s all.
Once the fish bites the hook, they have been preparing for it for many days.
A few minutes later, I received Tian Suqing’s words.
"Xu researcher I come here at this address, and we just have something to help you.
Let’s talk face to face about what you said. "
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Purification Officer
Xu tui met Tian Suqing in the basement of a building in downtown Jincheng.
When I entered, I found that the design here was very clever.