"We didn’t say anything about you."

"Thank you," Zhou Jia said with a faint voice.
"It seems that we can’t leave."
The two of them had already known about it, and they felt sorry at that time. It was a pity that they didn’t think that the last three people stayed.
"You’re okay."
Moshanjing saw his one eye.
"We paid a deposit of 200,000 yuan, and all this money was used to beat Shui Piao."
"There is a deposit?"
"Whoever makes the quota too popular will not agree without a deposit."
A quiet three people in the field are not depressed.
"What now?" Mrs Mo, cheer up.
"The situation on the front line is getting worse, and it seems that we can’t escape some fighting."
"Madam said yes," Moshanjing looked up and wanted to think, and took out a heavy purse and handed it to Zhou Jia.
"Brother Zhou, we can’t leave the hospital for the time being. Please help us buy something to protect ourselves and avoid robbery. The more things, the better."
"This ….." Zhou Jia took the purse.
"You should know that the price of life-saving things has risen a lot during this period, especially the escape things have more than doubled."
"We are white" Mrs. Mo nodded.
"We trust Brother Zhou"
Zhou Jia, not only the Mohs, also plans to take the opportunity to hoard something in case of emergency.
"Zhou Xiong waited so long."
Wu Sheng, the supervisor in robes, pushed the door and entered again and again, apologizing.
"It’s really too busy at this time, Zhou Xiong. Please forgive me."
Zhou Jia nodded.
"Director Wu, who came to visit Zhou, also knows that we need to be polite. What does the pavilion have that meets the requirements?"
"Zhou Xiong don’t worry" Wu Sheng sat to fill the tea for two people.
"I said in advance that during this period, because too many people ran on the pavilion, most of the prices went up, and the required achievements also went up."
Zhou Jia eyebrows a wrinkly.
Yuange is not a business shop, but Tianyuan League is responsible for publishing and rewarding others. There is no such thing as price.
after all
How much money can be run on, and how can you accumulate it in a moment?
Otherwise, he would not have come to Yuange first.
"Shout …"
A sigh of relief Zhou Jia nodded slowly.
"I understand the director Wu."
"Good to say good to say" Wu Sheng’s eyes are not big. At this time, laughing is narrowed into a crack and he can hardly see his eyes.
He took a sip of tea before gently waving his sleeves and interweaving them into lines of subtitles