To find out the problem.

I’ve been interrogating this person for a while and I’ll get the result, "Cai Shaochu said.
Ten minutes later, the result came. It was indeed this staff member who leaked the meeting to Ruan Tianzuo, especially with at least six sets of array cores.
It was also when I saw this information that the staff officer privately linked Ruan Tianzuo’s information to be extremely secretive, and there was no evidence left at all.
But this kind of thing needs no evidence. Extraordinary ability to influence others is the best evidence.
This Weibin specially made a phone call to apologize to Xu tui.
"Can you clean up Ruan Tianzuo by this?" Xu asked directly at Cai Shaochu.
Cai Shaochu shook his head. "No, Ruan Tianzuo already has a big tail. It’s easy to clean it up. In fact, you should have noticed it before."
"Jian Zhen’ er, the former Haotian Special Combat Team, also joined?"
Smell speech Cai Shaochu nodded "JianZhen son to join the science heaven special warfare group represents JianZhen Ruan Tianzuo together may be more than"
Speaking of which, Cai Shaochu shook his head. "Forget it."
Xu back about understand what Cai Shaochu’s so-called bad heart is.
In fact, that is, Xu tui has a bad heart now.
Xu retired and sighed.
"The headmaster, we blue star department don’t have to have been deceive like this? The former capital is in the blue star, and the enemy is fighting outside.
Now we have stepped out of the earth, the moon and the fire circle to explore the sun. Isn’t it good for Qi Xin, the blue star department of such a big sun, to work together for common development?
Can’t the people’s department of Ceres be killed first?
The sun is so big, the population of Blue Star has to be doubled a hundred times.
Why do you have to fight like this now?
Aren’t you tired? "
Cai Shaochu nai with a sigh
"Everyone knows the truth! Everyone should be consistent with the outside world
However, Blue Star is small, but each of the seven districts and one organization has its own ideas, organizations and interests. If we want them to get rid of their respective interests, we should be intimate and consistent with the outside world.
Basic impossibility
Unless there are two situations, "Cai Shaochu said.