"Two years ago, she found Dong He and found some clues from it, but Meng Xiudong quickly forgot about it before he was involved."

"Ta-da …" Thinking about the female one-handed light buckle handrail sound tape.
"Did she have the man who killed Dong He?"
"I don’t know yet." The man in black shook his head
"Often the boss must not know the man. At present, our clue is broken here. Knowing that the seal of the Buddha changed hands three times and finally fell into the hands of Dong He."
"Then please come and ask."
The female voice sank.
"St. Fo Yin can’t be wrong when he remembers something!"
The man in black looks up and looks reluctant.
"Liu’s brothers and sisters are blessed by the Lins, especially Liu Xiao, who became more cautious after the disappearance of the mountain boss. It is not easy to take it."
The virgin cicada’s head hangs low, and it seems that the sound is cold.
"Don’t do it if it’s difficult?"
"I dare not!"
The black man’s body trembled as if he were greatly frightened. He suddenly fell to his knees and repeatedly proffered himself, knocking the ground out of a shallow pit until his forehead was bruised and oozing blood.
"It’s a slip of the tongue"
Saint croons.
"Take Liu Xinran first … Besides, I haven’t seen Miss Lins for several years, which is the right opportunity to catch up with her."
"Hee hee …"
"I’m really looking forward to it!"
The charming smile sounded, accompanied by the shaking of the veil, and the figure suddenly disappeared in the field
The man in black has been kneeling on the ground for a long time, slowly looking up, his eyes full of terror, then sighing lightly and his face suffused with nai.
Judging from their current situation, the Liu brothers and sisters should be as old as the boss, and it is not clear who killed Dong He.
Even if you take
Fear also
However, the saint has made up her mind to do it, even if she knows what not to do, she must do it well. In so many years, the red-violet religion has fallen in the Lins’ family.
"You mean … someone wrote in my name to hook up with another woman?"
Zhou Yi looked at Yao Lai with surprise.
"Who has such a bad eye?"
He knows himself.
I am plain, wooden and taciturn. Although some of them are deliberately disguised, this picture will not be liked by normal women.
Is this a person to borrow in his name?
And being a woman is …
Unique eye?
Yao lai rubbed his hands together.
"It should be true that Li Xiao can’t lie like me, and I am sure that he dare not cheat me."
"It’s strange."
Zhou Yi chuckled and immediately with the wave.
"It’s just that you send people away first. I have to keep Yuanyang from being a woman before I practice my martial arts."
Wanted to think about his mouth again
"You ask Li to pay attention to who is borrowing my name recently. If you have a clue, let me know immediately."
Although it’s a small matter, after all, it’s just that you don’t know your own reputation. If you know it, you still have to ask.
Yao lai nodded quickly.
In his heart, he even hated himself for not being appreciated, so that he almost angered the supervisor and almost lost his position.