The woman lying on the chair swooped down and pressed Guo Wei to the ground to cover her mouth.

The four men struggled and tore, but no one noticed that knocking at the door outside had disappeared.
Straight men wake up recently and listen to them.
"It’s time to go," the woman muttered.
"We have paved so many soundproofing things and sealed them so well that even if the monster’s ears are sensitive, it should not be heard."
"That’s good, that’s good."
The man was relieved.
Two women are flat and fell to the ground, and their eyes are like a dead silence. Even the chest ups and downs gradually fall.
"Click Cha …"
Harsh and abnormal sound
Four people suddenly state in the candle faint halo can be seen that the thick steel plate nailed to the door is slowly sinking.
The steel plate is twisted and deformed, and a palm shape is faintly visible.
There is a’ human’ palm thrust that distorts a steel plate one foot thick. How can this force be human!
Everybody hold their breath.
Shelling-resistant steel plate is like soft soil being slowly torn in front of the palm of a visitor’s hand, and the big hand reaches into the room.
With the deafening huge pure fine steel welded door weighing several tons, it was pulled up and thrown aside.
Through the light, a burly’ monster’ stands in front of the door.
The monster’s waist circumference is comparable to that of two adult men. The huge body of resisting the door frame turned out to be blocking the door tightly.
How can there be such a mass?
A man and a woman collapsed with despair on their faces.
Guo Wei and Li Yike also have a wry smile on their faces, but there is also a relief in their eyes. When they close their eyes, they hold each other’s palms and wait for the darkness to fall forever.
"What a lucky man?"
A man who has never heard of it but understands its meaning.
"Uncle Zhou has a strange smell in his room."
Zhou Jia nodded and shook his body, breaking the walls on both sides and stepping into the house. The line of sight was slightly cold in the corner barrel.
Immediately fell on Guo Wei and two women.
"Luda School"
His eyes twitched.
"Do you know Liang Shipeng?"
"Professor Liang!"
Guo Wei opened his eyes.
"Do you know Professor Liang?"
Zhou Jia grinned and nodded gently.
"He is my brother."
Chapter 31 Inquiries
Sanbao Zunbao’s spirit rain technique!
Zhou Jia, with a wave of his hand, symbolized the source of life, and the rain and dew fell on the two women to nourish and repair their bodies.
A weak body is like a plant that has not been watered for a long time. Every cell greedily devours the essence of spiritual rain.