Liu Yunyang smiled bitterly and said, "Ordinary is a blessing. Unfortunately, my ordinary is always parallel."

Laugh at the sea and wonder what the parallel lines mean. Is there no intersection or is it extraordinary?
At this moment, he is a little confused and uncertain about Liu Yunyang’s mind.
And Liu Yunyang also fell silent with that expression vaguely sad.
For a long time, Liu Yunyang looked up and looked at the front to see the clouds in fairyland. Nine people have come to the front and obviously discussed the results, just waiting for them to announce.
Laughing at the sea in the eye, he asked indifferently, "You see, it’s a good idea to answer our previous question now."
With a surprised look, Yun asked curiously, "Are you sure we will agree if you laugh at the Great Xia?"
Laugh at the sea and ask, "What do you think?"
An embarrassed smile goes, "Laugh at the Great Xia, but you can’t hold your tongue and wait for no man."
Laugh at the sea and say with smile, "Please forgive me for laughing at someone who has a bad temper."
YunLeiWei hum a some uncomfortable way "cloud a teacher younger brother or you greet them, have what important things to discuss with us again" Say that finish turned and waved sleeves and left YunYi embarrassed there a face reckon with.
Laughing at the sea, the man who went away casually asked, "You big brother are a little hot-tempered. It’s really a cloud and thunder!"
Cloud a passive sort of smile low way "smile warrior eye like a torch to see at a glance".
Laugh at the sea and laugh. "Forget it, don’t give me a high risk. Let’s talk about the problems before Yunyang."
Cloud a face is a look at the thousand magic temple sink a way, "it’s not easy to make it clear by mouth alone, so I’m going to take you to the thousand magic temple to elaborate on it slowly."
Laughing at the sea, I said, "It’s very kind of you to lead the way." Then Liu Yunyang went to the Thousand Fantasies Hall with Yun Yi behind him.
Liu Yunyang, who came outside the temple, looked at the wonderful flame emitted by the temple door and asked in surprise, "Excuse me, Master Yun, each of these six temple doors emits different colors of flame to form different shapes. How did this form and what does it mean?"
Pointing to the lotus-shaped flame in front of him, Yunyi explained, "Every door of this temple is named Thousand Fantasies Hall, and there is a pattern that represents the illusion. It means that the flame of different colors is not a real scene because the flowing clouds and fairy gas erupt from the temple and pass through the door."
Liu Yunyang was puzzled and asked, "You mean all these scenes are illusory?"
Yunyi shook his head and said, "No, I mean, these different colors and shapes are actually a manifestation of floating clouds and immortals. It is true that when we look at it, we are often easily blinded by its appearance and have wrong ideas."
This time, Liu Yunyang understood, but he had a new question: "What is this cloud?"
Yunyi gave him a strange look and explained, "The cloud is a kind of aura that we call here. It is actually a very rare aura. It was sealed by my master’s special method in the past to produce these wonderful scenes."
LiuYunYang oh took a look at the side smile the sea to see him a face of calm hurriedly silent waiting for he said.
Laugh at the sea and smile at the clouds. "Do we need to prepare for entering this magical hall?"
Yun Yi nodded briefly and woke up. "It’s not easy to enter this thousand magic halls, as Master Laughter said. I remember that when we didn’t understand the mysteries in the past, every time we made a hard trip, we not only got what we had suffered, but we still remember it today."
Laughing without a word, the sea noticed that the flame body breath of the temple door changed rapidly for a moment and then changed for a hundred times, which surprised Liu Yunyang and asked, "What are you doing?"
Laughing at the sea, Zhenyuan sank and said, "I was testing the situation here. This magic temple is very mysterious. The frequency of the floating clouds is very strange and always changing, which makes it difficult for me to capture the gap."
Liu Yunyang listened to eyebrows a wrinkly eyes flashing consciousness firmly locked the temple door that flame silently probe.
When the cloud in front of me heard the words, his face changed greatly. Looking at the smiling sea, he sighed, "The laughing hero really revealed our 200-year hard work at a glance. One mountain is higher than another."
Laugh at the sea or say, "I’m flattered by Master Yun Yi. It’s no surprise that it took you two hundred years to get into a misunderstanding."
As soon as Yun heard this, Lian asked, "Laughter, please come here for this explanation."
Smile at the sea and explain, "The reason is simple, but you have to answer me a question before telling you."
A cloud said, "Laughing Hero, do you know that Yunyi is bound to tell you?"
Laughing at the sea, he nodded slightly and hesitated for a moment. "Who among your nine other disciples first discovered this secret?" Who do you think is the cleverest of the other nine other disciples? "
Yun Yi leng hesitated and replied, "The first one to understand this secret is that the seventh teacher younger brother Yun Zhen is the cleverest one, and it should be regarded as the cloud shadow of the ninth school sister."
Laughing at the sea with a frown, she quickly returned to normal. She walked over and said, "I didn’t expect that Yunying Nvxia is the cleverest. It’s a surprise. Well, it’s time for me to tell you the answer. The mystery is really simple. That is, you have been following your teacher to practice hard. Since he founded this cloud wonderland, it has been hundreds of years. Your external contacts have almost been cut off, and your thinking has been stuck for a long time, so when you think about things, you either think too simple or think too complicated, which wastes a lot of time."
As soon as Yun pondered his words, he felt that although it was somewhat one-sided, it was unreasonable.
Nine of my fellow disciples have been here for hundreds of years, and all day long, in addition to practicing or practicing the living, they are almost turned into dead people. Why don’t you stop thinking?
When I understand these clouds, I feel, "The words of the laughing heroes really hit the nail on the head and made me suddenly wake up. Now I know that although we have been studying hard for hundreds of years, the results are often not as good as those of others. Ten years is really the opposite."
Laughing at the sea consolingly said, "It’s not like that. There are many different ways of practicing. How can we generalize it? Taoism advocates quietness, abandons spotless desires, and you can get magical powers from spiritual desires, while Buddhism’s most important person who realizes the word predestined friends can suddenly realize that all things come to fruition in an instant, but all things are unfavorable. This kind of ingenious breakthrough is true, but it is also rare."
Chapter XIV Understanding the Situation
Yunyi smiled bitterly and shook his head and sighed, "To tell you the truth, the Great Xia Yunyi has always thought highly of himself since he was a child. He has always had excellent talent to carry forward the school of Liuyun, but when hundreds of years passed, today I found out that what I call a myriad of talents is just insignificant among the world."
Seeing him laughing sadly, the sea quickly pointed to the door of the temple and said, "Let bygones be bygones. Now you’d better take us in first."