At this time, Lady Marianne entered the terrace from the arch and asked the Marquis of Lu Se, "Do you want to prepare something for you?"

"No, Duck and I will just sit here for a while!" Marquis of Lu Se patted Lady Marianne’s hand and then said, "He was worried about Hathaway, so he hastily ended the Berlin plane war and rushed back to Ruite. I simply don’t know what to say about him!"
"If you can stay in Bailin plane for two months, there are still large areas of land around Sanhe Plain waiting for you to row into the map …"
The Marquis of Lu Se said to Surdak.
Surdak smiled and responded, "I’ve given the whole Sanhe Plain to his lords, and I’m still arguing that the land at the edges and corners is as big as the land on the white forest plane. It’s easy to expand the territory whether Inver cargill Forest is going west or Sanhe Plain is going south!"
Seeing Surdak’s confidence, Marquis Lu Se asked, "So are you going to go west or south?"
"I haven’t thought about it yet. I launched a plane war this time to raise a start-up fund for the Garden in Ruite City and the Tarapagan Highway. The next step should be to build Ruite City and Mukuso City and strive to transform the Ganbu plane into a plane suitable for tourism!" Surdak smiled and told the Marquis of Lu Se his original intention again.
Although it has been said many times, the Marquis of Lu Se listened most carefully this time.
"So you’re going back to Ruite this time to build with peace of mind?" Asked the Marquis of Lu Se.
Surdak nodded and added, "Of course, the construction of Inver cargill forest and dark worm valley in Bailin plane will not fall …"
Marquis Lu Se looked at Surdak with some words and suddenly found himself unable to say a word.
Chapter 132 Return to Ruite
Sudak Hathaway used to live in a tall tower room for one night, and the decoration inside was still the same as before. It can be seen that the servants often cleaned the window sill of this room, and the herbs grew very luxuriantly. Several stems hung down from the window sill like a green waterfall.
You can also see the beautiful night view of the city by pushing the window. This dimly lit city is still more brilliant than ever.
The main street shops are almost always open all night, but the real break is from Li to noon.
Once again, I refused Lady Marianne’s arrangement. The Marquis of Lu Se and Lady Marianne saw that the lights in the high tower room went out. They walked back to the bedroom from the window and waited on Lady Marianne to change her nightgown.
Marquis of Lu Se said slowly by sitting on the sofa with one arm on the back of the sofa and the other hand holding the eyebrows.
"At the beginning, Duke Newman led Bena’s legions and were not sure enough to completely level the nest of the ghost-striped red ant. Do you know why?"
Lady Marianne waved back, and the maid arranged a silk shawl tassel and went to the Marquis of Lu Se to sit down and didn’t speak.
She knew that the Marquis of Lu Se needed an audience who couldn’t reveal secrets at this time, which she did better than Mabel and Sisi.
Marquis of Lu Se opened his eyes and took the cup of tea table and drank a mouthful of warm tea. He continued
"When Bena Legion constructed swordsmen first entered the ant nest to fight, they found that the ant nest was the main battlefield of the ghost-striped red ants, and the group of red ants could keep pouring in from all directions, and the ant nest was like a huge underground palace, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers didn’t fill their roots until they were dissatisfied with the battlefield over there, so they withdrew from the ant nest in the dark worm valley."
Hearing the Marquis of Lu Se say this, Lady Marianne realized that the victory of this plane war did not seem so easy …
"Didn’t Kodak win this war?" Asked Lady Marianne.
Marquis of Lu Se nodded and said, "So he will make the lords in Bena sit up and take notice … Everyone never thought that he could succeed this time. The current strength of this Lord’s army can bring the Sanhe Plain into the map, even if he made a lot of money. Lanza City in Qianhai showed a good water control ability. When he first went to Bailin, he told me that he wanted to occupy the Sanhe Plain and even choked the lifeline of the whole plain."
"It is a matter of time whether the salamanders, ghosts and snakes, swamp crocodiles and red-backed giant turtles will greatly weaken their combat power once they leave Laisheng waters and seize the Sanhe Plain."
Lady Marianne sat there and listened quietly.
"In the past two years, he has been stationed in Bailin, and many things have been more clear than I have seen. He has controlled those rivers in the Sanhe Plain. He has built a big dam by swimming in the river, and unexpectedly dreamed of connecting those canyons into a reservoir. I didn’t even know that he had such a large number of outstanding craftsmen." Marquis Lu Se sighed lightly.
Lady Marian asked strangely, "Isn’t it what you want that he did so well on the battlefield?" But why are you still frowning? "
The Marquis of Lu Se said to Lady Marianne with the wave, "Archduke Newman wrote me a letter. The Warsaw plane needs someone to break it. He asked me some details about Duck …"
Lady Marianne put her hand over her mouth and asked in surprise, "You mean Archduke Newman wants to transfer him to Warsaw?"
Marquis of Lu Se sighed and nodded slightly.
"What does Duck think?" Lady Marianne asked with a worried face.
The Marquis of Lu Se sighed and said, "You may not know that he is the Warsaw plane. It is said that he was defeated by the army in the battle of Moyunling, a heavily armored infantry regiment. His heart has always been like a sore throat. His response is that Hathaway will March into the Warsaw plane after giving birth smoothly …"
Lady Marianne stood still. The answer was so natural, but it came suddenly. She went to the Marquis of Lu Se and leaned her head on the shoulder of Marquis of Lu Se. She didn’t say anything to comfort Marquis of Lu Se, and she didn’t need her to comfort …
On the contrary, the Marquis of Lu Se spoke at this time to comfort Lady Marianne and said, "He is now a plane Lord and there are several very good followers around him, so he need not worry."
Lady Marianne asked again, "What about Bai Lin?"
Marquis Lu Se waved and said, "He has a lot more power over there than you think. Do you know where the most elite soldiers of his Lord’s army come from? Is the initiative to join the Bai Lin plane aborigines, one thing I haven’t wanted to white what those aborigines will join the Suldak Lord military honor … "
Hearing the Marquis of Lu Se say this, Lady Marianne had a new understanding of Surdak.
She was a little excited and worried and sighed, "We women are really good at getting married …"
The Marquis of Lu Se also said with deep feelings, "Yes, with what he is doing at present, his name is destined to be engraved on the monument of Hero Square in Bena City."
One night talk …
Surdak didn’t stay as long as Bena City. After the plane war, the overlord needed to hurry back to his territory.
Surdak, the pier outside Bena City, directly rented a magic airship and returned to Ruite City with 500 knights of Gulitem, Samira and Kerry Dacker.
While 100,000 Lord troops staying in the dying camp and a large number of armaments travelling with the army will all return to Ruite by land.
This time, the victory of Suldak Bailin was very heroic.
Lord’s army marched by land, and commissioned an army firm to hire nearly 2,000 wagons. In addition, Malacombe businessman Thunder rhinoceros business group followed behind. Surdak bought 5,000 ancient horses from Bailin Plane Ranch this time. These means of transportation allowed all Lord’s soldiers to ride horses on their way back, and some people rode on horses …
The Lord’s army returned to Ruite city in great strides.