This makes Wen Shao heartache to breathe.

This vice-principal, who has been teaching big classes for three years in a row, will definitely have an impact on his personal strength, although it will not affect his practice.
With this vice-master, he will jump again and be the master.
One more jump is the vice president, and that’s the school Committee
Members of the Committee of Huaxia Gene Evolution University can enter the Committee of Huaxia Gene.
But now I’m directly fired and I’m back to the original point
When the waves went in and out for several years,
"Shit … am I unlucky?"
Wen Shao has a gloomy face.
It is indeed an accident for Deng Wei to pack up and retire, but this kind of accident is too common in Huaxia University of Gene Evolution.
It’s normal to get injured in class, and it’s over when it’s cured.
But Xu back this guy is too cruel to directly disable.
Things got ugly, and then …
"Xu back this fellow is born to me …"
When I read this, Wen Shao suddenly got up
"No, I have to go to the Lord to find Wei, vice president! It’s not that I’m alone. Why should I be left alone? "
At noon, Yuan Shu, a dormitory in Area A, suddenly appeared in front of Ma Xu.
"Did you even extort a refund from the gold medal?" Yuan Shu suddenly asked
Black Ma Xu quickly shook his head.
"Really not? How did I hear that you even drank gold medals? " Yuan Shu asked
"I got to know one."
Words half Ma Xu abrupt some uneasy way "Yuan Ge when I was drinking casually 1 to even gold medal said Xu back this small D limit value must be expensive.
Don’t say, don’t say that 1000 meritorious deeds are very valuable.
I guess he may be upset by this sentence. "
"It’s okay. You didn’t directly participate in the Lian Jinzhang incident, did you?" Yuan Shu asked
"That’s good. After that, let’s do less pediatrics," Yuan Shu said abruptly.
"What do you mean, Yuan Ge?"
"Three months after the expiration of the protection period, if there is an opportunity, I will crush Xu tui directly in the Dragon Tiger Challenge and completely defeat him.
Or you either don’t do it, but once you do it, you have to make the enemy never turn over
This kind of play house pediatrics is nothing but alerting your enemies and despising you! "
Say that finish Yuan Shu left.
Leave Ma Xu alone with a black face.
His face is black …
Xu tui once again became a celebrity of Huaxia University of Gene Evolution.
Teaching the top surveillance video turned Xu tui from a violent person into a persecuted person.
Although it is still not very good at the limit, it has no hatred.
Most students can return to a rational view.
Xu tui continue his full and intense college life.
More reasonable, take advantage of time, seize all the time to practice.
The former training base is late.
Every night, first, practice the explosive power of spirit by forging and blazing.
Then there is the practice of uniting the gene base point.
Go to sleep before the mental base runs out.
After a night’s rest, the dragon and tiger are full of energy
This kind of situation can be practiced once a day.
However, it takes four to six hours at most to recover from the mental exhaustion after the meditation state is put into deep sleep.