Recently, there have been more than May Day punishments.

"Yes" Chen Ying nodded.
"A few days ago, the thief Thirteen Hawks stole the longevity medicine from the Lord’s Mansion, but it has not been solved yet, and this kind of thing has more remnants of Zhengqi Hall to be cleaned up."
"I’m afraid there will be chaos in the city for a while."
Zhou Jia put a spoon on his face and showed meditation.
He’s thinking about it
Recently, I have to leave the city or forget it. It’s just during the day. At night, there are people on the roof who are high and high, which makes people uneasy.
He also has a secret stronghold outside the city to plant some plants that need a lot of water.
"young master"
Then a woman hurried to stop in front of Chen Ying.
"Elder News, let’s do it."
Chen Ying raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhou Jia.
"Brother Zhou, do you want to join us?"
"Forget it" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"I have something to do to go out of town."
"All right" Chen Ying doesn’t insist on handing up.
"Then I’ll leave first and visit you sometimes."
Watch each other leave Zhou Jia, take out some source money from the body, put it on the table, and then take out the hemp fiber and put it on the body.
"shua shua!"
In the rain, more than a dozen figures jumped out from all directions and surrounded a house.
"young master"
A woman gather together in front of Chen Ying low track
"The name of the person who lives here is Guo Ping. Although it is not very good, it is remembered by Lei Shaowang and wants us to grasp the work."
"Good punishment and torture"
"Well," Chen Ying nodded and waved her hand lightly.
"Let’s do it. There are other places to go here."
Even if the personality is a quirk, there are several trustworthy people around Guo Ping, even if one of them.
And they are responsible for solving these people.
They should be qi qi toward the house.
A six is not worth a tan in their eyes.
The back door was smashed with porcelain and wooden benches, followed by a series of dull rumbling and falling to the ground.