Zhang Tao and others didn’t reply to the injury and looked a little pale, but they were not afraid because today is the big picture. "Somebody! What are you still doing here? " Kuching said

But Lu came with a guard and surrounded Kuching. "I think it’s you who are really disorderly, right?" Dahuangge "
"You you want to rebel? Don’t you know me? " Kuching knew Lu, of course, but he didn’t expect him to turn against him. His guards were knocked back by the temple guards. They didn’t dare to know the strength of the temple before.
Moment Yan brake and punishment Wei Long two old generals with soldiers will be surrounded here kuching a panic "what are you doing? Are you going to openly rebel? Do you want Lang Lang to kill Kun Jun? Bong Dian! Don’t you know your own mission? Where are you? " Panic actually exposed the only secret film of the emperor.
In the dark corner of the film, he is also secretly calling him an idiot "regicide?" Who admits that you are the emperor? " Guweiran walked coldly said
Chapter 79 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 79 The overall situation has been decided
Kuching ha ha a smile "is, of course, my father and my second brother unbearable, and you are the murderer of my father. I am not the emperor. Who else can bear it? Are you a murderer? "
Gu Weiran laughed coldly. At this time, Yan Sha and Punishment Wei Long came in in a uniform. Although the two old generals have entered the ancient times, the iron and blood momentum established in the battlefield when they were young is now as mellow as wine.
It’s just that they are like two great gods here, which makes people dare not stare at Rao for nine days. They all secretly admire that "the two old generals have come well, and this group of rebels are going to openly rebel, so why don’t they take it soon?" Kuching panicked and went to the hospital in a hurry
Many ministers shook their heads in secret. This emperor is so intolerant. Although he has arrived in the city, he should stay calm. Only in this way can he have a generation of emperors’ tolerance! At present, the roots of ancient Jin are just mud in the golden jade.
"You said I was a murderer? What about the evidence? " Gu Weiran asked coldly that it was because the Stone Family was stronger than others that people cared who was right and who was wrong, but now? If Gankun is upside down, if it weren’t for blindness, it can be seen that Guweiran has taken the lead and must be held accountable.
"I’m 95 years old, and I say it’s evidence. Does anyone dare to question me?" Kuching has completely panicked, and his words are incoherent.
However, the minister responded to him alone, which made him even more afraid that Zhang Tao would secretly shake his head. Even if he really sat firmly in the country, it would inevitably make Honghao country beyond redemption in the future.
"You don’t have me! Bring "Soon the last three survivors of the Stone Family were brought out. They are the most direct proof that Kuching is the murderer, and it is unnecessary for everyone to see that Kuching is the murderer.
After telling the truth, the three innate masters were directly beheaded. "Do you have anything to say now?" Guweiran light said
"No, it’s not me. You’re just anti-thieves. You’re framing you for trying to kill me." By this time, Kuching had completely collapsed. He knew that his hope was over. "Forbidden Palace Commander Lu?"
"Minister!" Lu respectful ratio
"Don’t take this culprit?" Guweiran light said
"At the end of the general!" Just these four words are enough to say everything. The surrounding ministers are all well-versed in officialdom. Is it necessary to stay still now?
When Lu framed Kuching, Kuching went to the throne in a wrong way. Kuching’s eyes kept mumbling. At this time, all the ministers around him knelt down and said, "Long live Wu Huang!" Such a sentence has already recognized the ancient status.
"Ah, ah, ah, uh," Kuching struggled like crazy when he heard the sound of the ministers around him. He was kicked by Lu after acupuncturing, and then Lu also knelt down.
Even the two old generals had to kneel at this time, but Zhang Tao and others didn’t kneel, but no one said anything, "Dear Aiqing, please get up quickly."
Gu Weiran finally took this position, never escaped the big emperor and the second emperor from harming him when he was a child, then secretly forbeared to form a force, and finally followed the example of the emperor and went to Haoran University. Everything was a word of forbearance!
Now I can finally get what I want, and finally I can listen to the cold and live together. No one will threaten me, but Kuching is not Kuching. He has been forbearing all the year round, which makes his character more calm than calm. Although he is in a good mood, he does not show a cool touch.
Many ministers secretly nodded when they saw it, and the two old generals were also full of admiration for Kuching, which was really not a waste of Kuching. This is a really good emperor!
"I can finally restore orthodoxy after suffering. All this is because Kuching, an unfilial man, secretly framed him, poisoned his father, and framed me. Not only that, but he also killed his second brother Kukang with human nature. All this can be seen that Kuching was heartless and unforgivable." The first thing that Kuching did was to clear his name and clarify everything. Of course, whether Kuching was really false or not was the blame.
"You’re talking nonsense. I’m the ninth five-year-old statue!" Kuching still wanted to talk. Before Lu Gen could speak, he directly slapped Lu Lidao. Kuching instantly shut up his teeth and sprayed blood into the hall.
Gu weiran frowned. "Although he is my eldest brother, he is also the culprit who killed his father. According to the laws of the vast country, when the nine families are destroyed, punish them! Immediately execute "said here GuWeiRan eyes milli pity will be a perfect period after the extinction of Kuching even painted.
Zhang Tao’s face is gratified that his brother has been staying in the imperial city to help him. Now it is also a positive result. He can also feel at ease and leave the imperial city for a long time and have to go abroad.
Because of being slapped, Kuching wanted to say it, but he couldn’t say it. Soon, Kuching’s deeds will be publicized, and soon the people of China will know Kuching’s cruelty and failure.
Then Kuching has just set up a harem, and it is said that Kuching favored or neglected the disappearance of the Metropolitan Department. There will be no adventure. "This time I have experienced several dangers, but many loyal people have been around me to protect me and help me accompany me." Here, Kuching looked at Zhang Tao and others and looked at the ministers.
As we all know, the new emperor will be rewarded for a few months, and the throne will change hands in succession. This is also the history of the ancients.
Everything is bound to go down in history forever, and this emperor will become an example for many emperors in the future.
Zhang Tao and others were raised for nine days, but they have long since disappeared. Two old generals, some ministers who have always supported Gu Weiran, will of course be rewarded, and the young master of Menghua Yunyan Chamber of Commerce will of course be honored by their chamber of commerce.
Yunyan Chamber of Commerce will find everything it loses, and it will be more prosperous. Yunyun Chamber of Commerce is destined to be buried with the emperor!
The problems of Yunyan Chamber of Commerce are naturally blamed on the great emperor Kuching. Everything is secretly framed by him. The great emperor will soon be executed, and the people believe that it is of course the emperor today.
Finally, I heard that the cold was blocked by the queen! Whether this moment is ancient or interpretation has been waiting for a long time, and they have sacrificed too much for long-term happiness.
Up to now, I have succeeded in listening to the cold and beautiful eyes, and I can’t stand the water mist any longer. Tears of happiness will bloom in the hall. "Come on, my queen, we will enjoy the glory of people in the future. This is my promise."
"Xie Huang" interprets the cold tears like lines, but his face is full of happiness.
Zhang Tao’s mind returned to Tonghua Pavilion with a smile on his face. When he first saw them, he interpreted and listened to the cold like an ancient but decent person. Many things happened in the back, and everyone’s feelings became more and more profound. It’s really time flies to recall the past.
At this moment, Zhang Tao Meng Hua is sincerely happy. Tong Huage brothers are happy that they have finally come to this step! Listening to the cold, wearing elegant phoenix clothes, sitting on the ancient side and looking at the hall is like a dream of happiness filling your chest, which makes people feel unrealistic.
After leaving the DPRK, there are many things to deal with, such as official deployment, lifting list, border defense, treasury inquiry and so on.
Zhang Tao and others didn’t stay in the palace, but went to the Hangyun Chamber of Commerce. Now the stone family is extinct. Kuching collapsed. The big roots of the Hangyun Chamber of Commerce can hide from Feng Yixiao. There is no longer that false smile. Seeing Zhang Tao is a wry smile. "I didn’t expect the stone family to defeat you. Zhang’s adult Feng Mou really underestimated you."